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Song Lyrics

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yo... aiyo this joint right here is about
When you goin' through mad sh*t
And it just seem like you get out of it, nowhere and sh*t
You thinkin' you puttin' your sh*t in and you thinkin'
You gettin' over, and doin' all this other sh*t
But before you know it, your whole world just caved in on you, pa
Check the joint, it's... uh-huh, yeah, I walked into the place
Verse one...

[Chorus: David Poter sample]
Over, and then my life (the masquerade)
I know it's over... (the masquerade)
Uh-oh, over (over) my my my good day is over
(Over) the masquerade is over (over)
Uh-oh-oh, it's over... (over)

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, back in '95 when I was jugglin' b*tches
Pumpin' coke out the spot, smackin' fiends in the kitchen
All around dick s*cks whenever, blowin' chronic out of Philly's
Gettin' flusty in the Cub' Link era
n*ggas tellin' me my spot is hot

They like I think any day now, playboy, sh*t gon' pop
Back then I was the phat Ghost, them came March 1st
My eighth platoon got murked, got burnt for all our work
After the funeral, I played low, countin' my last ten g's
Three weeks later, yo, I'm back in the P's
Gatherin' up information, checkin' faces
Keepin' a forty-five auto' loaded like it was bases
When it get dark, venom will leave my mark (over)
I heard a voice through a bullhorn, a white man he said "Yo, Starks!
You're surrounded, put down your gun, look at the rules
There's nothin' but cops, n*gga, you better not run"


[Interlude: Ghostface Killah *during chorus*]
Yeah... you see how that went right?
That episode got deep and all of that
Knawhatimean? Then

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