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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Pullin' An All Nighter" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Long as there`s pizza and soda pop,

We`ll keep playing games and never stop.

Stick in a fresh CD and crank it up.

Let`s stay awake until the sun comes up.

We`re all still going strong, nobody`s faded.

We always knew that sleep was over-rated.

Without a doubt, turning in is out.

Cause there are still some boys we haven`t talked about.


We`re pullin` pullin` pullin` and all nighter.

If grown ups can do it, there can`t be that much to it.

We`re pullin` pullin` pullin` an all nighter.

Let`s stay up all night, until the morning light.

We`re pullin` pullin` pullin` an all nighter tonight.

It`s gonna be a cinch to stay awake.

There`s popcorn to pop and corny jokes to make.

And Mom and Dad would really blow a fuse,

If they found out we plan to watch the midnight news.

We`ll paint our faces, make up funny names.

We`ve got a zillion cool video games.

We`ve got so much to do,

We don`t even know when we`ll ever want to sleep again.


Wouldn`t it be fun to get some shut-eye?

Maybe just a wink or forty-two?

Then we will snap back to life, and go all night.

Just like we said we`d do.

Yea, just a little cat nap. Just a dozy-doze, you know?

I`ll just rest my eyes guys. Now where did my pillow go?

I admit I could use a snooze after all that dancin` and rappin`.

But promise me you`ll wake me up if anything fun should happen.

Let the record show you guys, I could of stayed up, okay?

But when in Rome, do like the Romans. And the Romans have all hit the hay.

Wouldn`t it be fun to get some shut eye?

Maybe just a wind or forty-two.

Then we will snap back to life, and go all night.

Just like we said we`d d.

We`re pullin` pullin` pullin` and all nighter,

Until the sun comes shining through.

Release History

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