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Song Lyrics


You`ll waste time to hurt her, sorta like murder

A duck with the public`s favorite rhyme order

I ain`t no waiter or hater of a spectator (kill em B-Real)

Seekin to find the toys, with no flavor

See I`m talkin about those whose vocals ain`t comin off

A skill to kill at will, but awfully dumb of course

some go nut, the power of the last one

slower, flower, blower

Those who ain`t pros I wet my stupid radio

cause he needs a G when you listen to the vocal

I`m not a loco but I`m lookin just til punk go OHH

Now you can`t see I`m real great?

Check out the story to the glory of the real estate

[Sen Dog]

All these motherf**kers that wanna run up on the Hill

Step off! You know why?

This sh*t is all about BOO-YAA cause I said step off!


This is the crime you find you`re not an exponent

Doggone it, another gonna mierda on it

Now you`re wishin, fishin you could do this

But on the strength, yo, I think you knew this

was just like a dream, when you supreme, the king

of a minor ?

All for 47, swung ? eleven

Got hit with a pitch like a b*tch and went to heaven

Weak ducks, duckin and buckin

Sayin FUKKIT, ain`t worth damn pay the ducats

From my public, my favorite subject, I loves it

So go `head, talk your punk sh*t

s*ckers, you`re nuttin, ? like a jock ?

Crack smoker, can we adjust we choker

Ohh, now you can`t see I`m real great?

Check out the story to the glory of the real estate

[Sen Dog]

Heh heh heh, another soft p*ssy motherf**ker

Another fly verse

Straight from the deficit

Another scripture of B-Real

Yeah.. get funky, Real

This is the Lower Eastside of things

YouknowhatI`msayin? Cypress Hill


You ain`t flamboyant, a toy boy on it

Ain`t paid a plot, for un-em-b-boyment

I won`t cause yo I got a lot of what I gotcha

Plus I taught ya, the beat on the top of

everything you know, still you can`t do no

damage or duel though aiyyo, cause our crew now

the Real is the ?, sport and you can see this

G-ness dialogue, of the real skiers

I ain`t nuttin like a joke, get stoned, get smoked

and choke off, the hypes I cook off

The dialectic, funk-elistic

Chew slower or become another statistic

Ohh, now you can`t see I`m real great?

Check out the story to the glory of the real estate

[Sen Dog]

Yo I told you to keep down brother

The motherf**kers just don`t learn nothin G

Wake up Hill

They gotta keep goin back to the old school

So they keep goin out

Cause they`re just not Real

Ha yeah that`s right fool


Yes the master pass, kick your ass

and feel combustion, for the dope blast

Cause you`re steppin on my property, get off it G

Get caught up, then you get shot up

See, violators will be prosecuted

by the reputed, undisputed, Cypress zooted

Not so, no there`s no sellout

You ain`t got enough ducats to shell out

Well I`m in front, and yo I feel great

Check out the story to the glory of the real estate

[Sen Dog]

Yeah, roaches come in but they don`t come out G

Don`t come on the Hill

That`s right

Get off the Real Estate

Get off the Real Estate

Get off the Real Estate

Get off the Real Estate

Release History

The Cypress Hill song "Real Estate" appears on the following albums:
Cypress Hill / Black Sunday / Temples Of Boom

Greatest Hits From The Bong / Still Smokin' - The Ultimate Video Collection

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Still Smokin' - The Ultimate Video Collection

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