Kanye West - Through The Wire (Remix)

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Kanye West "Through The Wire (Remix)" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Yo Ferris, they can`t stop me from rappin`, can they?

I spit it through the wire, man

If this ain`t dedication I don`t know what is, man

Listen, first of all I want to thank you for your support

Chi-Town, what`s goin` on?

Uh, yeah, feels like, uh, every sunshine is brighter

Sunsets feel righter

Please light ya lighter for the producer and the writer

Feel like God wrote this

I`m just here to quote this

I don`t know if you notice but them accident pictures bogus

Doctor, doctor, would you please say somethin`?

I know I almost was the final destination

I must`ve had a blessin` from Pastor Mason

Cause that trip to L.A. could`ve been my last vacation

And, man, I know I can drop a down payment on that Porsche Cayenne

But, what, I went along with the plan

Paid for my own video, directed by my man

Man, I know God was holdin` my hand

Wouldn`t let me go before I go on Def Poetry Jam

Wouldn`t let me throw in the towel `fore I got to throw in some vowels

`Bout what we goin` through now

Girls got a crush on me like I did beats for Mr. Cheeks

And since the accident they tellin` me it`s the cheeks

And if you look at history

That last rapper that almost died sold 6.5

`Cept I`m comin` from the Chi

Through the wire to the wall

All my rhymes is raw

All these beats beats beats beats beats

All of them could of been lost

I always got to floss

I almost paid the cost

So before I go to sleep sleep sleep

Always thank the Lord

For this mic and my keyboard

Heck naw, that boy is raw

You hear that? That`s all that jewelry I got on man

Sometimes I take it off at the airport but I still get stopped

They be like "There go Kayne, there go Kayne!

Can I see some I.D. please? So thank you very much"

First of all, my momma named me Kanye so you all gonna` call me Kanye

I`m like the girl on the `Sixth Sense`

"I`m feelin` much better now"

I feel a whole hell of a lot better man

Original Version

This remix is based on the original Kanye West song:

Release History

The Kanye West song "Through The Wire (Remix)" appears on the following albums:
College Dropout

College Dropout

  1. All Falls Down (3:44)
  2. Breathe in Breathe out (4:07)
  3. Family Business (4:40)
  4. Get Em High (4:49)
  5. Graduation Day (1:22)
  6. I'll Fly Away (1:10)
  7. Intro (0:45)
  8. Jesus Walks (3:14)
  9. Last Call (4:60)
  10. Lil Jimmy Skit (0:53)
  11. Never Let Me Down (2:51)
  12. School Spirit Skit 1 (1:19)
  13. Slow Jamz (4:47)
  14. Spaceship (3:55)
  15. The New Workout Plan (5:23)
  16. Through The Wire (Remix) (2:17)
  17. Two Words (2:00)
  18. We Don't Dare
  19. Workout Plan (2:53)
The Glory

The Glory

  1. BET Rap City Freestyle
  2. Stand Up (Remix) (4:11)
  3. Electric Relaxation '03
  4. Changin' Lanes
  5. '03 Til'...
  6. Hold On (3:12)
  7. Do What I Gotta Do (2:07)
  8. You (3:53)
  9. Jigga That Nigga
  10. Overreact (3:49)
  11. Naww
  12. The Way That You Do
  13. Knock Knock (Remix) (3:55)
  14. Apologise
  15. Peace (2:42)
  16. Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix) (3:23)
  17. Throw Some D's (Remix) (2:36)
  18. Dream Killers (3:22)
  19. Put You On The Game
  20. Half Price (2:05)
  21. The Truth
  22. 2001 Freestyle
  23. Through The Wire (Remix) (2:17)
  24. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  25. Wouldn't You Like 2 Ryde (3:29)
  26. Arguments (3:29)
  27. Dreams
  28. '03 Bonnie & Clyde
  29. WoW (2:24)
  30. Bridge Level Formation
  31. Drop Dead Gorgeous (2:08)
  32. No More For Me (3:59)
  33. A Million (1:21)
  34. I Need To Know (3:55)
  35. We Can't Tell (2:14)
  36. So Soulful (3:45)
  37. Unknown Snippet
  38. Livin' A Movie
  39. Heavy Hitters (3:56)
  40. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (4:04)
  41. Home (4:05)
  42. Getting Out Of The Game Freestyle
  43. Getting Out Of The Game
  44. Bonus Freestyle
  45. Through The Wire (3:41)
  46. Slow Jamz (4:47)
  47. Overnight Celebrity (1:05)
  48. This Way (3:52)
  49. All Falls Down (3:44)
  50. Two Words (2:00)
  51. Jesus Walks (3:14)
  52. The New Workout Plan (5:23)
  53. Down & Out
  54. Talk About Our Love
  55. Selfish (3:39)
  56. I Changed My Mind
  57. George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
  58. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (4:08)
  59. Roses (4:06)
  60. Golddigger
  61. Extravaganza
  62. Heard 'em Say (3:24)
  63. Grammy Family (2:56)
  64. Number One (2:41)
  65. Drive Slow (Remix)
  66. Touch The Sky (3:57)
  67. Wouldn't Get Far (3:21)
  68. Classic (4:19)
  69. Can't Tell Me Nothing (4:31)
  70. Barry Bonds (3:24)
  71. Stronger (5:12)
  72. HBO Entourage Guest Appearance
  73. Good Life (3:27)
  74. Good Morning (3:15)
  75. Big Brother (4:49)
  76. Live From Def Poetry Jam
  77. Live From 60 Minutes
  78. Live From Saturday Night Live
  79. Live From MTV VMA's (Behind The Scenes)
  80. Live From MTV VMA's
  81. Donda West Interview
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