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Song Lyrics

Pack it up, pack it in

Let me begin

I came to win

Battle me that`s a sin

I won`t take the slack up

Punk you`d better back up

Try and play the role and yo the whole crew will act up

Get up, stand up, come on!

Come on, throw your hands up

If you`ve got the feeling jump up, touch the ceiling

Muggs lets the funk flow, someone`s talking junk, yo

I`ll bust em in the eye

And then I`ll take the punk`s ho`

Feelin` , funkin`

Amps in the trunk

And I got more rhymes than there`s cops at a Dunkin` Donuts shop

Sure `nuff I got props from the kids on the Hill

Plus my mom and my pops


I came to get down (2x)

So get out your seat and jump around

Jump around (3x)

Jump up Jump up and get down.

Jump (17x)

I`ll serve your ass like John MacEnroe

If your girl steps up, I`m smacking the ho

Word to your moms I came to drop bombs

I got more rhymes than the bible`s got psalms

And just like the Prodigal Son I`ve returned

Anyone stepping to me you`ll get burned

Cause I got lyrics but you ain`t got none

If you come to battle bring a shotgun

But if you do you`re a fool, cause I duel to the death

Tryin` to step to me you`ll take your last breath

I gots the skill, come get your fill

Cause when I shoot THE GIFT, I shoot to kill


I`m the cream of the crop, I rise to the top

I never eat a pig cause a pig is a cop

Or better yet a terminator

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Try`n to play me out like as if my name was Sega

But I ain`t going out like no punk b*tch

Get used to one style hey yo I might switch

It up up and around, then buck buck you down

Put out your head then you wake up in the Dawn of the Dead

I`m coming to get ya, I`m coming to get ya

Spitting out lyrics homie I`ll wet ya


Jump (32x)

Yo, this is dedicated

To Joe, da flava, Dakota

Grab ya BOZACK, punk


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Release History

The House Of Pain song "Jump Around" appears on the following albums:
2009-10-24: DJ Spinbad Live in Japan: Club Asia, Tokyo, Japan
Upload Album Cover
01 January 2009

2009-10-24: DJ Spinbad Live in Japan: Club Asia, Tokyo, Japan

  1. Seed Of Love (0:31)
  2. Public Service Announcement (5:43)
  3. dreams (2:06)
  4. Jumper (4:05)
  5. Ready or Not (3:47)
  6. Freedom '90 (4:24)
  7. Just Bounce to This (0:42)
  8. Wonderwall (4:18)
  9. Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg) (1:31)
  10. Gin And Juice (3:32)
  11. Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg) (4:49)
  12. If I Ruled The World (4:44)
  13. Remember We (0:21)
  14. Simon Says (2:53)
  15. It's About to Go Down (0:30)
  16. Where Brooklyn At? (0:30)
  17. Juicy (5:02)
  18. This Love (3:26)
  19. ABC (2:57)
  20. can't hurry love (0:29)
  21. Freaks (0:10)
  22. Hip-Hop Junkies (0:19)
  23. I Want You Back (2:54)
  24. Shout (6:32)
  25. Tom's Diner (4:33)
  26. Blister in the Sun (2:46)
  27. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (3:14)
  28. Method Man (4:42)
  29. Da Rockwilder (2:16)
  30. My Cherie Amour (2:52)
  31. The Show (4:43)
  32. Human (4:25)
  33. All My Wild MFs (0:19)
  34. Party Up (4:37)
  35. Thug Anthem (1:55)
  36. Be faithful (2:43)
  37. Jack And Diane (4:16)
  38. Unbelievable (3:30)
  39. I Ain't No Joke (3:52)
  40. I Can't Wait (3:39)
  41. Soul Clap (4:01)
  42. Jump Around (3:35)
  43. 900 Number (1:13)
  44. Let Me Clear My Throat (3:41)
  45. Walk This Way (5:12)
  46. Peter Piper (3:22)
  47. Remember The Time (3:58)
  48. Something For The Radio (0:17)
  49. Signed, Sealed, Delivered (2:46)
  50. Beat Box (4:50)
  51. With or Without You (4:55)
  52. Brazilian Rhyme (2:09)
  53. Think (3:51)
  54. It Takes Two (4:35)
  55. It Takes Kool (0:50)
  56. The Breaks (0:08)
  57. Apache (4:29)
  58. Under Pressure (3:57)
  59. Rock With You (3:17)
  60. The Love You Save (3:04)
  61. Black Or White (3:21)
  62. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (6:03)
  63. MAMA Say (0:32)
  64. Stand By Me (3:00)
  65. Do My Ladies (0:16)
  66. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (3:43)
  67. Temperature (3:36)
  68. Push It (4:28)
  69. It's Tricky (3:03)
  70. Takin It Back to the Old School (0:30)
  71. Uptight (2:55)
  72. Dance To The Music (2:58)
  73. September (3:47)
Grandmix: The 90's Edition (Mixed by Ben Liebrand) (disc 1)
Upload Album Cover

Rhino Hi-Five: House of Pain
06 October 2006

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