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Bobby Bare Songs

Full list of Bobby Bare songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. $100,000 in Pennies
  2. 500 Miles Away From Home
  3. A Beggar
  4. A Bird Named Yesterday
  5. A Dear John Letter
  6. A Fallen Star
  7. A Little Bit Later On Down The Line
  8. A Lot of Soul
  9. A Million Miles to the City
  10. Abilene
  11. Able Bodied Man
  12. Above and Beyond
  13. Alabama Rose
  14. Alimony
  15. All American Boy
  16. All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
  17. Alle glauben daß ich glücklich bin
  18. Am I That Easy to Forget
  19. Another Bridge to Burn
  20. Another Love Has Ended
  21. Appaloosa Rider
  22. Are You Sincere
  23. Autumn Of My Life
  24. Baby, Don't Believe Him
  25. Back Home In Huntsville Again
  26. Banks of the Ohio
  27. Bathroom Tissue Paper Letter
  28. Big Dupree
  29. Bless America Again
  30. Blowin' In The Wind
  31. Boll Weevil
  32. Book Of Love
  33. Bottles And Boxes
  34. Bottomless Well
  35. Brian Hennessey
  36. Brooklyn Bridge
  37. Bye Bye Love
  38. Can Can
  39. Candy Coated Kisses
  40. Changing My Mind
  41. Charleston Railroad Tavern
  42. Chicken Every Sunday
  43. Christian Soldier
  44. City Boy, Country Born
  45. Coal River
  46. Come Kiss Me Love
  47. Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
  48. Come Sundown
  49. Countin' The Hours Countin' The Days
  50. Cowboys and Daddies
  51. Crazy Arms
  52. Daddy ´ S Been Around the House Too Long
  53. Daddy What If
  54. Darby's Castle
  55. Dark as a Dungeon
  56. Darlin' Don't
  57. Das Haus auf der Sierra
  58. Dear Waste Basket
  59. Dear Wastebasket
  60. Deep In the Heart of Texas
  61. Delia's Gone
  62. Desperados Waiting for the Train
  63. Detroit City
  64. Diet Song
  65. Don't Ask Me, Ask Marie
  66. Don't Do Like I Done Son
  67. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home
  68. Don't Think Twice It's All Right
  69. Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurtin' Me)
  70. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me
  71. Down In Mexico
  72. Down On The Corner Of Love
  73. Drinkin' and Druggin' and Watchin' TV
  74. Drop Kick Me Jesus
  75. Dropkick Me Jesus
  76. Dropping Out Of Sight
  77. Drunk And Crazy
  78. Even The Bad Times Are Good
  79. Everybody's Talkin'
  80. Farewell Angelina
  81. Faster Horses
  82. Fellow Travelers
  83. Find Out What's Happening
  84. Five Hundred Miles
  85. Five Hundred Miles Away From Home
  86. Folsom Prison Blues
  87. Folsome Prison Blues
  88. Food Blue
  89. Food Blues
  90. Fool
  91. Footprints in the Sand of Time
  92. For A While We Helped Each Other Out
  93. For The Good Times
  94. Four Strong Winds
  95. God Bless America Again
  96. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (I Ain't Going to Be Treated This Way)
  97. Going Down the Road ( I Ain't Going To Be Treated This Way)
  98. Good Christian Soldier
  99. Good For Nothing Blues
  100. Good Old Tennessee (German)
  101. Got Leavin' On Her Mind
  102. Gotta Get Rid Of This Band
  103. Gotta Travel On
  104. Greasy Grit Gravy
  105. Great Big Car
  106. Great Society Talking Blues
  107. Green Green Grass Of Home
  108. Hard Time Hungrys
  109. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  110. He Was A Friend Of Mine
  111. Heart Of Ice
  112. Heaven Help My Soul
  113. Hello Darlin'
  114. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  115. High And Dry
  116. Homecoming
  117. Homestead On The Farm
  118. House of the Rising Sun
  119. Houston
  120. How About You
  121. How I Got To Memphis
  122. I Am an Island
  123. I Can Almost See Houston From Here
  124. I'd Fight The World
  125. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
  126. I Don't Care
  127. I Love You
  128. I'm a Long Way From Home
  129. I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow
  130. I'm Gettin' Lonely
  131. I'm Her Hoss If I Never Win A Race
  132. (I'm Not) A Candle In The Wind
  133. I Need Some Good News Bad
  134. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  135. I Took a Memory to Lunch
  136. I've Got A Thing About Trains
  137. I've Lived A Lot In My Time
  138. I've Never Been to Bed With an Ugly Woman
  139. I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman
  140. I Was a Young Man Once
  141. I Was Coming Home To You
  142. I Was Drunk
  143. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  144. If That Ain't Love
  145. If There's Not A Hell (There Ought To Be)
  146. If You Ain't Got Nothin' (You Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose)
  147. If You Aint Got Nothin' (You Got Nothin' To Lose)
  148. In The Hills Of Shiloh
  149. In The Misty Moonlight
  150. In The Same Old Way
  151. Invisible Tears
  152. Is It Wrong
  153. Is It Wrong (For Loving
  154. Island of Love
  155. It Ain't Me Babe
  156. It All Depends On Linda
  157. It's a Dirty Job
  158. It's A Freezing In El Paso
  159. It's All in the Game
  160. It's All Right
  161. It's Alright
  162. It's Freezing in El Paso
  163. Jeannie's Last Kiss
  164. Jesus Christ What A Man
  165. Jesus Is The Only One That Loves Us
  166. John Hardy
  167. Just in Case (A Night Like This Never Comes Again)
  168. Just In Case (a Night Like This One Never Comes Again
  169. Just The Other Side Of Nowhere
  170. Just To Satisfy You
  171. Laying Here Lying in Bed
  172. Learning To Live Again
  173. Leavin' on a Jet Plane
  174. Leaving On A Jet Plane
  176. Lemon Tree
  177. Let Him Roll
  178. Let It Be Me
  179. Let Me Tell You About Mary
  180. Lonely Street
  181. Lonely Town
  182. Long Black Limousine
  183. Long Way To Tennessee
  184. Lookout Mountain
  185. Lord, Let a Lie Come True
  186. Lorena
  187. Lorena (Live)
  188. Lorina
  189. Lot Of Soul
  190. Love Forever
  191. Love Letters in the Sand
  192. Lovesick
  193. Lovin' Her Was Easier
  194. Loving Her Was Easier
  195. Lullabys Legends And Lies
  196. Lynchin' Party
  197. Lynching Party (alternate take)
  198. Lynching Party (Fraternity master)
  199. Lynching Party (RCA release)
  200. Mabel You Have Been A Friend To Me
  201. Mama Bake A Pie (daddy Kill A Chicken)
  202. Mama Bake a Pie (Papa Kill a Chicken)
  203. (margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn
  204. Marie Lavaux
  205. Marie Laveau
  206. Marie Laveaux
  207. Mary Ann Regrets
  208. Me And Bobby Mcgee
  209. Me and Jimmy Rodgers
  210. Me and Jimmy Rogers
  211. Medley: 500 Miles Away From Home / Four Strong Winds / Shame on Me
  212. Memories
  213. Miller's Cave
  214. Million Miles To The City
  215. Molly Brown (German)
  216. More Than A Poor Boy Could Give
  217. Mrs Jones Your Daughter Cried All Night
  218. Music City, USA
  219. My Heart Cries for You
  220. New Cut Road
  221. New York City Snow
  222. No Letter From My Baby
  223. No Memories Hangin' Round
  224. No Memories Hangin' Round (Bobby Bare & Rosanne Cash)
  225. No Sad Songs For Me
  226. Noah's Ark
  227. Numbers
  228. Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back
  229. One Day At A Time
  230. Out of Our Minds
  231. Pamela Brown
  232. Passin' Through
  233. Paul
  234. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
  235. Praise The Lord And Send Me The Money
  236. Qualudes Again
  237. Recitation
  238. Rest Awhile
  239. Ride Me Down Easy
  240. Roasalie's Good Eats Cafe
  241. Rock And Roll Hotel
  242. Rosalie
  243. Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe
  244. Roselee
  245. Roses Are Red
  246. Roses Are Red My Love
  247. Rough On The Living
  248. Saginaw, Machigan
  249. Sailor Man
  250. Salt Lake City
  251. Sandy's Crying Again
  252. Shame On Me
  253. She Called Me Baby
  254. She Gave Her Heart to Jethro
  255. She Picked a Perfect Day
  256. Shenandoah
  257. She's My Ever Lovin' Machine
  258. Shine on Harvest Moon
  259. Short And Sweet
  260. Silence Is Golden
  261. Singin' In The Kitchen
  262. Sittin' And Thinkin'
  263. Sleep Tight, Good Night Man
  264. So Soon
  265. Somebody Bought My Old Home Town
  266. Song Of The South
  267. Streets Of Baltimore
  268. Sunday Morning Coming Down
  269. Sundy Mornin' Comin' Down
  270. Sure Hit Songwriter's Pen
  271. Sweet Singin' Sam (rock 'n' roll version)
  272. Sweet Singin' Sam (single master)
  273. Sweeter Than The Flowers
  274. Sylvia's Mother
  275. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
  276. Take Me Home
  277. Take Some and Give Some
  278. Talk Me Some Sense
  279. Tender Years
  280. Tennesse Stud
  281. Tequila Sheila
  282. That Mean Old Clock
  283. That's All I Want From You
  284. That's All Right
  285. That's How I Got To Memphis
  286. That's Where I Want To Be
  287. The Air Conditioner Song
  288. The All American Boy
  289. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
  290. The Church in the Wildwood
  291. The Day My Rainbow Fell
  292. The Day the Saw Mill Closed Down
  293. The Deepening Snow
  294. The Devil and Billy Markham
  295. The Farmer Feeds Us All
  296. The Fool
  297. The Gambler
  298. The Game Of Triangles
  299. The Gods Were Angry With Me
  300. The Jogger
  301. The Law Is for the Protection of the People
  302. The Life of a Fool
  303. The Lincoln Park Inn
  304. The Livin' End
  305. The Living Legend
  306. The Long Black Veil
  307. The Mermaid
  308. The Old Gang's Gone
  309. The Puppet And The Parakeet
  310. The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
  311. The Streets Of Baltimore
  312. The Town That Broke My Heart
  313. The Unemployment Line
  314. The Waitress in the Main Street Cafe
  315. The Winner
  316. The Wonderful Soup Stone
  317. The World Is Weighing Heavy On My Mind
  318. The World's Last Truck Drivin' Man
  319. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
  320. These Tender Years
  321. They Covered Up The Old Swimmin' Hole
  322. They Covered Up The Old Swimming Hole
  323. This Guitar Is For Sale
  324. Time
  325. Times Are Gettin' Hard
  326. To Whom It May Concern
  327. Together Again
  328. Tom Dooley
  329. Too Many Nights Alone
  330. Too Used To Being With You
  331. Travelin' Minstrel Man
  332. Traveling Minstrel Man
  333. Truck Driver Truck Driver
  334. True Love
  335. True Story
  336. Try To Remember
  337. Two For A Dollar
  338. Under It All
  339. Up Against The Wall Redneck
  340. Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
  341. Vampira
  342. Vampira
  343. Vegas
  344. Waitress At Main Street Cafe
  345. Waitress At the Main Street Cafe
  346. Wallflower
  347. Warm And Free
  348. We'll Sing In The Sunshine
  349. West Virginia Woman
  350. What Am I Gonna Do
  351. What Color (Is A Man)
  352. What Kind Of Bird Is That
  353. What You Gonna Do Now
  354. When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
  355. When I'm Gone
  356. When I've Learned
  357. When I Want To Love A Lady
  358. When Love Is Gone
  359. When the One You Love (incomplete take)
  360. When The Wind Blows In Chicago
  361. Where Have All The Seasons Gone
  362. Wilder Wolf und brauner Bär (So ist das Leben)
  363. Willie Jones
  364. Woman You Have Been A Friend To Me
  365. Woman, You've Been A Friend To Me
  366. Woody
  367. Worried Man Blues
  368. Yesterday When I Was Young
  369. You Can't Stop The Wild Wind From Blowing
  370. Your Credit Card Won't Get You Into Heaven
  371. Your Husband My Wife
  372. Zig-Zag Twist

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