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Full list of Disney songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]
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  1. 1 2 1 (Goofy Movie Power Line Concert)
  2. 1001 Arabian Nights - Aladdin
  3. 250 Kg K䲬ek - Naken
  4. 250 Kg K - Naken
  5. 250 Kg Kärlek - Naken
  6. A Circle Of Life (Norwegian)
  7. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
  8. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (From Disney's Cinderella)
  9. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Love Hits Vers
  10. A Friend Like Me (Dutch)
  11. A Friend Like Me (Finnish)
  12. A Girl Worth Fighting For
  13. A Guy Like You
  14. A House At Pooh Corner
  15. A Little Black Rain Cloud
  16. A Little Black Rain Cloud (Winnie The Pooh)
  17. A Pirate's Life For Me
  18. A Pirate's Life For Me (Yo Ho)
  19. A Rumor In Saint Petersburg
  20. A Spoonful Of Sugar
  21. A Star Is Born
  22. A Tr Cs Nagyon H (I Just Can't Wait)
  23. A Trón Ugy Cs᢭t, Nagyon H�(i Just Can't Wait T
  24. A Trn Gy Csbt Nagyon Hv
  25. A Tron Ugy Csabit Nagyon Hiv (I Just Can't Wait T
  26. A Whole New World
  27. A Whole New World (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  28. A Whole New World (Finnish)
  29. A Whole New World (From Disney's Aladdin)
  30. A Whole New World (Icelandic)
  31. A Whole New World (Movie Version)
  32. A World Without Fences
  33. Act Like You Know
  34. After Today
  35. After Today (A Goofy Movie)
  36. Ah-hum Var Sang E Dum
  37. Alguma Coisa Aconteceu
  38. Alguma Coisa Aconteceu (Something There)
  39. Alice In Wonderland
  40. All I Ever Wanted Wqueen Reprise
  41. Alla Snubbar Vill Ju Vara Katt (Aristocats)
  42. Als Je Van Beren Leren Kan
  43. Always Finds A Way
  44. An Ordinary Miracle
  45. Anastacia-foi No M De Dezembro
  46. Anastasia - Ett Rykte I Sankt Petersburg
  47. Anastasia - For L控e Siden En Vinter.
  48. Anastasia - Klara Av Det
  49. Anastasia - L䮧e Sen I December
  50. Anastasia - L Sen I December
  51. Anastasia - Life Is The Road
  52. Anastasia - Min Resa Hem Igen
  53. (Anastasia) Once Upon A December
  54. Anastasia-once Upon In December
  55. And I Know
  56. And I Know-even Stevens
  57. Annie - Maybe
  58. Another Perfect Day
  59. Another Perfect Day-even Stevens
  60. Appreciate The Lady
  61. Aquella Estrella De Allá
  62. Aqui No Mar (Pequena Sereia)
  63. Arabian Nights
  64. Arabian Nights (Finnish)
  65. Arabiska Natt
  66. Are We Dancing
  67. Assepoesje (Dutch)
  68. At The Beginning
  69. Az Elet Az Ur (The Circle Of Life-hungarian)
  70. Az Let Az R (The Circle Of Life)
  71. Az 鬥t Az Ur (The Circle Of Life)
  72. Baby Mine
  73. Bajo Del Mar
  74. Bajo El Mar
  75. Banano
  76. Bare Necessities
  77. Be A Man
  78. Be Our Guest
  79. Be Our Guest (Beauty And The Beast)
  80. Be Our Guest (Disney's Greatest Volume 2)
  81. Be Prepared
  82. Be Prepared (Finnish)
  83. Beauty And The Beast
  84. Beauty And The Beast (Classic Version)
  85. Beauty And The Beast (Dutch)
  86. Beauty And The Beast (From Disney's Beauty And The Beast)
  87. Beauty And The Beast (Spanish)
  88. Beauty And The Beast (The Broadway Musical)
  89. Beije A Mo
  90. Bella Notte (From Disney's Lady And The Tramp)
  91. Belle
  92. Belle (Beauty And The Beast)
  93. Belle (Dutch)
  94. Belle En Het Beest
  95. Belle (French)
  96. Belle (French - Reprise)
  97. Belle (German)
  98. Belle Je Ne Savais Pas
  99. Belle Notte
  100. Belle Reprise
  101. Belle (Swedish)
  102. Belle-vores By
  103. Besa A La Chica
  104. Besala
  105. Best Friend-minh Tri And Viet Thi
  106. Best Of Friends
  107. Between Two Worlds
  108. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
  109. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (Swedish)
  110. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (The Magic Song) (Disney's Gre
  111. Bluddle-uddle-um-dum (The Washing Song)
  112. Breakthrough-hope 7 (The Cheetah Girls)
  113. Bring Honor To Us All (Mulan)
  114. Bubbi Bj
  115. Bubbi Bjrnene
  116. Bug Juice
  117. Bumbi Börnarna
  118. Busca Lo Más Vital
  119. Cabbages And Kings
  120. Call Me Beep Me (If You Wanna Reach Me)
  121. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  122. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Norwegian Version)
  123. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Only Elton John)
  124. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King)
  125. Candle On The Water
  126. Candle On The Water (From Disney's Pete's Dragon)
  127. Cany You Feel The Love Tonight? (From Disney's The Lion King)
  128. Ce Reve Bleu
  129. Cheetah Girls-cinderella (Commercial)
  130. Cheetah Girls-girl Power
  131. Cheetah Sister Forever
  132. Cheetah Sisters
  133. Cheetah Sisters (Intro)-cheetah Sisters (The Cheet
  134. Cheetah Sisters (Soundtrack)
  135. Chetah Girls-cinderella
  136. Chim Chim Cheree
  137. Chinky Eyes
  138. Chinky Eyes-viet Thi
  139. Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers Theme Song
  140. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  141. Christmas
  142. Christmas Past,present, & Future-ashlee Simpson
  143. Cinderella By The Cheetah Girls
  144. Cinderella-cheetah Girls(corrected)
  145. Cinderella, Cinderella
  146. Cinderella (Comm On Disney)
  147. Cindy Lou Who Where Are You Christmas
  148. Cinederella
  149. Circle Of Life
  150. Circle Of Life (As Performed By Disney Channels C
  151. Circle Of Life (By Disney's Circle Of Stars)
  152. Circle Of Life (By The Circle Of Stars
  153. Circle Of Life (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  154. Circle Of Life Performed By Elton John
  155. Circle Of Life-spanish
  156. Circle Of Life (The Lion King)
  157. Cmon
  158. Colonel Hathi's March
  159. Colonel Hathi's March (Reprise)
  160. Colores En El Viento
  161. Colors
  162. Colors Of The Wind
  163. Colors Of The Wind By Ashanti And Shi Shi
  164. Colors Of The Wind (Danish)
  165. Colors Of The Wind (Español)
  166. Colors Of The Wind (Full Version)
  167. Colors Of The Wind (German)
  168. Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas)
  169. Colours Of The Wind
  170. Colours Of The Wind (Ending Version)
  171. Colours Of The Wind (Icelandic)
  172. Come Follow The Band
  173. Come On
  174. Come On-sonic Chaos
  175. Come On-sonic Chaos (The Cheetah Girls)
  176. Could It Be
  177. Couleurs Du Vents
  178. Cruella De Vil
  179. Cruella De Vil (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  180. Cuando Me Amo
  181. Cuando Me Amo-(when She Loved Me)
  182. Daarbuiten
  183. Dance With My Father
  184. Darkwing Duck
  185. Dat Is Mijn Wens
  186. Daughters Of Triton
  187. Dave The Barbarian
  188. Dave The Barbarian Theme Song
  189. De Gummiberen
  190. De Kringloop Van Het Leven
  191. Del Av Din V
  192. Del Av Din V䲬d
  193. Del Av Din Vaerld (Part Of Reprise Swedish)
  194. Deliver Us
  195. Despues De Hoy (After Today)
  196. Det Skall Nog Bli Maen Av Er Nu (Mulan)
  197. Diep In De Zee
  198. Dig A Tunnah
  199. Dig It
  200. Dig It (Feat D-tent Boys)
  201. Dig It (Radio Version)
  202. Digital Duck
  203. Dime Dónde Vas
  204. Disney Afternoon Theme
  205. Disney-cheetah Sisters
  206. Disney-cinderella
  207. Do Ya
  208. Don't Come Out Of Thin Air
  209. Don't Lose Your Head
  210. Dos Mundos
  211. Down To The Sea
  212. Drama Queen(that Girl)
  213. Dreams To Dream
  214. Dreams To Dream (Movie Version)
  215. Du Loc
  216. Duck Tales Swedish
  217. Ducktales
  218. Ducktales ( Dutch )
  219. Ducktales Theme
  220. Ducktales Theme(german)
  221. Easy Street
  222. Easy Street (Movie Edition)
  223. Eating The Peach
  224. Een Nieuw Begin-aladdin
  225. Een Sprong Vooruit
  226. Een Vriend Als Ik
  227. El
  228. El Rey Leon
  229. Elimination - Lack Of Education
  230. En G I En Dr Fr T
  231. En G宧 I En Dröm Fr宠törnrosa
  232. En Gång I En Dröm Från Törnrosa
  233. En Gng I En Drm Frn Trnrosa
  234. En Helt Ny V
  235. En Helt Ny V䲬d
  236. En Helt Ny Vaerld
  237. En La Noche Fatal
  238. En Mi Corazon
  239. En Spegelbild (Mulan)
  240. En V䲬d Full Av Liv
  241. En V Full Av Liv
  242. En Verden Af Liv
  243. En Verden Af Liv (Lion King) (Danish)
  244. End Of The Line
  245. End Of The Line-christi Mac
  246. End Of The Line-christi Mac (The Cheetah Girls)
  247. Endless Night
  248. Er Is Iets
  249. Er Valt Een Zwarte Schaduw
  250. Erzed Mar A Sziv Szavat (Can You Feel The Love Ton
  251. Es Tan Reaven
  252. Esmeraldas B
  253. Español - Bella Y Bestia
  254. Español - Colores En El Viento
  255. Español - No Importa La Distancia
  256. Español - Reflejo
  257. Español - Sue
  258. Español - Un Mundo Ideal
  259. Español - Parte De El
  260. Espanol-suena
  261. Ett Rykte I Sankt Petersburg (Swedish)
  262. Ett Steg F
  263. Ett Steg Foere
  264. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
  265. Everybody's Got A Laughing (Splash Mountain)
  266. Eye To Eye
  267. F䲧er I En Vind
  268. F I En Vind
  269. Faerger I En Vind
  270. Family
  271. Far Longer Than Forever
  272. Fathoms Below
  273. Feed The Birds
  274. Feel My Body
  275. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank
  276. Foi No M De Dezembro
  277. For A Moment
  278. For Laenge Siden En Vinter
  279. Forget About Love
  280. Friend Like Me
  281. Friends For Life
  282. From Pixel Perfect (Touching's Not The Only Way To
  283. G Jer Klar
  284. Gagasg
  285. Gaston
  286. Gaston (Dutch)
  287. Gaston (Reprise)
  288. Girl Of The New Millenium
  289. Girl Of The New Millenium-minh Tri And Viet Thi
  290. Girl Power
  291. Girl Power-cheetah Girls Sdtrk
  292. Girl Power-the Cheetah Girls
  293. Girlfriend
  294. Girlfriend-char
  295. Girlfriend-char (The Cheetah Girls)
  296. Give A Little Whistle
  297. Give A Little Whistle (Pinocchio)
  298. Go The Distance (Disney's Greatest Volume 2)
  299. God Help The Outcasts
  300. God Help The Outcasts (Bette Midler)
  301. God Help The Outcasts (Norwegian)
  302. Good Company
  303. Goodbye May Seem Forever
  304. Graduation (Friends 4ever)-vitamin C
  305. Great Spirits
  306. Grim Grinning Ghosts
  307. Grim Grinning Ghosts (The Haunted Mansion)
  308. Growing Pains Theme
  309. Gummi Bears
  310. Gummi Bears Theme
  311. Gummiberry Juice
  312. Hakuna Matata
  313. Hakuna Matata (Disney's Greatest Volume 2)
  314. Hakuna Matata (Español)
  315. Hakuna Matata (Finnish)
  316. Hakuna Matata (German)
  317. Hakuna Matata Ita
  318. Hakuna Matata (Portuguese)
  319. Hakuna Matata (Spanish Latin America)
  320. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)
  321. Halloween
  322. Hard Knock Life (New Disney Version)
  323. Harmony (Little Mermaid)
  324. Havet Aer Djupt (Under The Sea-swedish)
  325. Havet IJ Djupt
  326. Havet Er Sk
  327. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
  328. Hay Un Amigo En Mi
  329. He Lives In You
  330. He Lives In You (The Real Version)
  331. He Mele No Lilo
  332. Heaven's Light
  333. Heaven's Light/Hellfire
  334. Heffalumps And Woozles
  335. Heigh-ho
  336. Heigh-ho (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  337. Heijastus (Mulan)
  338. Hela Min V
  339. Hela Min Vaerld (Part Of Your World-swedish)
  340. Hela Min Värld
  341. Hellfire
  342. Her Frio E Cru-mulan
  343. Here On The Land And Sea
  344. Herkules (Polish) Ani Sowa
  345. Hero Of The Story (From Disney's A Disney Christmas Album)
  346. He's A Tramp
  347. He's A Tramp (From Disney's Lady And The Tramp)
  348. Hey Love
  349. Hey Love-even Stevens
  350. Hi-diddle-dee-de (An Actor's Life For Me)
  351. Hi-diddle-dee-dee
  352. Hi Ho(snow White)
  353. High Times Hard Times
  354. Higitus Figitus Zoomacazam
  355. Hijo De Hombre
  356. Histoire Eternelle
  357. Hoedown At The Robot Farm
  358. Hoela Hoela
  359. Hombres De Accion
  360. Home
  361. Home From Beauty And The Beast
  362. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  363. Honor To Us All
  364. Honra Nos Darás
  365. Hula Hula(swedish)
  366. Hula Song( From Lion King)
  367. Hula Song-from The Lion King (Finnish)
  368. Hula Song (Swedish)
  369. Ũ-hum V岠s宧 E Dum
  370. I Always Finds A Way-even Stevens
  371. I Can Go The Distance
  372. I Can Go The Distance-hercules
  373. I Can't Wait
  374. I Hate You
  375. I Hate You (Barney Cover)
  376. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  377. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Finnish)
  378. I Just Can't Wait To Be King Performed By Elton John
  379. I Just Can't Wait To Be King Portuguese
  380. I Just Can't Wait To Be King Song
  381. I Know You
  382. I'll Make A Man Out Of You
  383. I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Disney's Greatest Volu
  384. I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Finnish)
  385. I'll Try
  386. I Love To Laugh
  387. I Love You (Barney)
  388. I'm Going Down
  389. I'm Odd (Previously Undiscovered Cheshire Cat Song
  390. I'm Ready
  391. I'm Ready-angela Michael
  392. I'm Ready-angela Michael (Kim Possible)
  393. I'm Still Here (Treasure Planet)
  394. I'm Wishing
  395. I Think I'd Be Perfect For You (From Disney's Toy Story Sing-along)
  396. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
  397. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (Annie)
  398. I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
  399. I've Got No Strings
  400. I Wan'na Be Like You
  401. I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) (Disney's G
  402. I Wanna Be
  403. I Want A Mom
  404. I Will Always Be With You
  405. I Will Get There
  406. I Won't Say (i'm In Love)
  407. I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (Disney's Greatest Volum
  408. I Won't Say (I'm In Love) (From Disney's Hercules)
  409. I Won't Say I'm In Love ( Nederlands)
  410. I Wonder
  411. If I Didn't Have You
  412. If I Never Knew You
  413. If You A Thug
  414. If You Believe (Lizzie Mcguire Theme Song)
  415. Il Mondo E Tuo (A Whole New World)
  416. Im Gone
  417. Impossible
  418. In A World Of My Own
  419. In My Own Little Corner
  420. In Ons Dorp
  421. In The Dark Of The Night
  422. In The Jungle
  423. Inchworm
  424. Inga Band Kan Binda Mej
  425. Inte Jag, Inte K
  426. I'se The B'y
  427. It's A Small World
  428. It's Just An Award
  429. It's Just An Award-even Stevens
  430. It's The Hard Knock Life
  431. Ja, Vi Elsker (Norwegian National Anthem)
  432. Jack's Lament
  433. Jag Oenskar (Ur Snoevit)
  434. Jag (Ur Sn
  435. Jamaican Bobsled Chant
  436. Jamais Je N'avouerai
  437. Jb Stomp Again
  438. Je Ne Savais Pas (Something There That Wasn't Ther
  439. Jolly Holiday
  440. Journey To The Past
  441. Journey To The Past (Aaliyah)
  442. Journey To The Past-from Anastasia
  443. Jungle Book
  444. Jungle Rythm
  445. Just Around The River Bend
  446. Just Around The Riverbend (Disney's Greastest Volu
  447. Just Around The Riverbend (Finnish-virta Minne Ven
  448. Just Around The Riverbend (Pocahontas)
  449. K䲬eken 䲠stark
  450. K En Doft Av K
  451. K䮮 En Doft Av K䲬eken
  452. K撬ighed Kan Gro
  453. K鳼lj Hᴠ(be Prepared)
  454. K Stark
  455. Kaerlighed Kan Gro
  456. Kailaman
  457. Kailaman (Forever)
  458. Kaksi Maailmaatwo Worlds
  459. Kann Es Wirklich Liebe Sein
  460. Keep Me Awake-steven Michael Huber
  461. Keszulj Hat (Be Prepared-hungarian)
  462. Kidnap The Sandy Claws
  463. Kidnap The Sandy Claws(correct)
  464. Kill The Beast
  465. Kill The Beast (French)
  466. King Of New York
  467. King Of Pride Rock
  468. Kiss The Girl
  469. Kiss The Girl (From Disney's Little Mermaid)
  470. Kiss The Girl (The Little Mermaid)
  471. Klara Av Det
  472. Kleuren Van De Wind
  473. Kleuren Van De Wind (Pocahontas)
  474. Knn En Doft Av Krleken
  475. Kommer En Kwel
  476. Krleken R Stark
  477. Kslj Ht (Be Prepared)
  478. Kus Haar Dan
  479. L'amour Brille Sous Les Etoiles (Can You Feel The
  480. L'amour Brille Sous Les 鴯iles (Can You Feel The
  481. L'amour Nous Guidera
  482. L'histoire 鴥rnelle (Tale As Old As Time)
  483. L'histoire Ternelle (Tale As Old As Time)
  484. La Magia De Amor
  485. Learn To Do It
  486. Learn To Do It-anastasia
  487. Learn To Do It Reprise
  488. Lejon Kungen Ii Simba Vi Aer En
  489. Les Poissons
  490. Les Poissons (Dutch)
  491. Lester's Possum Park
  492. Lesure D'amour (Hunchback Of Notre Dame Ii)
  493. Let Go Fly A Kite
  494. Let Me Be Your Wings
  495. Let Me Be Your Wings Sun Reprise
  496. Let's Get Crazy
  497. Leve Som Dem
  498. Life Is The Road
  499. Listen With Your Heart I
  500. Little April Shower
  501. Little Girls.
  502. Little Town
  503. Lizzie Mcguire Theme
  504. Lnge Sen I December
  505. Lograrás Hacerlo
  506. Long Ago
  507. Look Me In The Eye
  508. Look Through My Eyes
  509. Los Peces
  510. Love
  511. Love Is A Song
  512. Love Will Find A Way
  513. M
  514. M A Sz Szav (Can You Feel The Love Ton)
  515. M䮮iska
  516. Madame Gaston
  517. Make A Man Out Of You
  518. Making Christmas
  519. Marry The Mole
  520. Masters Of The Gym
  521. Masters Of The Gym-even Stevens
  522. Maybe
  523. Meg
  524. Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater
  525. Mickey Mouse March
  526. Mickey, She's Got A Crush On You
  527. Min Resa Hem Igen
  528. Mine Mine Mine
  529. Minnie Mouse
  530. Minnie's Yoo Hoo
  531. Miracles Happen
  532. Mnniska
  533. Monkey In Your Tank
  534. Morning Announcements
  535. Morning Announcements-even Stevens
  536. Morning Report
  537. My Funny Friend And Me
  538. My Lovey Dovey Baby
  539. My Lullaby
  540. My Name Is James
  541. My Own Home
  542. My Reflection(mulan Movie Version)
  543. N宴ing H䮤er-piff Och Puff
  544. N宴ing Som Inte Fanns Förut
  545. N Som Inte Fanns F
  546. Net Als Een Mens
  547. Neva Had A Friend Like Me (Spanish)
  548. Never Had A Friend Like Me
  549. Never Let You Go-jakaranda
  550. Nnting Hnder-piff Och Puff
  551. Nnting Som Inte Fanns Frut
  552. No Hablaré
  553. No Hablare De Mi Amor
  554. No Way Out
  555. No Way Out (Single Version)
  556. No Way Out (Theme From Brother Bear)
  557. Nobody Else But You
  558. Noches De Arabia
  559. Nos Guiara El Amor
  560. Not In Nottingham
  561. Note About The Movie Anastasia
  562. Nothing's Wrong With Me
  563. Nothing's Wrong With Me (From The Disney Channel O
  564. Nothing's Wrong With Me (Full)-pixel Perfect
  565. Nothings Wrong With Me (Pixel Perfect) Disney Chan
  566. Notice Me
  567. Nyc
  568. Nyc (Correct)
  569. O Rei Le㯠ii - O Amor Vencerᠨem Portugues!)
  570. O Rei Leao Ii-o Amor Vencera (Em Portugues)
  571. Oh, Sing Sweet Nightengale
  572. Om De Kromming Van De Stroom
  573. On My Way
  574. On My Way (From Brother Bear)
  575. On The Open Road
  576. On The Open Road (Goofy Movie)
  577. Once And For All
  578. Once Upon A December
  579. Once Upon A December( After-the-movie Version)
  580. Once Upon A December (Portugese)
  581. Once Upon A December (Swedish)
  582. Once Upon A Dream
  583. Once Upon A Dream (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  584. Once Upon A Dream (From Disney's Sleeping Beauty)
  585. Once Upon A Time (In New York City)
  586. Once Upon In December
  587. One-girl Revolution
  588. One-girl Revolution-cadet Kelly
  589. One Jump Ahead
  590. One Jump Ahead (Aladin)
  591. One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
  592. One Last Hope
  593. One Of Us
  594. One Song
  595. Oo-de-lally
  596. Oo De Lally(swedish)
  597. Oogie Boogie's Song
  598. Oosterse Nacht
  599. Out There
  600. Paris Holds The Key To Her Heart
  601. Part Of That World
  602. Part Of The Heart Of The Sky (From Disney's Records' Be My Friend Album)
  603. Part Of Your World
  604. Part Of Your World By Jodi Benson
  605. Part Of Your World (Icelandic)
  606. Part Of Your World Reprise
  607. Part Of Your World(the Little Mermaid)
  608. Parte De El (La Sirenita)
  609. Parte De Un Mundo
  610. Parte Do Seu Mundo
  611. Penn State Football
  612. Perfect Day
  613. Perfect World
  614. Perfectly
  615. Perfectly (Pixel Perfect)
  616. Phil Of The Future Theme Song
  617. Piff Och Puff
  618. Pixel Perfect-don't Even Try It
  619. Pixel Perfect-get Real
  620. Pixel Perfect-nothing's Wrong With Me
  621. Pixel Perfect-when The Rain Falls
  622. Pixil Perfect-notice Me
  623. Play My Music
  624. Playing With The Big Boys Now
  625. Please Read
  626. Pobres Almas En Desgracia
  627. Pobres Almas En Desgracia (La Sirenita)
  628. Pocahontas - Das Farbenspiel Des Winds
  629. Pocahontas Lausche Mit Dem Herz
  630. Poor Jack
  631. Poor Unfortunate Souls
  632. Poot Voor Poot
  633. Por Donde Tu Vayas (La Canción Del Indio)
  634. Por Mas Que Para Siempre
  635. Porque La Quiero
  636. Prayers For Famliy
  637. Pretty Irish Girl
  638. Prince Ali
  639. Prince Ali (Finnish)
  640. Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise.)
  641. Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise) (French)
  642. Prince Ali (Reprise)
  643. Prins Ali (Svenska)
  644. Privacy
  645. Prologue
  646. Promise
  647. Przyjdzie Czas
  648. Queen Of The Jungle
  649. Quien Quiera Ser Un Bribón (La Canción Del Pirata)
  650. R䤤ningspatrullen
  651. R䤤ningspatrullen L宧
  652. Rddningspatrullen
  653. Reflection
  654. Reflection Mulan
  655. Reflections (Chinese)
  656. Ren Got An F
  657. Ren Got An F-even Stevens
  658. Rescue Aid Society
  659. Rigtig' M掤
  660. Rigtig' Maend
  661. Ringling Jingling Christmas
  662. Rio Abajo
  663. Rip Off-celestial Peanuts
  664. River Lullaby
  665. Rufus
  666. 's Avonds Bloeit De Liefde Op
  667. 's Avonds Bloeit De Liefde Op (Can U Feel The Love
  668. Sacramento Girl
  669. Sacremento Girl-even Stevens
  670. Sally's Song
  671. Sana Som Jag (Strangers Like Me-swedish)
  672. Sandra Dee
  673. Sandra Dee Reprise
  674. Sandy Claws
  675. Sanomi
  676. Santa Clause Lane
  677. Santa Fe (Chorale)
  678. Sante' Fe
  679. Savages #1
  680. Savages #2
  681. Savages (part 1)
  682. Savages (Part 2)
  683. Say The Word
  684. Saying Goodbye
  685. Saying Goodbye-minh Tri
  686. Scales And Arpeggios
  687. School's Out
  688. Seize The Day
  689. Seize The Day From Newsies
  690. Send It On
  691. Ser Du Stjaernan I Det Bla (When You Wishswedish)
  692. Shadowland
  693. Share A Dream Come True
  694. Shine
  695. Shooting Star
  696. Si No Te Conociera
  697. Siamese Cat Song
  698. Simple And Clean. Theme Song From Disney And Squar
  699. Sister Hazel
  700. Sister Hazel-even Stevens
  701. Sixth Period
  702. Sixth Period-even Stevens
  703. Sk Och Odjuret
  704. Skala Og Arpeggio
  705. Skoenheten Och Odjuret
  706. Sky Pirates
  707. Sleepy To Night
  708. Snart Aer Det Jag Som Aer Kung
  709. Snart 䲠det Jag Som 䲠kung
  710. So This Is Love
  711. So This Is Love (From Disney's Cinderella)
  712. Socially Unacceptable-celestial Peanuts
  713. Someday
  714. Someday My Prince Will Come
  715. Someone Like You
  716. Someone's Waiting For You
  717. Something There
  718. Something There (Beauty And The Beast)
  719. Something There (Finnish)
  720. Something There (French)
  721. Something There That Wasn't There Before
  722. Something Was Missing(from Annie)
  723. Something's Up With Jack
  724. Somewhere Out There
  725. Son Of Man
  726. Soon
  727. Sound Of Forever
  728. Sous L'oc (La Petite Sir)
  729. Sous L'ocan (La Petite Sirne)
  730. Splashdance
  731. Spring
  732. Sta Paraat
  733. Stand By Me-timon And Pumba
  734. Stand Out
  735. Start Of Something New
  736. Stay Awake
  737. Steady As The Beating Drum
  738. Steven
  739. Steven My Love Is Gone
  740. Stop
  741. Stories (From Beauty The Beastthe Enchanted Ch
  742. Strangers Like Me
  743. Strangers Like Me (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  744. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  745. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Disney's Great
  746. Surf's Up
  747. Surf's Up-(even Stevens)
  748. Suspicious Minds-lilo And Stitch
  749. Sweet Potato Pie
  750. Switch Back
  751. Ta En Kyss
  752. Take Me Away
  753. Tale As Old As Time
  754. Tale Spin Theme
  755. Teardrops And The Rain (From Pixel Perfect)
  756. Ten Minutes Ago
  757. Thank U-the Proud Family
  758. That's So Raven
  759. That's What Friends Are For
  760. The Age Of Not Believing
  761. The Aristocats
  762. The Bare Necessities
  763. The Bare Necessities (Reprise)
  764. The Bells Of Notre Dame
  765. The Bells Of Notre Dame Reprise
  766. The Boogie Beagle Blues
  767. The Circle Of Life (New Version With Disney Channe
  768. The Circle Of Life (Performed By Carmen Twillie)
  769. The Court Of Miracles
  770. The Gospel Truth I
  771. The Gospel Truth II
  772. The Gospel Truth Iii
  773. The Great Outdoors (Country Bear Jamboree)
  774. The Huber Song
  775. The Jungle Book Groove
  776. The Life I Lead
  777. The Little Mermaid (Danish)
  778. The Love Has Gone
  779. The Mob Song
  780. The Naked Mole Rap
  781. The Naked Mole Rap-ron Stoppablerufus
  782. The New Adventure Of Winnie The Pooh(theme)
  783. The Phony King Of England
  784. The Plagues
  785. The Rain From Pixel Perfect
  786. The Rough, Tough, Burly Sailor Song
  787. The Second Star To The Right
  788. The Silly Song
  789. The Song Timon And Pumbaa Use When They Try To Dis
  790. The Spectrum Song Disney
  791. The Steven Huber Song
  792. The Tiki Room-from Walt Disney Land
  793. The Virginia Company
  794. The Virginia Company (Reprise)
  795. The Walrus And The Carpenter
  796. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
  797. The Work Song
  798. The World Will Know
  799. The World Will Know From Newsies
  800. The World's Greatest Criminal Mind
  801. There Can Be Miracels (( The Prince Of Egypt))
  802. There Can Be Miricles(jewsih Part)
  803. Theres A Party In Agrabah Part 1
  804. Theres A Party In Agrabah Part 2
  805. Thin Air
  806. Things
  807. This Is Halloween
  808. This Is My Idea
  809. Thomas O'malley (Swedish)
  810. Thomas O'mally
  811. Thread
  812. Thread-even Stevens
  813. Through Heaven's Eyes
  814. Tigger Song
  815. Tiki Tiki Room
  816. Together We Can-cheetah Girls
  817. Together We Cann
  818. Tomorrow
  819. Topsy Turvy
  820. Town Meeting
  821. Transformation
  822. True To Your Heart
  823. True To Your Heart (Single)
  824. Trust In Me
  825. Tunnetko Tään Rakkauden
  826. Tuulen V
  827. Tuulen V䲩t
  828. Tuulen Vaerit
  829. Two Worlds
  830. Two Worlds Finale
  831. Two Worlds (German)
  832. Two Worlds Reprise
  833. Two Worlds Reprise&finale
  834. Ultimate (Freaky Friday Soundtrack)
  835. Ultimate (Lindsay Lohanfreaky-friday)
  836. Un Mundo Ideal
  837. Una Chica Peculiar
  838. Una Vez En Diciembre
  839. Under The Sea
  840. Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)
  841. Unter Dem Meer
  842. Up,down,touch The Ground
  843. Upendi
  844. Urca Urca Tirulero
  845. V S E Dum
  846. Vain
  847. Var A Mult (Journey To The Past-hungarian)
  848. Var Beredd
  849. Var Noejd Med Allt Som Livet Ger (Swedish)
  850. Very Good Advice
  851. Vi Aer En (Swedish Lionking2)
  852. Vi Er Ett
  853. Vi Finns P堓amma Jord (Tarzan) (Swedish Lyrics)
  854. Vi Finns Pa Samma Jord (Tarzan) (Swedish)
  855. Video
  856. Vindens Farver
  857. Vlieg Met Me Mee
  858. Voglio Diventar Presto Un Re (Italian)
  859. Voglio Diventar Presto Un Re! (Oh I Just Can't Wait)
  860. (w.i.t.c.h. Is) In The House
  861. Wacht Maar Af Totdat Ik Koning Ben
  862. Wake Me Up
  863. We Are One
  864. We Are, We Are W.i.t.c.h.
  865. We Went To The Moon In 1969
  866. We Went To The Moon In 1969-even Stevens
  867. Weekenders Theme
  868. Welcome
  869. Welcome To The Forty Thieves
  870. What Dreams Are Made Of
  871. What Dreams Are Made Of (Lizzie Mcguire Move)
  872. What If
  873. What's The Matter With Ren_
  874. What's The Matter With Ren_-even Stevens
  875. What's This
  876. When She Loves Me
  877. When Somebody Loved Me
  878. When You Believe
  879. When You Wich Upon A Star (Disney's Greatest Volum
  880. When You Wish Apon A Star
  881. When You Wish Upon A Star
  882. Whenever, Wherever
  883. Where Ever You Are Winnie The Pooh
  884. Wherever You Are
  885. Who Wants To Live Forever?
  886. Why Don't You Do Right
  887. Why Not
  888. Why Not-the Lizzie Mcguire Movie
  889. Why Should I Worry
  890. Why Should I Worry ( Oliver And Company)
  891. Winnie The Pooh
  892. Winnie-the-pooh (Disney's Greatest Volume 2)
  893. Wishes (Fireworks Exit Music)
  894. Witchmas Carole
  895. With A Smile And A Song
  896. Wonderful Journey
  897. Wonderful Tigger
  898. Wonderful World
  899. Yer Beautiful Baby
  900. Yo Ho- A Pirate's Life For Me
  901. Yo Ho(a Pirates Life For Me) The Pirates Of The Carribean
  902. You Are My Sunshine
  903. You Can Fly
  904. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
  905. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (Disney's G
  906. You Ll Be In My Heart
  907. You'll Be In My Heart (Disney's Greatest Volume 2)
  908. You'll Be In My Heart (From Disney's Tarzan)
  909. You People
  910. You've Got A Friend In Me
  911. You've Got A Friend In Me (Disney's Greatest Volum
  912. You Will Be A King
  913. You Wish By Lalaine
  914. Your Heart Will Lead You Home
  915. Youre Never Too Old To Be Young
  916. Zero To Hero
  917. Zing Een Nieuw Lied
  918. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
  919. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (Disney's Greatest Volume 1)
  920. Zo'n Vriend Als Ik
  921. Zo'n Vriend Als Ik (A Friend Like Me-dutch)

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