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Full list of Connie Francis songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. 24 Mila Baci
  2. A Garden In The Rain
  3. A Letter From a Soldier
  4. A Lifetime Of Love
  5. A Little Bit of Heaven
  6. A Nurse in the U. S. Army Corps
  7. A Tree In The Meadow
  8. Abends In Der Mondscheinallee
  9. Addio, addio
  10. Addio Mi 'Amore
  11. Adeste Fideles
  12. Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
  13. Adeste Fidelis
  14. Adeste Fidelis
  15. Adeste Fidelis (O Come All Ye Faithful)
  16. Ain't That A Shame
  17. Ain't That Better Baby?
  18. Al Di La
  19. All by Myself
  20. All By Myself (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  21. All the Love in the World (Et Si C'etait Vrai)
  22. All The Way
  23. Am I Blue?
  24. Among My Souvenirs
  25. Amor
  26. Ana (Anna)
  27. And I Love Him
  28. And The Band Played On
  29. Anema E Core
  30. Anema e core (Digitally Remastered)
  31. Angel Eyes
  32. Anna
  33. Anniversary Song
  34. Another Page
  35. Anytime
  36. Anytine
  37. April Love
  38. Aquellos Ojos Verdes
  39. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  40. Are You Satisfied?
  41. Around The World
  42. Arrivederci
  43. Arrivederci Roma
  44. Arriverderci roma
  45. Arriverderci Roma (Digitally Remastered)
  46. Auf wiedersen'n
  47. Auld Lang Syne
  48. Aura Lee
  49. Ave Maria
  50. Baby Roo
  51. Baby's First Christmas
  52. Bandstand Boogie
  53. Barcarole In Der Nacht
  54. Be Anything
  55. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  56. Because of You
  57. Believe in Me (Credemi)
  58. Believe in Me (Credimi)
  59. Besame Mucho
  60. Besame Mucho (feat. Geoff Love Orchestra, Rita Williams Singers)
  61. Beso De Fuego
  62. Beso De Fuego (Kiss Of Fire)
  63. Blame It on My Youth
  64. Blame It on My Youth (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  65. Blue, Blue Day
  66. Blue Hawaii
  67. Blue Winter
  68. Boll Weevil
  69. Born Free
  70. Bossa Nova Hand Dance
  71. Breakin' in a Brand New Broken
  72. Breakin In A Brand New Broken Heart
  73. Breakin' in a Brand New Heart
  74. Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart
  75. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
  76. Buttons and Bows
  77. Bye Bye Love
  78. C'est lui que je veux
  79. Call Me Irresponsible
  80. Canta Ragazzina
  81. Canzone Di Napoli
  82. Careless Love
  83. Carolina Moon
  84. Carolina Moon
  85. Cashin' In
  86. Celos
  87. Celos (Jealousy)
  88. Cha Cha Twist
  89. Chella Lla/Scapricciatiello
  90. Ciao, ciao, bambina (Digitally Remastered)
  91. Ciao, ciao bambino
  92. Clementine
  93. Closing
  94. Cold, Cold Heart
  95. Come Back To Sorrento
  96. Come Back to Sorrento (Digitally Remastered)
  97. Come Bella a Stagione
  98. Come On Jerry
  99. Come prima
  100. Come Rain or Come Shime
  101. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  102. Come Rain or Come Shine (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  103. Come sinfonia
  104. Comm' E' Bella a Stagione (When I Hold You in My Arms)
  105. Comm'e Belle A Stagione
  106. Comm'e belle a Stagione (Digitally Remastered)
  107. Comme Bella
  108. Cruising Down The River
  109. Cry
  110. Cryin' Time
  111. Crying Time
  112. Daddy's Little Girl
  113. Danny Boy
  114. Das Ist Zuviel
  115. Dat's Love
  116. Days Of Wine And Roses
  117. Dear Old Donegal
  118. Der Mond War Schuld Daran
  119. Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?
  120. Diddley Medley
  121. Didn't I Love You Enough?
  122. Die Liebe Ist Ein Seltsames Spiel
  123. Die Nacht Ist Mein
  124. Dime qué pasó
  125. Dime Que Paso (Many Tears Ago)
  126. Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
  127. Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me
  128. Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me? (Digitally Remastered)
  129. Does Ol' Broadway Ever Sleep?
  130. Don't Be Cruel
  131. Don't Breack the Heart That Loves You
  132. Don't Break. The Heart That Love You
  133. Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
  134. Don't Cry on My Shoulder
  135. Don't Ever Leave Me
  136. Don't Speak of Love
  137. Donde hay chicos
  138. Donde Hay Chicos (Where The Boys Are)
  139. Down In The Valley
  140. Drop It Joe
  141. Drop It Joe (Do the Twist)
  142. Drownin' My Sorrows
  143. Du Mußt Bleiben, Angelino
  144. Early in the Morning
  145. Earth Angel
  146. Eighteen
  147. Eine Insel Für Zwei
  148. Einmal Komm' Ich Wieder
  149. Einmal komme ich wieder
  150. El Novio De Otra
  151. Es ist schön, daß es dich gibt
  152. Esta Es Mi Noche
  153. Ev'rybody's Somebody's Fool
  154. Everbody's Somebody's Fool
  155. Everybody Is Somebody's Fool (feat. Joe Sherman and His Orchestra)
  156. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
  157. Everybody's Somebopdy's Fool
  158. Everyone Needs Someone
  159. Everything I Have Is Yours
  160. Exodus
  161. Exodus/Havah Negilah (Dance Everyone Dance)
  162. Faded Orchid
  163. Fahre hinaus mit den Sternen
  164. Fallin'
  165. Fallin'
  166. Fallin' (feat. Morty Craft and His Orchestra)
  167. Fascination
  168. Faut pas faire ça
  169. Fiddler on the Roof
  170. Fly Me to the Moon
  171. Follow The Boys
  172. Follows the Boys
  173. For Mama
  174. Forevermore
  175. Forget Domani
  176. Forgetting
  177. Frankie
  178. Frankie (feat. Ray Ellis et son orchestre)
  179. Freddy
  180. Funiculi, Funicula
  181. Games That Lovers Play
  182. Garden in the Rain
  183. Gli Occhi di Mia Madre (My Mother's Eyes)
  184. Go, Connie, Go
  185. God Bless America
  186. Gondola D'Amore
  187. Gone Like The Wind
  188. Gone With The Wind
  189. Gonna Git That Man
  190. Good Bye, Mama
  191. Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You
  192. Goodnight Sweetheart
  193. Goody Goodbye
  194. Gotta Be on My Way
  195. Gracias
  196. Granada
  197. Grandpa's Spells
  198. Guaglione
  199. Half as Much
  200. Halleluja, I Love Him So
  201. Hallelujah
  202. Hallelujah, I Love Him So
  203. Hallelujah, I Love Him So (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  204. Halleujah I Love Him So
  205. Happy Days and Lonely Nights
  206. Happy Days And Lonely Nights
  207. Happy Hours
  208. Happy New Year Baby
  209. Harbor Lights
  210. Hast Du Heimweh
  211. Hava Nagilah
  212. Havah Negilah
  213. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  214. He Thinks I Still Care
  215. Heartaches
  216. Heartaches By The Number
  217. Heartbeat
  218. Heartbreak Hotel
  219. Hearts Of Stone
  220. He's Just a Scientist
  221. (He's My) Dreamboat
  222. Hey Ring-a-Ding
  223. Hey Ring-A-Ding (Do the Twist)
  224. High Hopes
  225. High Noon
  226. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
  227. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  228. Hollywood
  229. Home On The Range
  230. How Are Things in Glocca Morra?
  231. How Can I Make You Believe in Me
  232. How Can You Buy Killarney?
  233. How Deep Is The Ocean?
  234. How Did He Look
  235. How Did He Look ? (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  236. How Long Has This Been Going On
  237. How's The World Treating You?
  238. Hurt
  239. I Almost Lost My Mind
  240. I Can't Stop Loving You
  241. I Cant Stop Lovin You
  242. I Cried For You
  243. I'd Let You Break My Heart All Over Again
  244. I Don't Hurt Anymore
  245. I Don't Wanna Play House
  246. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
  247. I Fall To Pieces
  248. I Got Lost In His Arms
  249. I Have But One Heart
  250. I Have but One Heart (Digitally Remastered)
  251. I Have But One Heart (O'Marenariello)
  252. I Have Dreamed
  253. I Hear You Knockin'
  254. I Leaned on a Man
  255. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  256. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
  257. I'll Close My Eyes
  258. I'll Get By
  259. I'll Remember You
  260. I Love You Much Too Much
  261. I Love You Truly
  262. I'm A Fool To Care
  263. I'm Beginning To See The Light
  264. I'm Falling In Love With You Tonight
  265. I'm Glad There Is You
  266. I'm Going to Be Warm This Winter
  267. I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
  268. I'm Gonna Warm This Winter
  269. I'm Movin' On
  270. I'm Nobody's Baby
  271. I'm Nobody's Baby Now
  272. I'm So Alone
  273. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
  274. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
  275. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (feat. Joe Lipman and His Orchestra)
  276. I'm Walkin'
  277. I Miss You So
  278. I Never Had A Sweetheart
  279. I Really Don't Want To Know
  280. I' Te Vurria Vasa
  281. I Think of You (1st recording)
  282. I Think of You (2nd recording)
  283. I've Got A Crush On New York Town
  284. I've Got Reason to Worry
  285. I Walk The Line
  286. I Wanna Be With You
  287. I Was Such A Fool
  288. I Will Wait For You
  289. I Wish I Had a Wooden Heart
  290. I Wish You Love
  291. I Won't Be Home To You
  292. I Won't Be Home to You (Do the Twist)
  293. Ich Geb' 'ne Party Heut' Nacht
  294. Ich Hob Dich Zuveel Lieb
  295. Ich Komme Nie Mehr Von Dir Los
  296. Ich wär' gern verliebt - Single Version
  297. If I Didn't Care
  298. If I Didn't Care
  299. If I Had You
  300. If I Never Sing Another Song Again
  301. If My Pillow Could Talk
  302. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
  303. Il cielo in una stanza
  304. In The Good Old Summertime
  305. In The Summer Of His Years
  306. In The Valley Of Love
  307. Infatuation
  308. Introduction
  309. Invierno Triste (Azul)
  310. Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te (You Don't Have to Say You Love Me)
  311. It All Depends On You (Live Version)
  312. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  313. It Happened Last Night
  314. It Might As Well Be Spring
  315. It Would Be Worth It
  316. It Would Still Be Worth It
  317. It Would Still Be Worth It (feat. Gus Levene and His Orchestra)
  318. Italian Overture
  319. It's a Different World
  320. It's a Grand Night for Singing
  321. It's a Great Day for the Irish
  322. It's Not for Me to Say
  323. It's Not Unusal
  324. It's Not Unusual
  325. It's Only Make Believe
  326. It's So Easy
  327. It's The Talk Of The Town
  328. It's Time to Say Goodnight (false start)
  329. It's Time to Say Goodnight (long version)
  330. It's Time to Say Goodnight (short version)
  331. Jalouise
  332. Jalousie (Jealousy)
  333. Jamais
  334. Jealous Heart
  335. Jealous Of You
  336. Jealous of You (Live Version)
  337. Jive Connie
  338. Jive Conny Jive
  339. Johnny Darlin'
  340. Johnny Darlin' (Do the Twist)
  341. Just A Dream
  342. Just Say I Love Him
  343. Keine Liebe Ohne Tränen
  344. Kiss 'n' Twist
  345. Kiss 'n' Twist (Do the Twist)
  346. Kookie Kookie Lend Me Your Comb
  347. La Bamba
  348. La Gente
  349. La Mama
  350. La Novia (The Wedding)
  351. La Paloma
  352. La Paloma (Portuguese Version)
  353. La Paloma (Spanish Version)
  354. La Vie En Rose
  355. Lahaina Luna
  356. Lass Mich Geh'n
  357. Lass Mich Gehen
  358. Laß Mich Gehn
  359. Lass mir die bunten Träume
  360. Let Me Go Lover
  361. Let Me Try Again
  362. Let the Rest of the World Go By (With Someone Like You)
  363. Let's Have A Party
  364. Like Someone In Love
  365. Lili Marleen
  366. Lily Marlène
  367. Linda Muchachita
  368. Lipstick On Your Collar
  369. Lipstick on Your Collar (feat. Ray Ellis et son orchestre)
  370. Little Blue Wren
  371. Llévame a la luna
  372. Lock Up Your Heart
  373. Lollipop Lips
  374. Lonely Again
  375. Look at Him
  376. Looking For Love
  377. Love Bird
  378. Love Eyes
  379. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  380. Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing
  381. Love Is Me, Love Is You
  382. Love Is Strange
  383. Love Is Where You Find It
  384. Love Me Tender
  385. Lover Come Back to Me
  386. Lovey-Dovey Twist
  387. Lullaby Of Broadway
  388. Luna Caprese
  389. Making Believe
  390. Malafemmena
  391. Malague A
  392. Malaguena
  393. Mama
  394. Mama (Digitally Remastered)
  395. Mama (Live Version)
  396. Mamma
  397. Many Tears Ago
  398. Many Tears Ago (Live Version)
  399. Maybe Baby
  400. Maybe This Time
  401. McNamara's Band
  402. Medley: Shein Vi De L'vone / Dance Everyone (Live Version)
  403. Medley: Think It Over / You've Got Love
  404. Medley: Well All Right / Everyday
  405. Mein Herz Wird Warten
  406. Mein Schtetele Belz
  407. Mein Shtetele Belz
  408. Meine Reise Ist Zu Ende
  409. Melancholy Serenade
  410. Melancholy Serenade (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  411. Mi Corazon Azon Decide Por Si Mismo (My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own)
  412. Mi corazón te adora
  413. Mississippi Mud
  414. Mister Twister
  415. Misty Blue
  416. Moderne Märchen
  417. Mom-e-le
  418. Mommy Your Daughter's Fallin' in Love
  419. Mon cœur est un violon
  420. Mond Von Mexico
  421. Monday Date
  422. Moon River
  423. Moonglow And Theme From Picnic
  424. Moonglow / Theme from Picnic
  425. Mother Machree
  426. Mr. Twister
  427. Mr Twister (Do the Twist)
  428. Mule Skinner Blues
  429. Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara
  430. My Best Friend Barbara
  431. My Buddy
  432. My Child
  433. My Dream
  434. My First Real Love
  435. My Foolish Heart
  436. My Happiness
  437. My Happiness
  438. My Heard Has a Mind of Its Own
  439. My Heart Cries For You
  440. My Heart Has A Mind Of His Own
  441. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
  442. My Love, My Love
  443. My Melancholy Baby
  444. My Real Happiness
  445. My Sailor Boy
  446. My Sister's Clothes
  447. My Special Angel
  448. My Thanks To You
  449. My Treasure
  450. My Wild Irish Rose (1)
  451. My Wild Irish Rose (2)
  452. My World Is Slipping Away
  453. My Yiddishe Momme
  454. 'Na Voce, 'Na Chitarra, E'O Poco 'E Luna
  455. Napoli
  456. Neapolitan Medley: Chillo 'Lla/Scapricciatiello/Torna a Surriento
  457. Nessuno al mondo
  458. Never Before
  459. Never Had a Sweetheart
  460. Never On A Sunday
  461. Never On Sunday
  462. Neverthless
  463. Nights of Splendor
  464. Nino
  465. No Better Off
  466. No Letter Today
  467. No Me Dejes
  468. No One
  469. No One to Cry Do
  470. No One to Cry To
  471. No Other One
  472. Noches Españolas Y Tú (Spanish Nights And You)
  473. Non dimenticar
  474. Non dimenticar (Digitally Remastered)
  475. Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)
  476. Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget) (T'Ho Volunto Bene)
  477. Non Pensare a Me (Time Alone Will Tell)
  478. Nosotros
  479. Notti di Spagna (Spanish Nights and You)
  480. Now Is The Hour
  481. Nun è peccato
  482. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  483. O Marebariello (I Have But One Heart)
  484. O Mein Papa
  485. O Sole Mio
  486. O Suzanna
  487. Oh Boy
  488. Oh, Frankie
  489. Oh Lonesome Me
  490. Oh My Darling Clementine
  491. (Oh Please) Make Him Jealous
  492. Oifen Pripetchik
  493. Ol'Man Mose
  494. Old Time Rock And Roll
  495. Old Time Rock 'n Roll
  496. On the Alamo
  497. On the Outside Looking In
  498. On Top Of Old Smokey
  499. One Paddle, Two Paddle
  500. One Tear Too Many
  501. Over The Rainbow
  502. Over There
  503. Paradiso
  504. Passione
  505. Peace in the Valley
  506. Pearly Shells
  507. Peggy Sue
  508. Perlen Der Südsee
  509. Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina)
  510. Piscatore 'e Pusilleco
  511. Please Help Me I'm Falling
  512. Plenty Good Lovin'
  513. Plenty Good Lovin'
  514. Plenty Good Lovin' (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  515. Plenty Good Lovin' (feat. Ray Ellis et son orchestre)
  516. Plenty Good Loving
  517. Por Una Razón (Whoever You Are, I Love You)
  518. Portami con Te (Fly Me to the Moon)
  519. Pretty Little Baby
  520. Prisoner of Love
  521. Published Potpourri: Jive Connie
  522. Quando Quando Quando
  523. Que Será, Será
  524. Quien Sera
  525. Quiensera (feat. Geoff Love Orchestra, Rita Williams Singers)
  526. Quiensera (Sway)
  527. Quierema Mucho
  528. Quiereme Mucho
  529. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
  530. Raining in My Heart
  531. Rave On
  532. Red River Valley
  533. Red Sails in the Sunset
  534. Return to Me (Ritorna a Me)
  535. Ritorna a Me
  536. Robot Man
  537. Robot Man
  538. Robot Man (feat. Joe Sherman and His Orchestra)
  539. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (With a Dixie Melody)
  540. Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  541. Romantica
  542. Room Full Of Roses
  543. Rose of the Rio Grande
  544. Roundabout
  545. Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer
  546. Santa Lucia
  547. Santa Lucia (Digitally Remastered)
  548. Scalinatella (Stairway To The Sea)
  549. Schöner Fremder Mann
  550. Second Hand Love
  551. Secret Love
  552. Send For My Baby
  553. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
  554. Senza Fine
  555. Senza Mamma E Nnammurata
  556. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
  557. Shein Vi De Levone
  558. Shein Vi Di Levone
  559. Should I Tie a Yellow Ribbon
  560. Sibone
  561. Siboney
  562. Siboney (feat. Geoff Love Orchestra, Rita Williams Singers)
  563. Silent Night
  564. Silent Night! Holy Night!
  565. Silhouettes
  566. Sincerely
  567. Sing Along
  568. Singing The Blues
  569. Sixteen Reasons
  570. Snap Dragon (take 11, false starts & take 12)
  571. So Nice
  572. Solamente Una Vez
  573. Solo Tu
  574. Solomente Una Vez
  575. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
  576. Someone Elses Boy
  577. Something Stupid
  578. Somewhere, My Love
  579. (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow
  580. Sorrento
  581. Souvenir D'Italie
  582. Souvenirs
  583. Spanish Nights And You
  584. Stardust
  585. Statte Vicino a Mme
  586. Stompin'
  587. Strand der tausend Lieder
  588. Strangers In The Night
  589. String of Pearls
  590. Stupid Cupid
  591. Stupid Cupid (feat. Leroy Holmes and His Orchestra)
  592. Stupid Cupid/Lipstick on Your Collar/Everybody's Somebody's Fool
  593. Summertime In Venice
  594. Sunrise, Sunset
  595. Swanee
  596. Sway
  597. Swinging Medley: Yes, Indeed / Amen / Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive / Lonesome Road (with vocal backing)
  598. Swinging Medley: Yes, Indeed / Amen / Accentuate the Positive / Lonesome Road (with vocal backing)
  599. Swinging the Guard
  600. Taboo
  601. Tammy
  602. Tango Della Gelosia (Jealous of You)
  603. Tango Delle Rose
  604. Tango italiano
  605. Tavern In The Town
  606. Te Puedes Ir Despues (Let's Make It Love Tonight)
  607. Te Quiero Dijiste
  608. Te quiero, dijiste linda muñequita
  609. Te Quiero Dijiste, Muñequita Linda
  610. Teach Me How to Twist
  611. Teach Me How to Twist (Do the Twist)
  612. Teddy
  613. Telephone Lover
  614. Telephone Lover (Do the Twist)
  615. Tell Me You're Mine (Per un Bacio d'Amore)
  616. Temptation
  617. Tennessee Waltz
  618. Terra Straniera
  619. Thanks a Lot for Everything
  620. That'll Be the Day
  621. That's All
  622. That's All (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  623. That's Amore
  624. That's My Desire
  625. The Anniversary Waltz
  626. The Bells Of St. Mary's
  627. The Biggest Sin Of All
  628. The Boy From Ipanema
  629. The Christmas Song
  630. The Exodus Song / Hava Nagilah
  631. The First Noel
  632. The Good Life
  633. The Gypsy
  634. The House I Live In
  635. The Impossible Dream
  636. The Last Time I Saw Paris
  637. The Last Waltz
  638. The Look Of Love
  639. The Lord's Prayer
  640. The Loveliest Night Of The Year
  641. The Loveliest Night of the Year (Se Tu Sei con Me)
  642. The Majesty Of Love
  643. The Millionaire
  644. The Next Best Thing to Love
  645. The Second Time Around
  646. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  647. The Song Has Ended (But the Melody Lingers On)
  648. The Song Is Ended
  649. The Song Is Ended (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  650. The Tiger And The Mouse
  651. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  652. The Very Thought Of You
  653. The Way You Look Tonight
  654. The Wayward Wind
  655. The Wedding Cake
  656. The Weel of Fortune
  657. (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley
  658. There'll Will Never Be Another You
  659. There Will Never Be Another You
  660. There Will Never Be Another You (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  661. There's No Romorrow (O sole mio)
  662. There's No Tomorrow (Digitally Remastered)
  663. These Foolish Things
  664. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
  665. Thinking of You
  666. This Girl's In Love With You / I Say A Little Prayer
  667. Those Were the Days
  668. Three Coins in Fountain
  669. Three Coins In The Fountain
  670. Time After Time
  671. Time After Time (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  672. Tiny Bubbles
  673. To You Sweetheart, Aloha
  674. Todo el Amor del Mundo
  675. Together
  676. Together Forever
  677. Together Forever/My Cup Runneth Over
  678. Tommy
  679. Too Many Blues
  680. Too Many Rules
  681. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral
  682. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)
  683. Too Young
  684. Torero
  685. Torn Between Two Lovers
  686. Torna a Surriento
  687. Toward The End Of The Day
  688. Toward the End of the Day (Digitally Remastered)
  689. Trains and Boats and Planes
  690. Trains Boats and Planes
  691. Tribute To Connie
  692. True Love
  693. True Love True Love
  694. Try A Little Tenderness
  695. Tu' Mir Nicht Weh
  696. Tweedle Dee
  697. Twelve Days of Christmas
  698. Tzena, Tzena
  699. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
  700. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
  701. Vacation
  702. Vacation / Radio improvisation / To the phone booth / Atomic tonic
  703. Valentino
  704. Valentino
  705. Valentino (feat. Gus Levene and His Orchestra)
  706. Valentino (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  707. Vamos Amar Esta Noite (Let's Make It Love Tonight) (Portuguese Version)
  708. Vaya Con Dios
  709. Vaya Con Dios (feat. Geoff Love Orchestra, Rita Williams Singers)
  710. Ventiquattro mila baci (24,000 Kisses)
  711. Volare
  712. Volare (Digitally Remastered)
  713. Wabash Cannonball
  714. Waikiki
  715. Waiting For Billy
  716. Waiting for You
  717. Walk On By
  718. We Have Something More (than A Summer Love)
  719. Weekend Boy
  720. Wenn Du Gehst
  721. Wenn ich träume
  722. What Kind of Fool Am I
  723. What the World Needs Now
  724. Whatever Happened To Rosemarie
  725. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)
  726. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  727. When Johnny Comes Marchin' Home
  728. When The Boy In Your Arms
  729. When The Boys Meet The Girls
  730. When You Wish Upon A Star
  731. Where Can I Go Without You
  732. Where Did Ev'ryone Go?
  733. Where Is Your Heart
  734. Where the Blue of the Night
  735. Where The Boys Are
  736. White Christmas
  737. White Cliffs Of Dover
  738. Who's Sorry Now
  739. Who's Sorry Now/Where the Boys Are (reprise)
  740. Who's Sorry Work Now?
  741. Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight?
  742. Will You Still Be Mine
  743. Winter Wonderland
  744. Wish You Wish Upon a Star
  745. Wishing Is Was You
  746. Wishing It Was You
  747. Without Your Love
  748. Wives And Lovers
  749. Wolverton Mountain
  750. Wus Geven Is Geven
  751. Wus Geven Ist Geven
  752. Yes Indeed
  753. Yo se
  754. Yossel, Yossel
  755. You Alone (Digitally Remastered)
  756. You Alone (Solo Tu)
  757. You Always Hurt The One You Love
  758. You Always Hurt the One You Love (Live Version)
  759. You Belong to Me
  760. You Know You Don't Want Me
  761. You'll Never Know
  762. You Made Me Love You
  763. You, My Darlin' You
  764. You're Gonna Miss Me
  765. You're Gonna Miss Me
  766. You're Gonna Miss Me (feat. Ray Ellis and His Orchestra)
  767. You're Gonna Miss Me (feat. Ray Ellis et son orchestre)
  768. You're Mine (Just When You're Lonely)
  769. You're My Everything
  770. You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves
  771. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
  772. You Tell Me Your Dream
  773. You Were Only Fooling
  774. Young At Heart
  775. Young Love
  776. Your Cheatin' Heart
  777. Your Gonna Miss Me
  778. Your Love
  779. Your Other Love
  780. Zingara (Gypsy)
  781. Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah
  782. Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah

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