Yukmouth - Regime Killers 2001

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Song Lyrics


I got some killers on the payroll, and they know

When it`s time to handle business, n*gga, lay low

[ Phats Bossi ]

Money to double, still in the struggle, stuck to my hustle

We all fight back like maniacs with broke knuckles

It`s mo` trouble cause now we seein you n*ggas

Paint a vivid-ass picture, Boss spittin the scriptures

n*gga, I`m Bossi, Bosslin done turned to cash fiend

I straight pop codeine and drink gasoline

What what, I`m too sick for y`all

Tatted with dragons till I fall, givin dick to y`all

In this pitfall I`m on the grind for mine

My people choose a life of crime, pistol-pushin with nines

On the payroll, apply the pressure when we say so

My troops turn wacko, shoot through your backdo`

My life real, seen a man die slow

And I still can`t sleep, sweatin bullets fo` sho`

So don`t push me, Boss is one tough cookie

My team Regime, pumpin them shots out a hooptie

[ Mad Max ]

Who down to rock with the murder plot of a cop killer

Drop n*ggas, spillin they brains, rollin with hot n*ggas

Rot with a club to your face for tryin to rock with us

Straight up, get razorblade-cut for f**kin with us

Regime superiors, Max Ju spit rhymes, strip mine interior

Rippin your sh*t imperial, kill n*ggas` material

My whole crew ain`t fearin ya, Mad Max the High Priest

I got some real killer muthaf**kas behind me

And I be obviously on top of things

With the Regime I`m too clean, make it a murder scene

Glocks and murder beam, n*ggas ain`t never heard of me

Burnin em to the third degree, leavin n*ggas in the infirmary

Wait for recoupin, still choosin your brain, stupid

The Dragon recruited real n*ggas for thug music

So peep game and next time you speak my name

Be prepared for incoming from the heat of the flame



[ Tech N9ne ]

Regime Killer number one, I`m back up in this b*tch with Yukmeez

On the payroll so I spray those foes, make you get on your knees

For the pesos Tech N9na ???? great holes with these

You stay yellin you`se a merely killer for the cheese, n*gga please

Awfully sick, he tryin to f**k, so off with his dick

Can`t floss and he blitzed, molotow in his lips

Tossin his dick in a box of chocolates and walk in his ship

Talk to his b*tch and whisper (he loved you) softer to kiss

(He bows down) You get ???? N9ne ????

(We wild now) You wanna rewind mine, I`m prime time

Qwest Records tryin to hold a n*gga back

So I ???? Saafir and tellin me ???? get his sh*t back

Off with their heads, let them hang high

Caught in their beds, let it ???? die

Tech Neen, I`m a fiend for strings by Mike Dean

For the green I damage spleens, then I scream "Regime!"

[ Poppa LQ ]

Let`s take a out-of-town trip with a thousand crips

With a thousand A.K.`s and a thousand clips

No 50 Cent can come to Cali and rob nobody

Cause gees catch and send his ass back a cold body

Young guns`ll lay ya down regardless who you are

sh*t, we make a livin out of extortin you stars

Robbin you for your jewelry, snatchin you out your cars

Poverty`s a plague, I rob before I beg

But you don`t expect me to score, times are hard

You`re broke but you`re scared to steal and break a law

You need not worry `bout me, I live it raw

A hustler with a cause, flippin paper, gotta ball

I had to crawl before I walked but now I`m standin tall on em

Lookin down on em, `bout to drop my balls on em

It`s time for platinum minin, military grindin

Right when these s*ckers ???? start declinin

[ Governor Matic ]

Yuk threw me on part 2

Regime Brick City n*ggas mobbin when we come through

n*gga, the Governor got it sowed up, spots get blowed up

Funk Doc, Diesel Don, yo, them n*ggas even showed up

As I rolled up, the nine Glock get load up

For the hold-up, the new hundreds we fold up

Confiscate drugs, n*ggas` mouths get taped up

Kids get dr*ped up and b*tch up-slapped the make up

Then I take up all clothes, jewels and paper

You got `cash money`, but you don`t wanna run the safe, ha?

n*gga, don`t play dumb, I`m steady gettin money from those that hold up

Used to drink weed tea, now my sh*t robust

Now hold up, car patrolled up

It was 12 Outsidaz in a two-door Toyota

We splatter brains over crack cocaine

In the court we still came to pay Judge Mills Lane

n*gga, it`s not a question

My uzi weighs a ton, `ll have you undressin

Like you was strippin down on Western

Killers on the payroll, pockets stay swoll

Hearts stay cold, that`s why we`s on payroll


Regime Life, n*ggas

Thug rituals

Regime Life

Thug Lord

Regime Life, n*gga

[ Yukmouth ]

Now where them toy soldiers at? There they go, right chea

Get them

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