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Song Lyrics

[Chris Brown Talkin`]


Y`all don`t know what y`all do for me.

See - without y`all - none of this wouldn`t matter.

I mean none of it.

So, I say thank you.


Verse 1:

Out the gate I got start it off right.

Daddy told me "You ain`t gotta beat around the bush."(Fo show)

Deep inside I feel you Lord. (Number one)

I`ve come this far by faith,

You blessed me with the voice and gave me that extra push(push)

And dear momma, (Love you ma)

For the times I acted foolish,

You popped me with them rulers.

I didn`t understand, (nooo)

But I do now. (now)

It`s out of love for your Christopher.


I just want to thank you.

You`re more than just a friend,

With me to the end.

It`s not official without a (thank you).

I thank you Lord,

I praise you Lord,

I`m nothing without you,(thank you Lord).

I just want to thank you.

From my heart right to my soul,

my cd to my shows

You make the difference,

That`s why I (thank you).

I owe it all to you, oh I (I just wanna)

Verse 2:

I just Wanna to say thanks.

But with all due respects, (fa sho)

There some people I can`t forget (as I grow).

Imma definitely do my best to reach out (to the kids).

Homies on the block, (citizens)

Hustlers on lock, (what it is)

The music biz won`t stop or change me.

East coast (I want to thank you).

West coast, uh huh (I want to thank you).

(I owe it all to ya`ll).

Dirty south I want to thank you (oh)

Midwest (stay up cuz i just wanna thank all yall)

(yeahy yeahy)


You`re more than just a friend,

With me to the end.

It`s not official without a (thank you).

You mean so much to me


I just wanna to thank you.

(ooh thank you, oh yeah.

(In Jesus, in Jesus, what a friend I have)

Thank you. (Oh-ho)

I just want to say thanks(Oh I just wanna say thanks)

I owe it all to you


When the song is over (it aint over)

It ain`t the end (noo)

I`m coming back to you(noo noo nonono)

to do it again

I`m loyal to the game so we`re gonna win

(This is it)

[Chris Brown Talkin`]

(to you and you and you and you and you)

(thank you, thank you)

(Yea)I want to thank yall tonight

(Thank you)

For coming out

(Thank you)

(I love you ladies)and chillin with me

(Fo Sho)All my fans,

(with all my heart) I love yall

All them hataz, I love yall too cuz yall makin me do it more

Uahh,My family, especially my mom,(I love you ma)

I love yall

Last but not least, GOD



I just want to thank you.

You`re more than just a friend,

With me to the end.

(It`s not official without a...)

Thank You

to my ladies and my fellaz all that kept it real with chris brown

(i just wanna thank you)

thank you baby, you know who you are when im on the road

stay committed, thank you (oooooh)ha oooo.. I just wanna say thank you

[Chris Brown talking]

(for you and you and you and you and you and you and you)

For being there for me when nobody would (good looking out)

I give you the praise (thank you) yea, you mean so much

to me I just wanna thank you (i just dont know what to do)

(you and you and you and you and you)to my heart right to my soul cd my show, you make a difference that`s why I (good looking out)

thank you (i love yall)(oooo) I just wanna say thanks you.

Release History

The Chris Brown song "Thank You" appears on the following albums:
Chris Brown
29 November 2005

Chris Brown

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  5. Gimme That (3:07)
  6. Ya Man Ain't Me (3:35)
  7. Winner (4:05)
  8. Ain't No Way (You Won't Love Me) (3:24)
  9. What's My Name (3:52)
  10. Is This Love? (3:17)
  11. Poppin' (4:25)
  12. Just Fine (3:52)
  13. Say Goodbye (4:50)
  14. Run It! Remix (4:04)
  15. Thank You (4:26)

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