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Song Lyrics

[Ice Cube]
If you try to get with me, pull a four and a fifty
f**k your monkey ass up, like Bobby did Whitney
Trigger fingers get itchy, when n*ggaz get b*tchy
And they need they story told on Jerry or Ricki
Pull your green in your iffy, I'm clean and I'm spiffy
If they lock me up today I'll be back in a jiffy
All my n*ggaz that's with me, all my b*tches are picky
To ride around us right on time, b*tch you know it's tricky
Take a hit of the sticky, everybody get tipsy
When we hittin' that whiskey, all my n*ggaz get p*ssy
Don't f**k with no sissy, all we bumpin' is missy
If you know where I am, motherf**ker come get me
I'm a man not a Mickey, all my n*ggaz love hickies
that don't go away 'til you're well in your sixties
All I'm wearin' is Dickies, don't try to evict me
When we come to Atlanta we gon' re-open Nikki's

[Chorus - X2]
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it

Barracuda with it, call security
f**k the dress code, I'm in a white T with jewelry
Hand to my side with my nine, sat lyin' back
In the club with your baby mama in my lap
Lookin' fly like I got a pocket full of stones
Pro fitted on, wearin' chronic cologne
Big watch, big rocks, grip glocks, dick guap
What you n*ggaz thought, motherf**ker this is Lench Mob
Dub make the trigger knock, talk sh*t
I'll put additional air condition holes in your Bentley top
And shorty got 'em gettin' low, I rich rolls
Swervin' on them MVP's, I call 'em Kobe's cause they 24's
Still spittin' out sunflowers, Dub and Don Dadda

Bustin' more gun powder than gun towers
Down South, y'all can Screw it, it's the West, too truest
Keep the party jumpin' like do it fluid and never lose it

[Chorus - X2]
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it

[The Game]
Who my gangsta rap teacher? (Ice Cube) n*gga you better know it
It's the Don Dadda Jr. slash motherf**kin' poet
Sit back and take notes while I spin like hundred spokes
My flow is razor sharp, I'm comin' straight for your throat
With that West Coast, gangbang, watch him when his chain hang
East Coast, Down South, n*ggaz do the same thang
Throw up your dubs like Wu-Tang, who bang
harder than that n*gga bailin' through your hood with two chains
Swangin' like his nuts, 'cause he don't give a f**k
Bout no n*gga that ain't bangin' in no khakis or some Chuck's
It's that Westside, Connect'd with that
n*gga who flow so wreckless
He spent a hundred thousand on his necklace, I'll bet this
motherf**kin' Coast ain't got sh*t after me
Ain't have sh*t before Cube except a W.C.
The Maad Circle is back, with mad purple in fact
I'm bout to join the Lench Mob, that's me
squirtin' the mac, motherf**kers

[Chorus - X2]
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it
And y'all better get use to it

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