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Song Lyrics


In this times

Of hate and pain

We need a remedy

To help us through the rain

Can`t you see

I`m straight up G.

[Snoop Dogg]

Old Chief


f**k you n*ggas

Think you can`t f**k with me

[Suga Free](Snoop Dogg)

Oh c`mon

Now that pimp is gonna jump back

b*tch, and f**k that

sh*t, I`m qualify to knock a hoe no matter where ever I`ve go

Excuse me partner, this is pimpin` little pimpin let you know

Break the b*tch you say "I will"

Separate the b*tch but you saying "I will"

Damn n*gga, sh*t

Since you but it like that

I`mm about lay some right now n*gga

And take them straight to the track (track)

I`ve never let a b*tch pimp me

Trying to tell me what to do but I`mma stay O.G.

Fresh out the pen only 30 today (30 today)

And every b*tch ? in a multiply ways

Now since world

Why did the little girl walk around with a gold fish in her pocket

So she could smell like the big girl

And check the one with the fast mouth

Just get your money if you have to knock her motherf**king ass out.


I don`t care whatcha do

Long you don`t f**k with mine (C`mon sing ya`ll)

You think you can`t be touch

n*ggas disappear all the time.

[Snoop Dogg]

Old blue eyes

Dogg Sinatra

Make a n*gga disappear like Jimmy Hoffa(Where is he)

The glock c*cker

Hold hopper

Show stopper

Watch your mouth, Watch your mouth

I put you and a freak in a building

And separate you from your children (Daddy)

I stay G`d up

All the G`s from my set ain`t never P-C-up(hahaha)

If you hit the main line

You gonna get stuck

Paying motherf**kers off cause s*cka duck

Me and my n*ggas go heart and pain

Putting pain where ain`t making b*tch n*ggas pay

It`s a clear blue sky there on the Eastside (Eastside)

Throw your set up and wave it from (Rolling) side to c-side

I`m talking big sh*t

Hold my dick

Banging on u cuz

n*gga this crip.

[Kokane](Suga Free)

I got so many tricks up my sleeve (Ah you ain`t knowin`)

For you hoes to disbelieve(Oh to the basement)

You wanna

fight let`s

bring it on (Oh Oh)

We about thousand n*ggas strong

I don`t care whatcha you do (I don`t care what the f**k whatcha do)

Long you don`t f**k with mine (As long you don`t f**k with mine)

You think you can`t be touched (Uhhhhh)

n*ggas disappear all the time.

[Suga Free]

No, I don`t love you, b*tch

You a hoe, I never will (Never will)

Can`t tell you my feelings

Scratch the fence and don`t fell

b*tch, matter fact be gone

f**k around and how you Mama saying "Baby, he wrong"

Talking about he a real pimp

b*tch, It`s jumbo lance with proper proper jumbo shrimp

Since I`m prepare with my hoe

Got it cracking with my hoe

Steady macking with my hoe

Now I`m stacking with my hoe.

[Snoop Dogg]

I pop a bottle of Mo

About to model a hoe

I`m working them, serving `em and breaking You know

Did the weed, man get in

he Taking it too long

But when he get it dogg

I`m taking us off (Give it up n*gga)

n*ggas know how D-O-double G "does it"

Known for making that crip hop music

Don`t abuse

Just ride to the rhythm of a pimp ass, upper class, cold motherf**ker.


(Humming )


Long you don`t f**k with mine

You think you can`t be touch

n*ggas disappear all the time.


(Humming) f**k U alll!


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Release History

The Snoop Dogg song "Bring it On" appears on the following albums:

Lay Low

  1. Lay Low (2:29)
  2. Bring it On (4:17)
  3. True Lies (4:01)

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