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Song Lyrics

[Intro: Pimpin` Ken]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, like I said this is your boy Pimpin` Ken dot net
Sell the b*tch p*ssy till it`s drip drop wet
You know what I`m saying, the vet, not the pet
Dig this here man
Like my n*gga Cashball, you know what I`m saying, me and DeAnte say
Man, it`s `stacks, tracks and contracts,` you know what I`m taking about
Only time a b*tch get off is when a b*tch run off, you know what I`m talking about
Hey man, you understand me
Master constitution for the prostitution
And let prostitution be the only solution
Please believe it, you understand it, b*tch, you know my choosing fee b*tch
It`s a lifetime, b*tch of ho crime, believe that ho you know what I`m talking about
Yeah, b*tch you know what I`m talking about
Don coochie hole b*tch, better known as pimp coochie hole
Pimpin` Ken the Don in this sh*t ho
You know what I`m talking about, yeah
Milwaukee, Wisconsin you f**k-ass b*tch

[Dirty Mouth]
As I pull up to the club
Jumping out of the Jag
24`s still spinning with a dealership tag
Brand New
Bright leather guts and pearl blue
These hoes they choosing like a lucky horseshoe
But that`s alright cause I don`t pay these hoes no mind
As I stroll to the front of the VIP line
Straight in I go, headed straight to the bar
I got a superstar status, so I guess I`m a star
Haters checking me out
Now tell me what`s that about?
I`ma chill to the point haters checking me out
Sipping on the Crystal
b*tches wanna get wild
Popping X and smoking dro` on the verge of my style
These b*tches calling, asking where the after party
The Embassy Suites downtown, room 112, my darling
Bring your friends so we can let this party begin
And bring a box of Magnum rubbers so we can f**k till the end

[Jazze Pha]
Hey b*tch, sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause you belong to me (you belong to me, yeah)
Hey b*tch (hey b*tch) sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause now you`re mine

Just pulled up at the club
I`m flyer than a motherf**ker
Damn, why they staring? ho, sh*t I`m the motherf**ker
Not the front door
We better go through the back
See, that was back then, now look where we at
Straight to VIP, my n*ggaz, man we deep
You gonna go through 2 or 3
Before you get to me
The b*tch, and she a G and said `what`s up for later?`
I said `I`m 20 East, I`m headed to Decatur`
And motherf**k the hater
It`s about this making paper
And while she choosing hard, guaranteed I`ma take her
So shake the saltshaker, the dro` is the vapor
I ain`t got love for n*ggaz cause all they try to do is cake her
I ain`t sippin on no chaser, that`s what we tell the waiter
You goddamn right, I`m a motherf**ker player
So tell me how you want it
You riding? Get up on it
I ain`t f**king with the ho if she don`t know how to donut, for real

[Jazze Pha + Lil Jon]
Hey b*tch (hey b*tch), sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause you belong to me (you belong to me, yeah)
Hey b*tch (hey b*tch) sign your name on the dotted line (well)
Cause now you`re mine

[Lil Jon]
Hey, hey b*tch
Hey b*tch get up it`s time to go to work
Time to go to work b*tch, it`s your boy Lil Jon
Never will I love a b*tch
Why would I trust a b*tch?
Always gonna dog a b*tch
They only good for s*cking dick
Or riding on a n*gga c*ck
Trying to get a n*gga stock
I`m never gonna break bread
Not even for a little head
I`m a player, not a cake-a-ho
Always gotta break ho, down to the f**king floor
You step up, I`ll let you know
P to the I to the M P
No, I`m Southside
Sorry, b*tch, you better pay me

[Big Sam]
Old school white Lac pimpin like I`m Don Juan
When I pull up on the track, I toot-a-loo my horn
Make these hoes come running like Mike for travs
Ain`t got my money ho, you bound to get slap
Cause I don`t love a b*tch and won`t save a b*tch
If it ain`t about money, then it don`t make sense
I`ll mack a b*tch and I`ll pimp a b*tch
As long as she making me filthy rich

[Don P]
Just up off the pill, drinking on my beer
Sitting on a mill, but I`m pimpin still
Riding round the track, like Goldie in the Mack
Still I`m Don Coreleone pimping hoes from my realm
Mesmerized by the words coming out my mouth
So I`m flushing money quickly out these b*tches` bank accounts
After that I bounce
To another ho, in a totally different city
for a whole other show
They say, `why you don`t call?` I say, `b*tch, where my dividends?`
`You always out of town` I say, `b*tch, where my dividends?`
`You probably in the club` I say, `b*tch, where my dividends?`
You bout to make me break your neck, I have to ask your ass agai

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