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Song Lyrics

Yah, Queens n*gga
Ali Vegas
Generation gap spokesman for the youth
L.E.S., urban wolves y`all
Big things connection, yah
Yo how you going y`all check it

[Ali Vegas]
Yo, yo have you ever had to change huddles
Move to a differant hood see the same struggles
Crab routines got the game muffled
Old players wish to death but got the same shuffle
One move could leave your brain puzzled
That`s why I stress essentials, bless the tempo
with knowledge that perfects the mental
Come to Queens see what the rest is into
I lost a round but it wont happen twice
I got emcees on their knees steady asking christ
How come when they was Ali`s age they wasnt half as nice
I treat a vet just like an ap-pren-tice
Cause the words I speak is more street than crack and dice
I was put here to rap, L.E.S. let me hear the track
D.O. know I spit a verse make the snare collapse
Any affair I`m at my peers is strapped
From up north to the telly
And all my peers caught in the belly
Living life similar to bums sincere black

Another day, another dollar, another n*gga in court (whats that)
That`s the theme of New York
And if you dont plan to play hard
you might as well stay the hell off the court
That`s the theme of New York (I aint going nowhere)
where the hustlers work hard for their cash and they hate taking shorts
That`s the theme of New York (the system got them locked down)
And all the grimey n*ggas plot and scheme
to take the sh*t that you bought, that`s the theme of New York

[Ali Vegas]
Aiyyo these New York City streets is hot
even police get shot
neighbors never speak a lot
and citizens they beef with cops
avenues flooded with p.c. shops
and reifer spots
my place is a sneaker box
some say I need to stop
others ask me when my cd drops
I tell them when they stressed to hear it
I got felons serving like me while the rest they live it
I walk the streets at night but never pivot
only bullets swerve my words
go through your vest and wet your spirit
y`all critics got a lot of nerve
I`m him to the third
a new king has emerged
from out of queens by turning verbs into perfected lyrics
and tommorrow they`ll say


[Ali Vegas]
Yo police blitzed the crack game
drug alias switched to rap names
fat chains attract fame
innocent wigs get split when gats flame
cause the ignorant mix their wits with bad aim
a young brain stormer
hit harder than hurricane Carter
a mental sparker
we can rhyme to see whos pencil sharper
you are raps newest propaganda
speak with smooth and proper grammer
planets start minana
turning cash legal
just imagine if wanna cap people
impregnate the rich daughter of Rich Porter
and create a crack sequel
now thats lethal
what you say gangsta


[Ali Vegas sung]
I dont kow the plan
the system snatched half of my dynasty
I dont want to leave the city
but I know one day they`ll try the real on me
(so what you say, what you say gangsta

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