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Insane Clown Posse "Fuck The World" Music Video

Song Lyrics

f**k this sh*t...

If I only could I'd set the world on fire (x3)
Say f**k the world
f**k 'em all
f**k 'EM ALL

f**k you, f**k me, f**k us
f**k Tom, f**k Mary, f**k Gus f**k Darius,
f**k the west coast and f**k everybody on the east
EAT sh*t AND DIE, or f**k off at least
f**k pre-schoolers, f**k rulers, kings and queens and gold jewlers
f**k wine coolers
f**k chickens, f**k ducks
Everybody in your crew s*cks
punk motha f**ks
f**k critics, f**k your review
Even if you like me, f**k YOU!
f**k your mom, f**k your moms mamma
f**k the Beastie Boy's and the dalli llama
f**k the rain forest, f**k a forest gump
You probably like it in the RUMP,
f**k a shoe pump
f**k the real deal, and f**k all the fakes
f**k all 52 states, oooh
And f**k you


f**k Oprah f**k opera f**k a soap opera
f**k a pop locker and a c*ck blocker
f**k your girlfriend I probably did her already
f**k Kyle and his brother Tom Petty, jump steady
My homie, f**k him, what are ya gonna do
f**k that b*tch man f**k you
Yeah well f**k you too
Don't bother to analyze these rhymes
In this song I say f**k 93 times
f**k the president, f**k your welfare
f**k your government and f**k Fred Bear
f**k Newget, like anybody gives a f**k
You like to hunt a lot, SO f**kIN WHAT!
f**k disco, count a monty crisco
f**k cisco, and Jack and Jerry Brisco
And f**k everyone that went down with the titanic, in a panic
I'm like, f**k YOU ALL!!!!


f**k Celine Deon and f**k Deon Walrick
You both make me sick, s*ck my dick
f**k the Berlin wall, both sides of it
And f**k Lyle Luvit, whoever the f**k that is
f**k everybody in the hemisphere
f**k them across the world and f**k them right here
You know the guy who operates the Rouge river draw bridge in delray on jefferson?
f**k HIM!
f**k your idea, f**k your gonarea, f**k your diarreah, Rocky Miavia
f**k your wife your homie did he's f**kin you
f**k the police and a 5 0 to0
f**k Spin, Rolling Stone, and f**k Vibe
f**k everybody inside
Whoevers on the cover, f**k his mother
f**k your homies little brother from along the way
And f**k Violent J

Release History

The Insane Clown Posse song "Fuck The World" appears on the following albums:
Big Money Hustlas
Upload Album Cover

Big Money Hustlas

  1. Intro (1:19)
  2. Big $ (3:56)
  3. Sugar Bear (3:17)
  4. Fuck The World (3:42)
  5. Cotton Candy (4:43)
  6. Bury Me Alive (4:18)
  7. Bring It On (4:28)
  8. Ninja (5:51)
  9. Bitches (4:33)
  10. Rock the Dead (5:14)
  11. Spin the Bottle (4:42)
  12. Human Tornado (2:30)
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
25 May 1999

The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

  1. Intro (1:19)
  2. Jake Jeckel (1:26)
  3. Bring It On (4:28)
  4. I Want My Shit (5:20)
  5. Bitches (4:33)
  6. Terrible (4:21)
  7. I Stab People (1:38)
  8. Another Love Song (4:12)
  9. Everybody Rize (3:22)
  10. Play With Me (4:19)
  11. Jack Jeckel (1:26)
  12. Fuck The World (3:42)
  13. The Shaggy Show (6:33)
  14. Mad Professor (5:50)
  15. Assassins (5:15)
  16. Echo Side (5:41)
  17. Nothings Left (6:09)

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