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Song Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne - talking]

I met her when I was young and she was younger

With a body like woman so her age meant nothing

I had to get her number

After how she made them daisy doots fit her all summer

I`m wishing I could hit her all summer

And all she ever wanted

Was for young Weezy to love her

But all I ever wanted was to cum easy and dump her

But that didnt come easy

`Cuz she ended up being my baby`s mother

and then I felt smothered but little did I know

I`d never find the same girl inside another

But I never thought that I`d be looking for her

And I never thought that late at night

When I`m in the mix...laying down with some chick

That suddenly it`ll click

How this broad in my drawers dont know sh*t

Bout what I did `fore I was big

When`s there`s a woman with my kid where I should be

She screamed to me (What?)

My love, my patience, my pain (OK)

n*gga please


I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Verse One]

I met her after the fame

And she aint even like me but I got her after the game

Mami was a nice piece, young Cali sweet thang

Made her into wifey and then reality changed

It was going good...I was happy again

But then things got rapidly strange

And it had to be Wayne

She was still a v*rgin

What more could I ask from a dame

But I was a bastard...I asked for the pain

Now my ass in the rain

And she got a new life...the picture flipped

And none of it includes Weez and all his bullsh*t (sh*t)

And I remember the Bahamas for the weekend

We was freaking in the suite

And she looked sweet enough to beat it up

Till we began to sleep and I

I`m dreaming `bout the Victoria Secret lingerie

Told me keep it..she aint want moms to see it

And just think I once saw it on the girl`s body

Now all I`m seeing is nobody


I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Verse Two]

You see I never really ran, but no gentleman

All I know is big pimpin` ma`am

I`m just tryna be Weezy

And the perfect husband just might be too hard to find in me, Weezy

Baby girl you gotta work with ya boy

`Cuz all of that cursing it be hurting ya boy

Look for the better not the worst in ya boy

And maybe I can be ya boy...Ya know what I`m sayin`

But see this here is not your everyday love tune

It`s the story of your everyday thug dude

And in your mind you prolly thinkin we don`t love you

But on the real we just not used to what love do

And please consider that

We were taught to love money, ice, cars, and clothes

Love p*ssy but you dont love them ho`s

Love ya n*ggaz love ya children

Now if they got a b*tch you could love that

Holla back


I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

Young Weez`got the young`n blues y`all


I got the young`n blues y`all (da-da-da-da-da)

[Outro with Lil Wayne talking]

Release History

The Lil' Wayne song "Young'n Blues" appears on the following albums:
500 Degreez
16 September 2002

500 Degreez

  1. Fly Talkin' (1:37)
  2. Look at Me (4:03)
  3. Look at Me (4:03)
  4. Way of Life (4:02)
  5. Way of Life (4:02)
  6. Big Tigger Live on The Radio (1:00)
  7. Big Tigger Live on The Radio (1:00)
  8. Gangstas and Pimps (4:44)
  9. Lovely (4:05)
  10. Lovely (4:05)
  11. Gangsta Shit (3:42)
  12. Bloodline (4:24)
  13. Bloodline (4:24)
  14. Where You at (3:53)
  15. Where You at (3:53)
  16. Worry Me (4:09)
  17. Worry Me (4:09)
  18. 500 Degreez (3:48)
  19. 500 Degreez (3:48)
  20. Go Hard (3:32)
  21. Go Hard (3:32)
  22. Young'n Blues (4:35)
  23. Young'n Blues (4:35)
  24. Believe That (4:14)
  25. Believe That (4:14)
  26. Rob Nice Live on The Radio (1:15)
  27. Rob Nice Live on The Radio (1:15)
  28. Fuck You (4:23)
  29. Fuck You (4:23)
  30. What Does Life Mean to Me (1:27)
  31. Get That Dough (3:40)
  32. Get That Dough (3:40)
  33. Fo Sheezy (3:47)
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