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Song Lyrics

"The wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday

blows down the trees tomorrow."

[Verse 1]

It`s nothing
It`s only a little wind

A distinct somewhat discrete approach to the maze

Come on keep up the pace

You already won the race

Cute baby hamster

Let`s try to make him run in place

Look at the wounds, it`s destined to die soon

And the way I see it, we`re obligated to eat it

So treat it

With grins while it`s standing on it`s last limbs

Feed it to fatten it up for when the feast begins

I drew the blueprints out on the sidewalk with chalk

So when the rain starts they won`t be able to read our plans

And I`m compiling a list of demands

So let me get a show of fists and hands to see who`s down with the program

Party over here

Free love, free truth, free care

Care free

Bring your whole crew affair

Freedom of speech and thought

Scot free

Free your mind

Forgot to pack a spine?

Feel free to borrow mine

I`ll be the thorn in the side of drama


It`s cool because we died with honor


Don`t worry honey I ain`t goin` hurt you

I`m just trying to strip you of your pride and your gear and your virtue


It`s not clear

Proceed with caution

Cause fear, is no longer an option

[Verse 2]

And maybe, and maybe my issues are not your issues

But everyone has to sleep and everybody carries weight

You can`t escape regret but you might regret escape

If you closed your eyes and held it would you recognize the shape?


Give my regards

To the inner child that managed to break free from the confines of this skull

sized cell

The taming of the shrew

The high hopes fell

The shaming of the true

Made your own private hell

And maybe I`m not here for you to listen to

And I`m I`m not here to steer you just share my vision

Maybe drop a hint or two

Maybe a few opinions

Maybe learn from you by watching you and studying your positions

The mission started off as nothing but better living instead of giving truth

Better living was found through keeping secrets

Enlist me as a crunch

Spreading the message of funk

Lettin` the rest of the spunk

Clog their veins with that junk

All limp

Swingin` like the willows in the wind

Moving like the mountains when Armageddon begins


You`re all a bunch of demons

When you talk I close my eyes it sounds like your screamin`


[Verse 3]

I no longer have the patience to do with most of these patients

Ignore the preferences and relevance to they favorites

I look for love and I identify deceit

Within the facial structure of every human I meet

I can smell your contempt when you enter the chamber

So I act apprehensive and pretend that there`s danger

As I watch from the tower everyone looks like ants

They all scramble to be

Appears as if as they dance

Well for all of y`all keeping y`all in hell

I`m only tryin` to help

Peace out to one self

And if I did have a car I would speed down the road

Until I reached my goal or my engine explodes

The glass was half full so I drank it

I got impatient and anxious as I was waiting for the raffle

And when they drew the number it pulled me under

Cause I was sitting on the seven

Which had never made the entrance (x2)


"The wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday

blows down the trees tomorrow."

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