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Song Lyrics

Written by B. Braddock

In a pawn shop in Chicago on a sunny summer day

A couple gazes at the wedding rings there on display

She smiles and nods her head as he says, honey that`s for you

It`s not much but it`s the best that I can do

With one tiny little stone

Waiting there for someone to take it home

By itself it`s just a cold metallic thing

Only love can make a golden wedding ring

In a little wedding chapel later on that after noon

An old up right piano plays that old familiar tune

Tears roll down her cheeks and happy thoughts run through her head

As he whispers low with this ring I thee wed

With one tiny little stone

Shining ring - now at last it`s found a home

By itself it`s just a cold Thee thing

Only love can make a golden wedding ring

In a small two room apartment as they fight their final round

He says you won`t admit it but I know you`re leavin` town

She says one thing`s for certain, I don`t love you anymore

And throws down the ring as she walks out the door

With one tiny little stone

Cast aside - like the love that`s dead and gone

By itself it`s just a cold leaving thing

Only love can make a golden wedding ring

In a pawn shop in Chicago on a sunny summer day

A couple gazes at the wedding rings there on display

Release History

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  93. I Won't Love You Anymore (2:20)
  94. I Won't Need You Anymore (3:19)
  95. I'd Jump The Mississippi
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  98. I'll Follow You Up To Our Cloud (2:38)
  99. I'll Never Let Go Of You (2:21)
  100. I'm A Fool To Care (2:21)
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  110. If I Could Put Them All Together
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  112. If Only Your Eyes Could Lie (3:09)
  113. If You Believe (2:09)
  114. If You Don't Somebody Else Will
  115. If You Don't Somebody Will
  116. If You Loved A Liar (You'd Hug My Neck) (2:20)
  117. If You Want Me To
  118. If You Want To Wear A Crown (2:07)
  119. If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)
  120. I'm Ragged But I'm Right (2:24)
  121. Image Of Me
  122. Imitation Of Love (2:29)
  123. In The Shadow Of A Lie (2:45)
  124. Intermission Riff
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  126. It Scares Me Half To Death (2:39)
  127. It's A 10-33 (Let's Get Jesus On The Line) (2:43)
  128. It's All In My Mind
  129. It's Been A Beautiful Life
  130. It's Been A Beautiful Life (Loving You)
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  133. It's So Sweet
  134. I've Been Out A-Walkin'
  135. Jonesy (2:04)
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  137. Just Little Boy Blue (2:08)
  138. Kansas City Feat Johnny Paycheck
  139. Kneel At The Feet Of Jesus (2:04)
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  141. Lonely Christmas Call
  142. Lonesome Old Town (2:11)
  143. Long As We're Dreaming
  144. Looking Back To See
  145. Louisiana Man (2:39)
  146. Love In Your Eyes
  147. Lovebug, The
  148. Lovely Place To Cry
  149. Lovin' You Is Worth It
  150. Loving Lies
  151. Loving You Could Never Be Better (3:01)
  152. Magic Valley (2:20)
  153. Maiden's Prayer
  154. Making Believe
  155. Making The Rounds
  156. Matthew 24
  157. Matthew Twenty-four (2:19)
  158. Maybe Next Christmas
  159. Maybellene Feat Johnny Paycheck
  160. Mockin' Bird Hill
  161. My Heart's Bouquet
  162. My Lord Has Called Me
  163. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (2:35)
  164. Never Ending Song Of Love
  165. Nighttime And My Baby
  166. No Future For Me In Our Past (3:00)
  167. No Show Jones (2:28)
  168. No Use To Cry (2:08)
  169. Nobody's Lonesome For Me (2:11)
  170. Not Even Friends
  171. Now Tell Me (2:40)
  172. Number One
  173. O Come All Ye Faithful
  174. Ol' Frank (2:48)
  175. Old Old House
  176. On The Back Row (3:04)
  177. One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)
  178. Open Pit Mine (3:09)
  179. Our Happy Home
  180. Out Of Control (2:40)
  181. Papa's Wagon
  182. Perfect Match
  183. Please Be My Love (2:34)
  184. Poor Little Rich Boy (2:23)
  185. Pretty Little Lady From Beaumont Texas (2:35)
  186. Proud Mary Feat Johnny Paycheck
  187. Pyramid Of Cans
  188. Race Is On, The
  189. Release Me
  190. Release Me (From My Sin)
  191. Right In The Wrong Direction
  192. Roll Over Beethoven Feat Johnny Paycheck
  193. Ruins
  194. Run C120em Off
  195. Same Old Boat
  196. Satisfied Mind
  197. Searching
  198. Seasons Of My Heart (2:14)
  199. Selfishness In Man (2:47)
  200. She Hung The Moon (3:06)
  201. She Knows What She's Crying About (2:46)
  202. She Loved A Lot In Her Time (3:14)
  203. She Once Lived Here (2:17)
  204. She Once Made A Romeo Cry (2:32)
  205. She Should Belong To Me (3:30)
  206. She Still Thnks I Care
  207. She's Just A Girl I Used To Know (2:46)
  208. Shoulder To Shoulder
  209. Silent Night
  210. Simply Divine (2:28)
  211. Singing The Blues (2:00)
  212. Six Days On The Road
  213. Slow Burning Fire
  214. Somebody Always Paints The Wall
  215. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (2:25)
  216. Someone That You Used To Know
  217. Someone's Watching Over You (2:27)
  218. Sweet Thang (2:45)
  219. Sweeter Than The Flowers (2:44)
  220. Tainted Love
  221. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) (2:34)
  222. Take Me To Your World
  223. Take The Devil Outta Me
  224. Talk To Me
  225. Tennessee Whiskey (Live)
  226. That's All It Took (2:24)
  227. That's The Way I Feel (1:57)
  228. The Bird (2:53)
  229. The Fightin' Side Of Me
  230. The Honky Tonk Downstairs (2:13)
  231. The Last Town I Painted (2:20)
  232. The Lonely Know My Secret (2:23)
  233. The Same Sweet Girl (2:37)
  234. The World Of Forgotten People
  235. The World's Worse Loser
  236. These Hands
  237. Three's A Crowd (2:20)
  238. Till I Hear It From You (2:26)
  239. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
  240. Tutti Frutti Feat Johnny Paycheck
  241. Unfaithful One
  242. Untitled Instrumental 1
  243. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  244. Waltz Of The Angels (2:45)
  245. We Believe In Each Other
  246. We Could (2:28)
  247. We're Gonna Try To Get Along
  248. Wearing My Heart Away (2:27)
  249. What I Do Best (2:48)
  250. What My Woman Can't Do Can't Be Done
  251. Whatcha Gonna Do (2:04)
  252. When Mama Sang (The Angels Stopped To Listened)
  253. When Two Worlds Collide
  254. Where Could I Go But To The Lord
  255. Where Did The Sunshine Go?
  256. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Use To Do)
  257. Will You Travel Down This Road With Me
  258. Window Shopping
  259. Wino The Clown
  260. Wonders You Perform
  261. Wrapped Around Her Finger
  262. Wreck On The Highway (2:45)
  263. Y'all Come
  264. Yearning (2:53)
  265. Yearning (To Kiss You)
  266. You Always Look Your Best (Here In My Arms) (3:20)
  267. You And Me Together
  268. You Better Move On Feat Johnny Paycheck
  269. You Can Always Come Back
  270. You Can Have Her Feat Johnny Paycheck
  271. You Don't Seem To Miss Me (4:06)
  272. You Made A Believer Out Of Me
  273. You Never Know Just How Good You've Got It (3:30)
  274. You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine (2:37)
  275. You Never Thought (2:46)
  276. You're Back Again (2:45)
  277. You're Everything
  278. You've Become My Everything
  279. You've Got The Best Of Me Again
  280. Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven (2:17)

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