Kanye West - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Song Lyrics

[ Consequence ]

Good morning America, good morning to Erica

Who gave me good head while watching good morning America

And good day New York, have a good day in court

My n*ggaz drive around the hood looking for good yay` to snort

I never liked the goodbyes, always caught a good vibe

Always had a good time, could always spot a good guy

From a good guy, look alive, look alive, look or try

You know that old saying what they say about good guys

I bet that`s why I went bad, needed all my chips bad

Fiends needed hits bad, started hittin liq` bad

Had to get that work off before that sh*t went bad

If not, it gets bad, and things will only get bad

So now I`m getting bad skin, and I got that badge and

Tellin me them bastards, don`t catch a bad break

Caught a bad rate on whip with bad brakes

I`m caught up in these bad ways havin a bad day

So now the game`s ugly, and my pain`s ugly

And my chain`s ugly, things became ugly, cuz I`m ugly ducklin

Got a stain and its musty, wakin up looking crusty

And miss thang who`s ugly is sayin to me 'don`t touch me'

I went from pretty willie to pretty silly

But I`m still pretty gully so you thins will still get pretty ugly

And this is for the hoods, the crabs, the junkies

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

Chorus 1: [Kanye West]

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

B.I.G. said get ya money ain`t no telling they gon love me

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

When your money get funny and them days ain`t sunny

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

n*ggaz give pounds and hug me, tho they really wanna slug me

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

And this for the hood, you got to love me

[Kanye West]

Good morning to ummm, I don`t remember your name

But I remember the brain, here go a fare for the train and

Good morning to Chi-Town, where my n*ggaz ride down

And bust clowns, and look for some bustdowns to bust down

And she ain`t got a car she on the bus now

But her gear is bangin, she one of us now

I wanted badly to bone cuz she was bad to the bone

She from a batter home, she mad when she at home

So I gave her my number to beep off, she wanted to take a week off

Bustin scary movie nuts, I had to get the freak off

The new Tom Cruise, took the Moulan Rouge on a too long cruise

She said 'I ain`t bonin you with them two long shoes'

And I get bougie in a Grey Poupon mood

So I`m gon act cheap in a coupon mood

She said 'Ye` you don`t love me?'

I told her it was good it`s to bad it got ugly

Chorus 2:

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

B.I.G. said get ya money ain`t no telling they gon love me

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

And this for the hood, you got to love me


Good morning to Queens, the north side of my scene

And when it comes down to it, I`m a ride for my team

See it`s a beautiful life, but the bills will make it ugly

And the beauty of life, is when you`re forced to make it ugly

Had a beautiful night, until a storm done made it ugly

And a beautiful wife, now we divorcing and its ugly

Now my mind state is ugly, my blind dates are ugly

I`m ready to turn it up in the streets and make it ugly

Used to sit in Mr. Uglies with these chickens that were ugly

And these b*tches used to bug me to the point it made me ugly

Say things that were ugly in regards to their tummies

But I took it all back, cuz God don`t like ugly

Now I`m curbin my bad words, they say that the bad burn

I left it on bad terms, with a chic with a bad perm

Whose case took a bad turn, and face caught a bad burn

And took the news bad when they said she had bad germs

The bad thing about it, the b*tch was bad and bout it

But the p*ssy smelled bad, so I had to get up out it

So now we got bad blood, her son is a bad blood

But it happens in the hood when you inherit that bad blood

And once it get bad, it be bad for good


But I greet it as good, when you leave with the good

Its all good in the hood, got called good cuz I`m good

Now I`m havin some good nights, livin this good life

Got me a good girl that I`m gon make me a good wife

So I`m, good to go, and I`m good where I go

Look my man got good aim and that`s a good thing to know

And he came home for good, off of good behavior

Spittin that good game, so what`s good with this paper

And this is for the hoods, the crabs, the junkies

We showin you the good, the bad, the ugly

Chorus 1

Release History

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  10. Last Night (2:30)
  11. Jesus Walks (3:14)
  12. Self-Conscious (3:20)
  13. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (4:04)
  14. Family Business (4:40)
  15. Freestyle 1 (2:28)
  16. Is That Your Car (2:09)
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