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Dr. Dre "U Better Recognize" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Artist: Sam Sneed featuring Dr. Dre

Verse One: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)

(I heard Sam was going solo) God damn, you didn`t know so,

well I can blast fast so freak an ill type of slow flow.

I`m hitting harder than Berry Boss so check the golden child,

throwing it to your ear-hole, got you going buck wild.

But truck-tracks, rhymes all day, breaking off n*ggaz proper,

did dirt, did West cause I clown coppers (yeah).

Do hip-hop, rap, compose `em most, I couldn`t see me,

mad advanced and my skills are all about the dollar bills.

From Pittsburgh to Cali dropping bombs like that,

was on the D.L. with the squad so I couldn`t hold it back.

Black, I regulate I buzz a big gate figure,

mobbing with the ill n*gga, with his finger on a bigger trigger.

Serving all (saps), hitting sevens on the (simps),

making do`, eating shrimps, locing with some real pimps (yeah).

So peep game, best believe I love my peeps

that`s why I make the type of music you can pump in your jeeps

(that`s right).

So buck my sound, I put it down for the underground,

I got the women cause I`m slamming, jamming.

Got it going on this time for this new producer to rise,

so open your eyes, I think you better recognize.

Hook: Dr. Dre (Sam Sneed)

Once again it`s the man with the masterplan,

they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x)

Verse Two: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)

I remember days on the blocks where I slang slung played punk cops

and mad props cause I ran with hard rocks (yeah).

From eight balls to oz`s I made G`s (say what?),

them build up enough loot to buy keys.

No gang affiliation, yo I stood on my own to pulling capers

I`m a sneaky slick n*gga, I never had to pull the trigger (right).

I mack, and on top and that I`m used to staying wicked with just 24-7,

you can ask my ex-hooker.

But now I`m on some new improved sh*t,

making hits, stacking chips, now everything`s legitimate.

I flipped the scrip a long time ago, on the five-o,

when I had to scope with this new way to make my cash flow (uhm).

Yes indeedy, I wasn`t greedy, got my n*ggaz out the gutter,

now they`re rolling with the Sam Sneezy.

Hip hop fanatic causing static in the industry,

these whack creators, I call `em imitators (ah yeah).

Been trying to see me, but see I`m unexplainetory,

with the fame and glory, that`s why I gotta tell my story.

With no disguise, a lot of n*ggaz despise,

because I`m on an uprise, so I think you better recognize.

Hook: Dr. Dre (Sam Sneed)

Once again it`s the man with the masterplan,

they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x)

(Think you better recognize) (2x)

Verse Three: Sam Sneed (Dr. Dre)

Well I`m back in the mix with a bottle of hennessy,

so fire up a blunt whoevers in the vicinity.

Crazy shot outs giving pounds to all my n*ggaz,

hitting all the hookers by the dozen, cause they dig us (trick).

f**k what you`ve heard, recognize what you be seeing,

it`s time to earn truth to the game human being.

I`m that little bass n*gga trying to get mine, f**k a nine,

cause I`ll incline with the mastermind.

I got my crew in my corner so I can`t loose,

cause I`m paying mad douze in this record biz, I don`t snooze.

And s*ckers be popping at those idiotic egosytible type of flimflam,

I can`t be faded Sam-am.

Playing with the hustlers never dealing with the knucklehead bollers,

cause boys play with toys and scholars play with dollars.

I`m a mack of my own right, plus my game is tight,

baby get it right, I ain`t the one, so take flight.

b*tches give my mad rep, nothing but the brazen off tempo,

thinking they can get my loot, I never trip to knock the boots.

I gotta be wise, when time to dip between the thies,

all eyes on the price, so I think you better recognize.

Hook: Dr. Dre: (Sam Sneed)

Once again it`s the man with the masterplan,

they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x)

Once again it`s the man with the masterplan,

they call him Sam and I (think you better recognize) (2x)

Release History

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