Masta Ace Incorporated - Wutuwankno (Feat. Edo. G)

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Masta Ace Incorporated "Wutuwankno (Feat. Edo. G)" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Yea, M A L O
Take a look at my eyes
Take a look at my eyes, and tell me what you see
When you look at me, wutuwankno now

[Masta Ace]
I`ma speak to the fans now the ask the questions
So there`s no room for errors, no chance for guessing
That`s the reason why on this track I choose to rap
It`s to make sure that none of yall consufe the facts
`Cause no I never moved to Cali
I just had a b*tch in Compton and a few in the valley
And `Born 2 Roll` never went gold or so I`m told
I never did find out how much the sh*t sold
And no I ain`t saw at Marley
Though I rarely ever see him and I call him harley
And no I never lived in the bridge
But Craig and Shante, did as kids
Straight from the ville had to catch the train
No I never picked a pocket or snatched a chain
I was way too deep in the music
God gave me a gift, I decided to keep it and use it
And no I wasn`t dissing Ghost
Before you try to spread beef, you should listen close
I gotta watch what I`m yelling fella
`Cause some fans dumb like Hellen Keller
No, label ain`t off the ground
But we bound to get yall n*ggaz open off the sound
No, we ain`t got an office yet
But we got big plans like an architect
Take a look

Take a look at my eyes, and tell me what you see
When you look at me, wutuwankno now
Take a look at my life, and tell me what you see
When you look at me, wutuwankno now
Take a look at my eyes, and tell me what you see
When you look at me, wutuwankno now
Take a look at my life, and tell me what you see
When you look at me, please I got to go now

[Edo. G]
I see the look of concern and fake, it`s your turn to wait
I play the judge, and the jury and the journallete
See, that tend to happen when you learn hate
Edo left out good, but returned great
And now I`m about to face the city
Plus I got a case with Diddy
For jacking my classic
I got to have it beat that`s so greedy, I`m so witty
And yall n*ggaz is so pretty
Outside of Boston, people ask me about Benzino
Are we cool, do we got beef, or is we peoples
We could debate on that, but I guess yall got to wait on that
Now hate on that n*gga, and stop stirring up beef
You turning up grief, when you doubt your beliefs
Stay out of grown folk business
We young enterpreneurs that own our own business
I answer questions like a witness
And chop your crew down, with no forgiveness
Take a look in his eyes
he`s an angel on the outside. but a crook in disguise
Now take a look


[Masta Ace]
Look here, I got to go, be fair, I got a show
You here, you kind of slow, oh yeah, you got to know
Well, I do got a lot to tell
And a book `bout my life got a shot to sell
Yea, them raps `bout them rise, I was one of the first
But them fats n*ggaz high like a gun in a purse
Yea I made you put them chromey things on your cars
And yea, I used to hang with some porno stars
Strip clubs on the weekly basis
I used to, see these faces in some freaky places
But all that`s behind me, it`s not the same
When you reach a certain age, life is not a game
I was in the fast lane, I was out for speed
But now I got more than one mouth to feed
Yea, it used to be all about a hump and the rub
But I ain`t tryin` to be that old n*gga up in the club


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