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Song Lyrics

I studied at the feet of a master,
Gamaliel we called him, the beauty of the law,
I was born of the Tribe of Benjamin, I was a Pharisee,
And I could quote from memory the Holy Torah.

That day that the Nazarene was brought to trial,
It was on a Sabbath eve ,there was a earthquake when He died,
Just another passing preacher who came up from Galilee,
Blaspheming trouble-maker, we let Him be crucified.

Then I thought that I would hear no more about him,
But his friends found his tomb empty, claimed that he rose from the dead,
Then they said he walked among them with the nail wounds in his hands,
That King upon a donkey with a thorn crown on his head.

His followers kept growing in great number,
And the one that they call Caiaphas mocked us in the judgement hall,
And with the Greek name Stephen we knew the gentiles had come in,
I cast my vote against him, he was stoned I saw him fall.

Then the friends of the Nazarene became united,
And I became enraged then led a slaughter zealously,
I found their secret places, they were beaten, they were chained,
But some of them were scattered, justified in fearing me.

Then the Man in White, appeared to me,
In such a blinding light it struck me down,
With it's brilliance, took away my sight, then the Man in White,
In gentle loving tone spoke to me,
And I was blinded so that I might see, the Man in White

But like the wind that blows the scattered sea,
From Alexandria to Antioch their congregation grew,
I went to the high priest for letters of permission,
To go to other cities, to see my mission through.

Six days on the hot road to the masters,
And just outside the city in the middle of the day,
A great unearthly light struck and overpowered me,
Prostrate on the hot road, I was blinded were I laid.

Then I thought I heard the rushing of great water,
And a multitude of angels singing sweet and heavenly,
And through the sound of wind, came a voice so soft and kind,
Meant for only me to hear, "Saul, why do you persecute me?"

As I lay there on the ground, in my blindness,
He asked me once again, and suddenly the voice I knew,
So finally I managed, a trembling response,
Who are you Lord?, I asked him, but I already knew.

I am Jesus of Nazareth the voice answered,
Arise go to Damascus on the street called Straight will be,
A place where you will wait for my servant Ananais,
He will open up your eyes, you'll be a witness unto me.

So now I live to serve my master,
As zealous in his service as I once was as his foe,
And keeping his commandments given on Damascus road,
I go to all the world, and I let the whole world know,

Then the Man in White, appeared to me,
In such a blinding light it struck me down,
With it's brilliance, took away my sight, then the Man in White,
In gentle loving tone spoke to me,
And I was blinded so that I might see, the Man in White.
And I was blinded so that I might see, the Man in White.
The Man in White...

Release History

The Johnny Cash song "Man In White" appears on the following albums:
Love, God, Murder
23 May 2000

Love God Murder
23 May 2000

Love God Murder Life

  1. I Walk The Line (2:50)
  2. Oh What A Dream (2:04)
  3. All over Again (2:14)
  4. Little at a Time (1:55)
  5. My Old Faded Rose (2:46)
  6. Happiness is You (2:59)
  7. Flesh and Blood (2:35)
  8. I Tremble For You (2:15)
  9. I Feel Better All over (2:03)
  10. 'Cause I Love You (2:34)
  11. Ballad Of Barbara (3:49)
  12. Ring of Fire (2:47)
  13. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You (2:23)
  14. While I've Got It On My Mind (2:19)
  15. I Still Miss Someone (2:36)
  16. One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) (2:27)
  17. What on Earth (Will You Do for Heaven's Sake) (2:03)
  18. My God is Real (2:00)
  19. It Was Jesus (2:04)
  20. Why Me Lord (2:21)
  21. Greatest Cowboy Of Them All (3:58)
  22. Redemption (3:04)
  23. Great Speckled Bird (2:08)
  24. Old Account (2:25)
  25. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1:54)
  26. When He Comes (3:32)
  27. Kneeling Drunkards Plea (2:33)
  28. Were You There (when They Crucified My Lord) (3:53)
  29. Man In White (5:31)
  30. Belshazzar (2:30)
  31. Oh, Bury Me Not (Introduction: A Cowboy's Prayer) (3:50)
  32. Oh Come, Angel Band (2:44)
  33. Folsom Prison Blues (2:42)
  34. Delia's Gone (3:03)
  35. Mr. Garfield (4:37)
  36. Orleans Parish Prison (Live) (2:30)
  37. When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below) (2:16)
  38. Sound Of Laughter (2:38)
  39. Cocaine Blues (Live) (2:46)
  40. Hardin Wouldn't Run (3:48)
  41. Long Black Veil (2:49)
  42. Austin Prison (2:10)
  43. Joe Bean (3:08)
  44. Going to Memphis (4:20)
  45. Don't Take Your Guns to Town (3:02)
  46. Highway Patrolman (5:20)
  47. Jacob Green (2:60)
  48. The Wall (1:49)
  49. Suppertime (2:51)
  50. Country Trash (2:26)
  51. The Night Hank Williams Came to Town (3:22)
  52. Time Changes Everything (1:47)
  53. I Talk To Jesus Every Day (2:05)
  54. You're The Neatest Thing To Heaven (2:40)
  55. I'm Ragged But I'm Right (2:38)
  56. These Are My People (2:39)
  57. The Ballad of Ira Hayes (4:10)
  58. ONEY (3:09)
  59. Man in Black (2:52)
  60. I'm Alright Now (2:42)
  61. Ragged Old Flag (3:09)
  62. I Wish I Was Crazy Again (2:45)
  63. Where Did We Go Right (2:58)
  64. Wanted Man (Live) (3:28)
  65. I Can't Go On That Way (2:34)
  66. Lead Me Gently Home (2:01)
Man In Black - The Very Best Of Johnny Cash

Man in Black: The Very Best of Johnny Cash
25 February 2002

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