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Full list of Eartha Kitt songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. A Lady Loves
  2. A Lady Loves (Remastered Version)
  3. A Woman Woudn't Be a Woman
  4. A Woman Wouldn't Be A Woman
  5. A Woman Wouldn't Be a Woman (Remastered)
  6. African Lullaby
  7. African Lullaby (Remastered)
  8. Ain't Misbehavin'
  9. Ain't Misbehaving
  10. All by Myself
  11. All I Want Is All There Is And Then Some
  12. All I Want is All There Is and Then Some More
  13. All I Want Is All There Is and Then Some (Remastered Version)
  14. All My Life
  15. Alone
  16. Always True To You In My Fashion
  17. An Englishman Needs Time
  18. Angelitos Negros
  19. Angelitos Negros (Remastered)
  20. Angelitos Negros (Remastered Version)
  21. Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More
  22. Annie Doesn't Live Here Any More (Remastered)
  23. Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  24. Anything but Love
  25. Après Moi
  26. Après Moi (After Me)
  27. Après moi (After Me) (Remastered)
  28. April In Portugal
  29. Arabian Song
  30. Atlanta Blues
  31. Atlanta Blues (Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor) (Remastered)
  32. Autumn Leaves
  33. Avril Au Portugal
  34. Avril au Portugal (The Whispering Serenade) (Remastered)
  35. Avril Ou Portugal (Remastered Version)
  36. Back in Business
  37. Bal Petit Bal
  38. Bal Petit Bal (Remastered)
  39. Bal Petite Bal
  40. Be Good, Be Good, Be Good
  41. Be Good, Be Good, Be Good (Remastered)
  42. Beale St. Blues
  43. Beale Street Blues
  44. Beale Street Blues (Remastered)
  45. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
  46. C'est Ci Bon
  47. C'est Magnifique
  48. C'est Si Bon
  49. C'est si bon (Remastered)
  50. C'est si bon (Remastered Version)
  51. C'Mon A My House
  52. Caliente
  53. Callete
  54. Callete (Caliente)
  55. Callete (Caliente) (Remastered)
  56. Callette (Caliente)
  57. Card Game Scene
  58. Careless Love
  59. Careless Love (Bonus Track)
  60. Careless Love (Remastered)
  61. Careless Love (Remastered Version)
  62. Catch The Wind
  63. Cha Cha Heels
  64. Champagne Taste
  65. Chantez-Les Bas
  66. Chantez les bas (Bonus Track)
  67. Chantez les bas (Remastered)
  68. Chez Moi
  69. Close Enough for Love
  70. Come on a My House
  71. Dancing Queen
  72. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
  73. Devil Scene
  74. Devil Scene (Remastered)
  75. Dialogue: Mrs. Patterson
  76. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
  77. Dinner For One Please, James
  78. Dinner for One, Please, James (Remastered)
  79. Do It Again
  80. Do Or Die
  81. Do You Remember
  82. Do You Remember? (feat. Henri René)
  83. Do You Remember? (Remastered)
  84. Easy Does It
  85. Easy Does It (Remastered)
  86. Easy To Love
  87. Empty House
  88. Enough
  89. Enough (Remastered)
  90. Fascinating Man
  91. Fascinating Man (Remastered)
  92. Fascinating Man (Remastered Version)
  93. Finale
  94. Freddy
  95. Freddy (feat. Perez Prado)
  96. Freddy (Remastered)
  97. Friendless Blues
  98. Friendless Blues (Remastered)
  99. Genesis
  100. God Bless the Child
  101. Good Little Girls
  102. Guess Who I Saw Today / Could I Leave You
  103. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
  104. Hate/Love New York
  105. Here's to Life
  106. Hesitating Blues
  107. Hesitating Blues (Remastered)
  108. Hey, Jacque
  109. Hey Jacque (feat. Henri René et son orchestre)
  110. Hey Jacque (Remastered)
  111. Hey Jaque
  112. Hist The Window Noah
  113. Hist the Window, Noah (Remastered)
  114. Hist the Wondow Noah
  115. Hit Them Where It Hurts
  116. Honilulu Rock and Roll
  117. Honolulu Rock a Roll-A (Remastered)
  118. Honolulu Rock and Roll
  119. How Could You Believe Me?
  120. How Insensitive
  121. How Many Times
  122. Hurdy Gurdy Man
  123. I Can't Give You Anything but Love
  124. I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Remastered)
  125. I'd Rather Be Burned As A Witch
  126. I'd Rather Be Burnt As A Witch
  127. I Don't Care
  128. I Love Men
  129. I'm A Funny Dame
  130. I'm a Funny Dame (Remastered)
  131. I'm Still Here
  132. I Remember The Rhymes
  133. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
  134. I'Ve Got That Lovin' Bug Itch
  135. I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch (Remastered)
  136. I've Got You Under My Skin
  137. I Wanna Be Evil!
  138. I Want To Be Evil
  139. I Want to Be Evil (Remastered)
  140. I Want To Be Evil - Remastered 2001
  141. I Want to Be Evil (Remastered Version)
  142. I Wantcha Around
  143. I Wantcha Around (Remastered)
  144. I Wantcha Around (Remastered Version)
  145. I Will Survive
  146. I Wish I Was a Bumble Bee
  147. I Wish I Was a Bumble Bee (Remastered)
  148. I Wish You Love
  149. If I Can't Take It With Me
  150. If I Can't Take It With Me When I Go (Remastered)
  151. If I Love Ya Then I Need Ya
  152. (If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya) I Wantcha Around
  153. If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya, If I Need Ya, I Wantcha Around
  154. If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya, If I Need Ya, I Wantcha Round
  155. If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya, If I Need Ya, Then I Want Ya Around
  156. If I Was A Boy
  157. If I Was a Boy (Remastered)
  158. If You Go Away
  159. If You Go Away / Hymn to Love
  160. In The Evening
  161. In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down) (Remastered)
  162. In The Still Of The Night
  163. Independent
  164. Independent (Remastered)
  165. It Is Love
  166. It Was a Very Good Year
  167. It's so Good (C'est Si Bon)
  168. It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House
  169. It's So Nice to Have a Man Around the House (Remastered Version)
  170. Jambo Hippopotami
  171. Je Cherche Un Homme
  172. Johnny
  173. Johnny, Wenn Du Geburstag Hast
  174. Johnny, Wenn Du Geburtstag Hast
  175. Jonny
  176. Jonny (Remastered)
  177. Jonny, Wenn Du Geburtstag Hast
  178. Just an Old Fashioned Gal
  179. Just An Old Fashioned Girl
  180. Just an Old Fashioned Girl (Remastered)
  181. La Dolce Vita
  182. La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) (Remastered Version)
  183. La Grande Vie
  184. La Vie en rose
  185. Lamplight
  186. Lamplight (Remastered)
  187. Lazy Afternoon
  188. Lazy Afternoon (Remastered)
  189. Le Danseur De Charleston
  190. Le danseur de charleston (Remastered)
  191. Let's Do It
  192. Let's Do It (From "Paris")
  193. Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love
  194. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) (Remastered)
  195. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) (Remastered Version)
  196. Let's Misbehave
  197. Life Made Me Beautiful at Forty
  198. Lilac Wine
  199. Lilac Wine (Dance Me a Song) (Remastered)
  200. Lisbon Antigua
  201. Lisbon Antigua (Remastered)
  202. Lola Lola
  203. Lola-Lola (Remastered Version)
  204. Lonely Girl
  205. Lonely Girl (Remastered)
  206. Long Gone
  207. Long Gone from Bowling Green
  208. Long Gone (From Bowling Green) (Remastered)
  209. Looking For A Boy
  210. Looking for a Boy (Remastered)
  211. Love
  212. Love For Sale
  213. Love Is A Gamble
  214. Love Is A Simple Thing
  215. Love Is a Simple Thing (Remastered)
  216. Lovin' Spree
  217. Lovin' Spree (Remastered)
  218. Lullaby Of Birdland
  219. Lullaby of Birdland (Remastered)
  220. Lullaby of Bridland
  221. Mack The Knife
  222. Madamoiselle Kitt
  223. Mademoiselle
  224. Mademoiselle Kitt
  225. Mademoiselle Kitt (Remastered)
  226. Mademoiselle Kitt (Remastered Version)
  227. Mambo De Paree
  228. Mambo De Paree (Remastered)
  229. Mambode Paree
  230. Medemoiselle Kitt
  231. Memphis Blues
  232. Mink Schmink
  233. Mink Shmink
  234. Mirage
  235. Monotonous
  236. Monotonous (Remastered)
  237. Monotonuos
  238. Moon River
  239. Mountain High, Valley Low
  240. Mountain High, Valley Low (Remastered)
  241. Mrs. Patterson
  242. Mrs. Patterson (Remastered)
  243. My Champagne and Your Beer
  244. My Daddy Is a Dandy
  245. My Daddy Is a Dandy (Remastered)
  246. My Discarded Men
  247. My Funny Valentine
  248. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  249. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  250. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  251. My Heart Belongs To Daddy (From "Leave It To Me")
  252. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Remastered)
  253. My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Remastered Version)
  254. My Heart's Delight
  255. My Heart's Delight (feat. Henri René et son orchestre)
  256. My Heart's Delight (Remastered)
  257. My Man
  258. My Sentimental Friend
  259. Never On Sunday
  260. Night & Day
  261. No Importa Si Menti
  262. No Importa Si Menti (Remastered)
  263. Nobody Taught Me
  264. Nobody Taught Me (Remastered)
  265. Nobody Taught Me (Remastered Version)
  266. Nothin' for Christmas
  267. Nothin' for Christmas (Remastered)
  268. Nothing for Christmas
  269. Oggere
  270. Oggere (Remastered)
  271. Oh, John!
  272. Oh John! (Please Don't Kiss Me) (Remastered)
  273. Old Fashioned Girl
  274. Once We Loved
  275. Overture
  276. Party Scene, Pt. 2
  277. Please Do It Again
  278. Please Do It Again (Remastered Version)
  279. Primitive Man
  280. Proceed With Caution
  281. Proceed With Caution (Remastered)
  282. Put More Food On the Fire
  283. Put More Wood on the Fire
  284. Put More Wood On the Fire (Remastered)
  285. Reprise: Tea in Chicago
  286. Rosenkyssar
  287. Rosenkyssar (Remastered)
  288. Rosenkyssar (Swedish)
  289. Rumania, Rumania
  290. Salanga Dou
  291. Salanga Dou (Remastered)
  292. Salangadou
  293. Sandy's Tune
  294. Sandy's Tune (Remastered)
  295. Santa Baby
  296. Santa Baby (Bonus Track)
  297. Santa Baby - Remastered
  298. Santa Baby (Remastered Version)
  299. Sell Me!
  300. Senor
  301. Señor (Remastered)
  302. September Song
  303. September Song / It Was a Very Good Year / Here's to Life
  304. Shango
  305. Shango (Remastered)
  306. Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
  307. Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon) (Remastered)
  308. Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Racoon)
  309. Sholem
  310. Sholem (Remastered)
  311. Since I Fell for You
  312. Since I Fell for You (Remastered)
  313. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  314. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (feat. Henri René)
  315. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (From "Roberta")
  316. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Remastered)
  317. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Remastered Version)
  318. Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song)
  319. Solitude
  320. Solitude (Remastered)
  321. Somebody Bad Stole de Wedding Bel
  322. Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell
  323. Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell (Who's Got De Ding Dong?) (Remastered)
  324. Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bells
  325. Somebody Bad stole me Wedding Bell
  326. Somebody Bad Stole the Wedding Bell
  327. Something May Go Wrong
  328. Sous Les Ponts De Paris
  329. Speak Low
  330. Speaking of Love
  331. St. Louis Blues
  332. St. Louis Blues (Remastered)
  333. Steal Away
  334. Steal Away (Remastered)
  335. Strangers In The Starlight
  336. Strangers in the Starlight (Remastered)
  337. Strangers In The Startlight
  338. Sugar Daddy
  339. Sweet And Gentle
  340. Sweet and Gentle (Remastered)
  341. Take My Love
  342. Take My Love, Take My Love
  343. Take My Love, Take My Love (Remastered)
  344. Tea In Chicago
  345. Tea in Chicago (Remastered)
  346. Tea Party Scene
  347. Tea Party Scene, Pt. 1
  348. Tea Party Scene , Pt. 2
  349. That Old Hotel
  350. The Blues
  351. The Blues (Remastered)
  352. The Day That The Circus Left Town
  353. The Day That the Circus Left Town (Remastered)
  354. The Day The Circus Left Town
  355. The Fantasy
  356. The Girl From Ipanema
  357. The Heel
  358. The Heel (feat. Henri René et son orchestre)
  359. The Heel (Remastered)
  360. The Last Time I Saw Paris
  361. The Lord's Prayer
  362. The Memphis Blues
  363. The Memphis Blues (feat. Shorty Rogers)
  364. The Memphis Blues (Remastered)
  365. The Nearness of You
  366. The Touch
  367. The Way You Are (Si Eres Tu)
  368. There Is No Cure for L'amour
  369. There Is No Cure for L'Amour (Remastered)
  370. This Is My Life
  371. This Year's Santa Baby
  372. This Year's Santa Baby (feat. Henri René et son orchestre)
  373. Thursday's Child
  374. Thursday's Child (Remastered)
  375. Tierra Va a Temblar
  376. Tierra Va Temblar
  377. Tierra Va Temblar (Remastered)
  378. Tonight
  379. Tonite
  380. Too Close For Comfort
  381. Too Young to Be Meant for Me
  382. Torah Dance
  383. Torah Dance (Ki M'tzion)
  384. Toujour Gai
  385. Toujours gai
  386. Toujours gai (Remastered)
  387. Two Lost Lovers
  388. Two Lovers
  389. Two Lovers (Remastered)
  390. Under The Bridge Of Paris
  391. Under the Bridged of Paris
  392. Under The Bridges Of Paris
  393. Under the Bridges of Paris (Remastered)
  394. Urban Fantasy
  395. Usak Dara (A Turkish Tale)
  396. Uska Daba - A Turkish Tale
  397. Uska Dara
  398. Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale) (Remastered)
  399. Vid Kajen (Remastered)
  400. Vid Kajen (Swedish)
  401. Waray, Waray
  402. Way Down Blues
  403. Waydown Blues
  404. Waydown Blues (Remastered)
  405. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  406. What Is This Thing Called Love
  407. What Is This Thing Called Love / How Insensitive
  408. What Is This Thing Called Love? (Remastered)
  409. Whatever Lola Wants
  410. Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets
  411. When The World Was Young
  412. Where Is My Man
  413. Why Can't I
  414. Wonderful Illusion
  415. Yellow Bird
  416. Yellow Bird (Remastered)
  417. Yellow Bird (Remastered Version)
  418. Yellow Dog Blues
  419. Yellow Dog Blues (Remastered)
  420. Yesterdays
  421. Yomme, Yomme
  422. Yomme, Yomme (Remastered)
  423. You Can't Fool Me
  424. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
  425. You'll Never Know
  426. Zhara Bee, Zha Zha

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