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Song Lyrics

[Kanye West]

Its what you all been waiting for ain`t it?

What people pay paper for damn it

They cant stand it, they want something new

So let`s get re-acquainted

Became the hood favorite

I cant even explain it

I surprise myself too

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin`

Comin` in the club wit that fresh sh*t on, with something crazy on my arm

Ha Ha Hum, here`s another hit, Barry Bonds

[Hook - Kanye West]

(yeah yeah yeah yeah)

We outta here baby!

We outta here baby!

We outta here baby!

[Kanye West]


Fresh off the plane, konitchiwa b*tches

Turn around another plane, my passport on pivot

As for what I did it, that a**h*le done did it

Talked it and he lived it, spitted then he sh*tted

I don`t need to write hits, I might bounce ideas,

But only I could come up with some sh*t like this

I done played the underdog my whole career

Ive been a very good sport, haven`t I, this year

They said he`s going crazy and we seen this before

But I`m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go

And I`m doing pretty hood in my pink polo

n*gga please, how you gonna say I ain`t no low-head

Cos my Dior got me more model head

I`m insulted

You should go head

And bow so hard till your knees hit your forehead

And the flow just hit code red

Top 5 MC`s you ain`t gotta remind me

Top 5 MC`s you gotta rewind me

I`m high up on the line, you can get behind me

But my head`s so big you can`t sit behind me

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin`

Comin` in the club wit that fresh sh*t on, with something crazy on my arm

Ha Ha Hum, here`s another hit, Barry Bonds

[Hook - Lil Wayne]

(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)

Yeah, Yeah, We outta here baby!

Wha, Wha, We outta here baby!

And Mr. West is so outta here baby

And me, I`m Mr. Weezy Baby

[Lil Wayne]

I`m so bright not shady

My teeth and my eyes so wight like Shady

Ice in my teeth so refrigerated

I抦 so f**king good like I抦 sleeping with Megan

I抦 all about my franklins, Lincolns and Reagans

Whenever they make them, I shall hayve them

Oops I meant have them, I`m so crazy

But if you play crazy you be sleeping with daisies

Its such a hayvic, oops I meant havoc

And my drink`s still pinker than the easter rabbit

And I`m still cold (cole) like Keisha`s family

Stove on my waist turn beef to patties

And I ate it cos I`m so at it

I don`t front and I don`t go backwards

And I don`t practice

and I don`t lack sh*t

And you can get Barried

s*ck my bat b*tch

[Chorus - Kanye West]

We outta here baby

We outta here baby

We outta here baby

[Lil Wayne]

Life of a Don, lights keep glowin`

Comin` in the club wit that fresh sh*t on

Wit something crazy on my arm

Ha Ha Hum, man here`s another hit, Barry Bonds

(yeah yeah yeah yeah)


A list of remixes of this Kanye West song:

Release History

The Kanye West song "Barry Bonds" appears on the following albums:
11 September 2007


  1. Good Morning (3:15)
  2. Champion (2:47)
  3. Stronger (5:12)
  4. I Wonder (4:03)
  5. Good Life (3:27)
  6. Can't Tell Me Nothing (4:31)
  7. Barry Bonds (3:24)
  8. Drunk and Hot Girls (5:14)
  9. Flashing Lights (3:58)
  10. Everything I Am (3:47)
  11. The Glory (3:32)
  12. Homecoming (3:24)
  13. Big Brother (4:49)
  14. Good Night (2:34)
  15. Bittersweet Poetry (6:34)


  1. Good Morning (3:15)
  2. I Wonder (4:03)
  3. Good Life (3:27)
  4. Barry Bonds (3:24)
  5. Drunk and Hot Girls (5:14)
  6. Flashing Lights (3:58)
  7. Everything I Am (3:47)
  8. Homecoming (3:24)
  9. Big Brother (4:49)
Graduation (International Version)
11 September 2007

The Glory

The Glory

  1. BET Rap City Freestyle
  2. Stand Up (Remix) (4:11)
  3. Electric Relaxation '03
  4. Changin' Lanes
  5. '03 Til'...
  6. Hold On (3:12)
  7. Do What I Gotta Do (2:07)
  8. You (3:53)
  9. Jigga That Nigga
  10. Overreact (3:49)
  11. Naww
  12. The Way That You Do
  13. Knock Knock (Remix) (3:55)
  14. Apologise
  15. Peace (2:42)
  16. Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix) (3:23)
  17. Throw Some D's (Remix) (2:36)
  18. Dream Killers (3:22)
  19. Put You On The Game
  20. Half Price (2:05)
  21. The Truth
  22. 2001 Freestyle
  23. Through The Wire (Remix) (2:17)
  24. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  25. Wouldn't You Like 2 Ryde (3:29)
  26. Arguments (3:29)
  27. Dreams
  28. '03 Bonnie & Clyde
  29. WoW (2:24)
  30. Bridge Level Formation
  31. Drop Dead Gorgeous (2:08)
  32. No More For Me (3:59)
  33. A Million (1:21)
  34. I Need To Know (3:55)
  35. We Can't Tell (2:14)
  36. So Soulful (3:45)
  37. Unknown Snippet
  38. Livin' A Movie
  39. Heavy Hitters (3:56)
  40. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (4:04)
  41. Home (4:05)
  42. Getting Out Of The Game Freestyle
  43. Getting Out Of The Game
  44. Bonus Freestyle
  45. Through The Wire (3:41)
  46. Slow Jamz (4:47)
  47. Overnight Celebrity (1:05)
  48. This Way (3:52)
  49. All Falls Down (3:44)
  50. Two Words (2:00)
  51. Jesus Walks (3:14)
  52. The New Workout Plan (5:23)
  53. Down & Out
  54. Talk About Our Love
  55. Selfish (3:39)
  56. I Changed My Mind
  57. George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
  58. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (4:08)
  59. Roses (4:06)
  60. Golddigger
  61. Extravaganza
  62. Heard 'em Say (3:24)
  63. Grammy Family (2:56)
  64. Number One (2:41)
  65. Drive Slow (Remix)
  66. Touch The Sky (3:57)
  67. Wouldn't Get Far (3:21)
  68. Classic (4:19)
  69. Can't Tell Me Nothing (4:31)
  70. Barry Bonds (3:24)
  71. Stronger (5:12)
  72. HBO Entourage Guest Appearance
  73. Good Life (3:27)
  74. Good Morning (3:15)
  75. Big Brother (4:49)
  76. Live From Def Poetry Jam
  77. Live From 60 Minutes
  78. Live From Saturday Night Live
  79. Live From MTV VMA's (Behind The Scenes)
  80. Live From MTV VMA's
  81. Donda West Interview
  82. Donda West Tribute
Welcome To The Goodlife - The Graduate 2

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