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Song Lyrics


Dr. Forest dial 182 please, Dr. Forest please dial 118.


[crying] Oh God, please don`t take my child. He`s not ready to die.


Dr. Kravitz you have a visitor in the main lobby. Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor.......


Oh God. He`s gone take him from us. I hear him comin, I hear him comin, no i hear him comin!


Hmm......him, him, him, him......what`s this?


He`s not ready to die. Oh God. He`s gonna take him from us.







It`s you, right here shorty

Told you, I got you

Like the way I scooped you up, when them faggot n*ggaz shot you?

I`ma hold you down, and I mean that, for real


But everytime you beef with a n*gga,

end up havin to kill


It ain`t like that,

and hey,

forget about them 2 kids,

Bout to get a deal, with them b*tches nice as you is


Oh you think?


Nah, I`m just playin, what`s up?

Got some new b*tches, know you tryin to f**k


Not really


What? I ain`t your man no more?

Just because a n*gga, don`t need a hand no more?

You know how we do, if one don`t score

We all take the p*ssy and go up in it raw


It`s like now

Where you goin

I ain`t tryin to take it

f**kin with a n*gga like you

I won`t make it


It`ll be what it is


Yo, you in for the night?

I`m `bout to take it to the crib


You get home aight

[Chorus - Marilyn Manson]

The snake

The rat

The cat and the dog

How you gonna live

When you`re in the fog?



I ain`t f**kin with this n*gga, no more

Word to my mother

f**k it, so ya know i`m for sure

Word to my brother

It`s like he`s gotten worse than before

Sometime I wonder

What type of dirt this n*gga got in store for me to get under

Then I get the call



X, police just killed your cousin, happened in the projects

Gon` get back, them n*ggaz will pay,

I got you,

Told you I got you,



I`m in the catch 22

But them n*ggaz gotta pay

But I know he`s gonna be askin` for a favor one day

But f**k it

I ain`t got no choice in the matter

Them faggots killed my people

And I wanna see `em splattered


That`s what I`m talkin` `bout, we ain`t on no pinch hit

And use the same gun that you killed them 2 kids with

Is that hard to live with?




See, you still a playa


But what you want from me?


Uh...I`ll tell you later



sh*t is all over the news

"Bomb goes off at central"

What the f**k have I gotten myself into?

My mental is like

`Get the f**k outta there`

I`m out


Hey, goin somewhere?




What the bag for?


f**k it, what you want?


Can yo n*gga come inside for a minute, and puff a blunt?


Here we go again


After what I just gave you?

wasn`t actin` like that

when you asked for that favor


Yo, I ain`t ask you for sh*t!

[Man, actually Lucifer]

Oh yes you did,

when you really needed something

and allowed me to give,

You sold me your soul, when you didn`t say no

Just let a n*gga go, NOW GIVE ME WHAT YOU OWE!

f**k were you thinkin? ain`t sh*t for free!

Ain`t no mothaf**ka you know, can defeat me!


Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

And with your help I know, the devil won`t win

[Marilyn Manson]

Here we are on our way to hell

We`re gonna do it, and we do it well

This is Marilyn Manson, Dmx, Ruff Ryders

(repeats and distorts til end)

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