Lil' Wayne - Fly Talkin' Go Home

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Song Lyrics


We over here hustlin', we over here grindin'

We over here hustlin', we over here grindin'

We over here hustlin', we over here grindin'

I'm all, I'm all about my paper, I'm all, I'm all about my paper

We over here hustlin', we over here grindin'

We over here hustlin', we over here

We over here hustlin', we over here grindin'

I'm all, I'm all about my paper, I'm all, I'm all about my paper

(Lil' Wayne:)

Now ho don't ask me what I'm doing, thats me in the hook.

And I just keep on getting it getting it like a ni' in the book

Yes, wayne straight like a key of that good sh'

If your b*tch don't know the rules, I will read her the book.

I got the key to the boat, I got the key to the jet.

I got the key to success, get money invest.

Read up with the rest. I got a Swedish connect.

That means my weed is the best, yoke to even the stress.

OK, the coupe is ridiculous and the jeep is a mess.

That's called my bullets and lugers, I put 'em deep in your neck.

Adam's apple meet banana clip.

You know my script, I just get my chips and then I dip, and then I dip.

They say the bullsh*t walks, the money talks.

So I don't answer, I don't answer unless the money calls.

Yeah that's my word, thats my word know I will front for y'all.

Its money over everything and b*tches under all. M.O.B!



I say uptown cobblin', uptown rockin', uptown n*ggas.

It's the home of the hard knocks.

Cook up a whole block. Hit it up in all white.

Ridin' with a chopper, black diamonds and it all nice.

Shop 'till you pop b*tch, do your own thing ho.

Got the game from Pixie's, second floor sixth court.

Bling bling king n*gga, money ain't a thing n*gga.

Ridin' in a Lamborghini, suicidal regal wings.

Assault rifles, my little homies big poppers.

Coming through the attic, 20 in the heli-chopper.

Zip it and whip it n*gga, that's how we ship it, n*gga.

Burn it and light it then we flip it and we hit it, n*gga.

I spent a mill on my grill for real.

'Cause we be stunting while we hustling, n*gga making his meals.

We be grindin' while we shinin', n*gga packin' that steel

Stay fly, get money, n*gga stackin' the bills.



I say, we deep in the game, n*gga. we switching the lanes, n*gga

Got blood money homie. No pain, no gain, n*gga.

Fifty a fame n*gga, a G a name, n*gga.

That's what we do n*gga, claim your fame, n*gga.

Hop out a range, n*gga. Fang in hand, n*gga.

Stop all that reppin', 'fore I... send some flames, n*gga.

All this money, n*gga. Jewelry and fame, n*gga.

'Cause we be stuntin', n*gga. Moving them things, n*gga.

(Lil' Wayne:)

Paper paper, paper. All I need is paper. Green paper.

White chalk, yellow tape will, make your shirt look like you got on the butcher's aprin.

Go ahead and make the steak then, b*tch n*gga.

b*tch, n*gga talkin'. This is how money sound.

I'm just chillin' but my money still running 'round.

Yeah, and I just do's what I does.

You n*ggas couldn't even be who I was.

Release History

The Lil' Wayne song "Fly Talkin' Go Home" appears on the following albums:
500 Degreez
16 September 2002

500 Degreez

  1. Fly Talkin' (1:37)
  2. Look at Me (4:03)
  3. Look at Me (4:03)
  4. Way of Life (4:02)
  5. Way of Life (4:02)
  6. Big Tigger Live on The Radio (1:00)
  7. Big Tigger Live on The Radio (1:00)
  8. Gangstas and Pimps (4:44)
  9. Lovely (4:05)
  10. Lovely (4:05)
  11. Gangsta Shit (3:42)
  12. Bloodline (4:24)
  13. Bloodline (4:24)
  14. Where You at (3:53)
  15. Where You at (3:53)
  16. Worry Me (4:09)
  17. Worry Me (4:09)
  18. 500 Degreez (3:48)
  19. 500 Degreez (3:48)
  20. Go Hard (3:32)
  21. Go Hard (3:32)
  22. Young'n Blues (4:35)
  23. Young'n Blues (4:35)
  24. Believe That (4:14)
  25. Believe That (4:14)
  26. Rob Nice Live on The Radio (1:15)
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  28. Fuck You (4:23)
  29. Fuck You (4:23)
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  31. Get That Dough (3:40)
  32. Get That Dough (3:40)
  33. Fo Sheezy (3:47)
  34. Fo Sheezy (3:47)
  35. Fly Talkin' Go Home (3:20)
  36. Fly Talkin' Go Home (3:20)

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