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  1. 16 Tons
  2. A Cottage for Sale
  3. A Cottage for Sale (Remastered)
  4. A Hundred Years From Today
  5. A Kiss Can Change the World
  6. A Man Gets Awfully Lonesome
  7. A Woman In Love
  8. A Woman in Love (Remastered)
  9. A Womand in Love
  10. A Women in Love
  11. Ace In The Hole
  12. Ace in the Hole (Remastered)
  13. Addormentarmi Cosi (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra) (I Love You More Every Day)
  14. Addormentarmi così (Remastered)
  15. Ah, But It Happens
  16. Ah But it Ihappens
  17. Ain't It A Pity And A Shame
  18. Ain't It a Pity (feat. The Four Lads)
  19. Ain't Misbehavin'
  20. All Of Me
  21. Allegra
  22. Along The Navajo Trail
  23. Along the Navajo Trail (Remastered)
  24. And Doesn't She Roll
  25. And Doesn't She Roll (Remastered)
  26. Answer Me
  27. Answer Me
  28. Answer Me My Love
  29. Autmn Leaves (Remastered)
  30. Autumn Leaves (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  31. Baby, Just for Me
  32. Baby, Just for Me (Remastered)
  33. Baby, That Ain't Right
  34. Basin Street Blues
  35. Because
  36. Because (Remastered)
  37. Besame Mucho (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  38. Besame Mucho (Remastered)
  39. Beyond The Blue Horizon
  40. Beyond the Blue Horizon (Remastered)
  41. Black And Blue
  42. Blazing Saddles
  43. Blowin' Wild
  44. Blowing Wild
  45. Blowing Wild
  46. Blue Moon
  47. Blue Moon (Remastered)
  48. Blue Turning Grey Over You
  49. Body and Soul
  50. Body and Soul (Remastered)
  51. Bowie Knife
  52. Bowie Knife (Remastered)
  53. But Beautiful
  54. By The River Sainte Marie
  55. By the River Ste. Marie
  56. Call Of The Wild
  57. Call of the Wild (Remastered)
  58. Camptown Races
  59. Camptown Races (Remastered)
  60. Careless Love
  61. Careless Love (Remastered)
  62. Champion the Wonderhorse
  63. Cherry Red
  64. Cherry Red (Remastered)
  65. Choombala Bay
  66. Christmas Roses
  67. City Boy
  68. City Boy (Remastered)
  69. Cityboy
  70. Cool Water
  71. Cool Water (Remastered)
  72. Coolwater
  73. Coquette
  74. Cow-Cow Boogie
  75. Cry Of The Wild Goose
  76. Cry of the Wild Goose (Remastered)
  77. Dammit Isn't God's Last Name
  78. Dead Man's Hand
  79. Dead Man's Hand (Remastered)
  80. Deuces Wild (Remastered)
  81. Don't Blame Me
  82. Don't Cry, Cry Baby
  83. Don't Fence Me In
  84. Don't Fench Me In
  85. Don't Make My Baby Blue
  86. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  87. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Remastered)
  88. Dream A Little Dream Ot Me
  89. Dueces Wild
  90. El Diablo
  91. Et Voila
  92. Fallen Angel
  93. Fever
  94. Flamenco
  95. Floating Down To Cotton Town
  96. Floating Down to Cotton Town (feat. Jo Stafford)
  97. Forever More
  98. Forever More (Remastered)
  99. Gabriella (The Gamblin' Lady) - Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford
  100. Gamblin' Woman
  101. Gamblin' Woman (Remastered)
  102. Gandy Dancer's Ball
  103. Gang That Sang 'Heart of My Heart'
  104. Georgia On My Mind
  105. Get Rich Quick
  106. Get Rich Quick (Remastered)
  107. Ghost Riders in the Sky
  108. Girl in the Wood
  109. Give Me a Kiss
  110. God Bless The Child
  111. God Bless This House
  112. Granada
  113. Granada (Remastered)
  114. Gun Fight at O.K. Corral
  115. Gunfight At O.K. Corral
  116. Gunfight at Ok Corral
  117. Gunfight At The O.k. Corral
  118. Gunfight At the O.k. Corral (Remastered)
  119. Gunfight at the OK Corral
  120. Gunslinger
  121. Hambone
  122. Hawk-Eye
  123. Here Lies Love
  124. Here Lies Love (Remastered)
  125. Here She Comes Now
  126. Hey, Good Lookin'
  127. Hey Joe
  128. High Noon
  129. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (Remastered)
  130. High Society
  131. High Society (feat. Jo Stafford)
  132. Highnoon
  133. Hold Me
  134. Horses and Women
  135. Horses and Women (Remastered)
  136. How Lovely Cooks The Meat
  137. How Lovely Cooks the Meat - Doris Day, Frankie Laine
  138. How Lovely Cooks the Meat (feat. Doris Day)
  139. Humming Bird
  140. Hummingbird
  141. I Believe
  142. I Believe (Remastered)
  143. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
  144. I Cover the Waterfront
  145. I Cover the Waterfront (Remastered)
  146. I'd Do It Over Again
  147. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
  148. I Forget the Time (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  149. I Forget the Time (Remastered)
  150. I Forgot the Time
  151. I Found You
  152. I Get Along Without You Very Well
  153. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Remastered)
  154. I Get Sentimental Over Nothing
  155. I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)
  156. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Remastered)
  157. I Have to Cry
  158. I Heard the Angels (feat. The Four Lads)
  159. I Heard The Angels Sing
  160. I Heard The Angels Singing
  161. I Let Her Go
  162. I'll Get By
  163. I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) (Remastered)
  164. I'll Take Care Of Your Cares
  165. I'm Confessin'
  166. I'm Confession (Remastered)
  167. I'm Gonna Live 'Till I Die
  168. I Married An Angel
  169. I Married an Angel (Remastered)
  170. I May Be Wrong
  171. I Wish You Were Jealous of Me
  172. I Would Do Anything for You
  173. I Would Do Anything for You (Remastered)
  174. If I Didn't Believe in You
  175. If I Never Sing Another Song
  176. If I Were A Bell
  177. If You Were Mine
  178. In My Wildest Dreams
  179. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
  180. Isle of Capri
  181. It Ain't Gonna Be Like That
  182. It Only Happens Once
  183. It Only Happens Once (Remastered)
  184. It's the Talk of the Town
  185. It's the Talk of the Town (Remastered)
  186. Jalouise
  187. Jalousie
  188. Jealosy
  189. Jealousy
  190. Jelly Coal Man (Remastered)
  191. Jelly Cool Man
  192. Jezebel
  193. Jezebel (Remastered)
  194. Journey's End
  195. Juba-Juba-Jubalee
  196. Juba Juba Jubilee (feat. The Four Lads)
  197. Kisses That Shake the World
  198. La Paloma (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  199. La Paloma (Remastered)
  200. Lady Be Good
  201. Laughing At Life
  202. Laura (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  203. Laura (Remastered)
  204. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
  205. Lonely Man
  206. Long Distance Love
  207. Love Is A Golden Ring
  208. Love Is Such A Cheat
  209. Love Is Where You Find It
  210. Lover, Come Back to Me
  211. Lover, Come Back to Me (Remastered)
  212. Lovin' Up a Storm
  213. Luck Be a Lady
  214. Luck Be a Lady (Remastered)
  215. Lucy D
  216. Lucy D (Remastered)
  217. Mafia 2: Jezebel
  218. Magnificient Obsession
  219. Makin' Whoopie
  220. Making Memories
  221. Mam'selle
  222. Mam'selle (Remastered)
  223. Marie
  224. Marie (Remastered)
  225. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
  226. Memories Of Gold
  227. Mermaid
  228. Merry Christmas Everywhere
  229. Metro Polka
  230. Midnight on a Rainy Monday
  231. Midnight On a Rainy Monday (Remastered)
  232. Misirlou
  233. Miss Sutton
  234. Mona Lisa (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  235. Mona Lisa (Remastered)
  236. Monday Again
  237. Moolight Gambler (Remastered)
  238. Moonlight Gambler
  239. Moonlight in Vermont
  240. Mr. Bojangles
  241. Mule Train
  242. Mule Train (Remastered)
  243. Music Maestro Please
  244. My Friend
  245. My Kind of Woman
  246. My Kind of Women (Remastered)
  247. My Little Love
  248. My Old Flame
  249. Nao Tem Solucao (Remastered)
  250. Nao Tem Solucaono
  251. Nevertheless Tm In Love With You
  252. New Orleans
  253. New Orleans (Remastered)
  254. Nobody but You
  255. North To Alaska
  256. North to Alaska (Remastered)
  257. Now That I Need You
  258. Old Blue
  259. Old Blue (Remastered)
  260. Old Enough (To Be Your Father)
  261. Old Fashioned Love
  262. Old Verginny (Remastered)
  263. Old Virginny
  264. On A Monday
  265. On a Monday (Remastered)
  266. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  267. On The Trail
  268. On the Trail (Remastered)
  269. One For My Baby
  270. Please Forgive Me
  271. Prairie Bell
  272. Pretty Eyed Baby - Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford
  273. Proud Mary
  274. Put Your Hand in the Hand
  275. Put Yourself In My Place Baby
  276. Quiereme Mucho (feat. Michel Legrand & His Orchestra) (Yours)
  277. Quireme Mucho (Remastered)
  278. Rain, Rain, Rain
  279. Ramblin' Man
  280. Rawhide
  281. Rawhide (Remastered)
  282. Ride Through the Night
  283. Riders In The Sky
  284. Rock Of Gibraltar
  285. Rockin' Chair
  286. Rockin' Mother
  287. Rocks And Gravel
  288. Rocks and Gravel (Remastered)
  289. Rolling Stone (Remastered)
  290. Rose Ellen
  291. Rose, Rose I Love You
  292. Roses Of Picardy
  293. Rosetta
  294. S'posin'
  295. Sampson
  296. Satan Wears a Satin Gown
  297. Second Honeymoon
  298. Second Honeymoon (Remastered)
  299. September In The Rain
  300. September in the Rain (Remastered)
  301. Serenade
  302. Settin' the Woods on Fire
  303. Seven Women
  304. She Reminds Me Of You
  305. She's Funny That Way
  306. Shine
  307. Si Tu Partais (If You Go) (Remastered)
  308. Side By Side
  309. Side By Side (Remastered)
  310. Singin' The Blues
  311. Singing the Blues
  312. Sixteen Tons
  313. Sixteen Tons (Remastered)
  314. Some Day
  315. Some Day Sweatheart
  316. Someday Sweetheart
  317. Sometimes I'm Happy
  318. Song Of The Islands
  319. Song of the Open Road (Remastered)
  320. South Of The Border
  321. St. James Infirmary
  322. Stack of Blue (Remastered)
  323. Stack of Blues
  324. Stars And Stripes Forever
  325. Stars Fell On Alabama
  326. Stay As Sweet As You Are
  327. Still Runs Cool Water
  328. Strange Lady In Town
  329. Sugarbush
  330. Swamp Girl
  331. Take Me Back
  332. Taking A Chance On Love
  333. Te Amo
  334. Tell Me a Story
  335. That Lucky Old Sun
  336. That Old Feeling
  337. That's Good! That's Bad!
  338. That's How It Goes
  339. That's How Rhythm Was Born
  340. That's My Desire
  341. That's the One for Me - Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford
  342. The 3:10 To Yuma
  343. The 3:10 to Yuma (Remastered)
  344. The Cry Of The Wild Goose
  345. The Gäng That Sang Heart Of...
  346. The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Heart"
  347. The Girl In The Wood
  348. The Girl in the Woods (Remastered)
  349. The Green Leaves of Summer
  350. The Hangin' Tree
  351. The Hanging Tree
  352. The Hanging Tree (Remastered)
  353. The Hard Way
  354. The Hard Way (Remastered)
  355. The High Road (Remastered)
  357. The Kid's Last Fight
  358. The Little Boy And The Old Man
  359. The Little Boy and the Old Man (With Jimmy Boyd)
  360. The Loe of Loves (Remastered)
  361. The Love of Loves
  362. The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
  363. The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo (Remastered)
  364. The Mermaid
  365. The Moment Of Truth
  366. The New Frontier (Remastered)
  367. The Rock of Gibraltar
  368. The Roving Gambler
  369. The Roving Gambler (Remastered)
  370. The Ruby And The Pearl
  371. The Surrey With the Fringe On Top
  372. The Swamp Girl (Remastered)
  373. The Tarrier Song
  374. The Touch of Your Lips
  375. The Valley of the Hundred Hills
  376. The Wayfaring Stranger (Remastered)
  377. There Must Be A Reason
  378. There Must Be A Reason
  379. There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
  380. These Foolish Things (Remastered)
  381. These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
  382. This Can't Be Love
  383. To Each His Own
  384. To My Wife
  385. To My Wife (Remastered)
  386. Too Marvelous for Words
  387. Too Marvelous for Words (Remastered)
  388. Too Young (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  389. Too Young (Remastered)
  390. Torchin'
  391. Torchin' (Remastered)
  392. Torna a Surriento (feat. Michel Legrand Orchestra)
  393. Torna a Surriento (Remastered)
  394. Touch of Your Lips (Remastered)
  395. Try A Little Tenderness
  396. Try a Little Tenderness (Remastered)
  397. Tumbing Tumbleweeds
  398. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  399. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Remastered)
  400. Two Loves Have I
  401. Up Above My Head
  402. Up Above My Head (feat. Johnnie Ray)
  403. Wanted Man
  404. Wanted Man (Remastered)
  405. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
  406. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye
  407. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (Remastered)
  408. We'll Be Together Again
  409. West End Blues
  410. What Am I Gonna Do This Christmas
  411. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue
  412. Wheel Of Fortune
  413. When I Speak Your Name
  414. When It's Sleepy Time Down South
  415. When You're In Love
  416. When You're Smiling
  417. Where the Wind Blows
  418. Wonderful, Wasn't It?
  419. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
  420. You Are My Love
  421. You Are My Love (Remastered)
  422. You Can Depend On Me
  423. You Gave Me A Mountain
  424. You, No One But You
  425. You're All I Want For Christmas
  426. You're Just the Kind
  427. You're Just the Kind (Remastered)
  428. You've Changed
  429. You've Changed (Remastered)
  430. You Wanted Someone To Play With
  431. Your Cheatin' Heart
  432. Your Cheating Heart

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