Steve Vai - The Reaper Rap

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Music Video

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Steve Vai "The Reaper Rap" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Bill: I’m Bill S. Preston, Esq.! And this is Ted "Theodore" Logan!
B&T: And we are Wyld Stallyns!
DeNomolos: I am DeNomolos. Now . . . what is your mission?
Evil Bill: First we totally kill Bill and Ted!
Evil Ted: Yeah, then we take over their lives.
Evil Bill: He’s totally a robot!
Evil Ted: So are you, dude!
Evil Bill: Whoa, we’re total metalheads!
DeNomolos: Destroy that ridiculous, insipid band!
Evil B&T: Death to Bill and Ted!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
DeNomolos: You fools! Are we ready?
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
DeNomolos: You fools!
Evil B&T: Yeah, totally!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
DeNomolos: You fools! Are we ready?
Evil Ted: I’ve got a full on robot chubby.

Evil B&T: How’s it goin’, Bill and Ted?
Bill: Ted... it’s us again!
Ted: Whoa!
Bill: You’re metal, dude!
Evil Bill: I know! Check it out! We’re totally gonna kill you now!
B&T: Whoa...
Evil Bill: Ha ha ha!
Ted: Dudes, even though you’re doing this, we... we...
Bill: We love you!
Evil B&T: Fags!
Bill: You dick, Bill!
Evil Bill: I know! Let’s waste ‘em.
B&T: Aaaahhhhh!!!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Rufus: Bogus
Evil Bill: Stellar, Evil Ted!
B&T: No way!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Rufus: Bogus
Bill: Yeah!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Rufus: Bogus
Evil Bill: Stellar, Evil Ted!
B&T: No way!
Evil Bill: I totally loogied on that good, dead me!

Ted: Bill, what happened?
Bill: Ted, we’re dead, dude!
B&T: Whoa!
Ted: Who are you?
Bill: Ted, it’s the Grim Reaper, dude!
Ted: Oh. How’s it hangin’, Death? We’ve got to get back to the babes!
Bill: Ted, we can’t . . . we’re dead, dude!
Ted: We’ve got to stop those evil us’s! We’ve gotta try!
Bill: But how?
B&T: Melvin!
Reaper: They melvined me!

Ted: Dude, I totally broke a rock!*
Bill: Excellent!*
Ted: I kinda like this* . . . Who’s that?
Bill: Ted, who do you think it is?
Ted: How’s it goin’, Beelzebub? Excellent rocks!*
Bill: We totally broke some.*
Ted: Okay, can we go now?
B&T: Whoa!
Bill: Thanks dude! You know, you’ve got a bad rap.
Colonel Oates: Gentlemen! Welcome to Hell!
Ted: Dude.
Bill: What?
Ted: I think we’re in our own personal hell!
Easter bunny: You stole Deacon’s Easter basket!
Little Ted: No way!
Granny S. Preston, Esq: How about a kiss?
Little Bill: Bogus!
Bill: You ugly red source of all evil!
Granny S. Preston, Esq: All I want is one! Right on the lips!
Colonel Oates: Get back here!
B&T: AHHHHHH!!!!!! WHOAAAAA!!!!!!!
Bill: That was non-non-non-non heinous!

Evil Bill: You s*ck, dude!*
Bill: Do something else, dude!*
Ted: Yeah!*
Bill: Not bad, dude!
B&T: Excellent!

Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Bill inside Sergeant: Whoa, donuts!
Ted inside Captain Logan: I totally possessed my dad!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Ted inside Captain Logan: Excellent!
Bill inside Sergeant: I totally believe you, dude!
Reaper: Get down with your bad self!
Bill inside Sergeant: Whoa, donuts!
Ted inside Captain Logan: I totally possessed my dad!
Bill: You totally killed us, you evil metal dickweed!
Evil Bill: That’s right, lesser developed human prototype us’s!*
Bill: Let’s get ‘em, Ted!
Ted: Ahhhhh, yeah, no!
Colonel Oates: Get ‘em Granny!
B&T: We’ve got to face them.
Colonel Oates: Now get going!
Various moans and groans of fears being defeated.

Bill: Kiss your fears, dudes!
Ted: Or offer ‘em a honeybun or something. And they’ll get smaller and maybe they’ll even go away!*
Bill: Yeah, they’re not that bad, dude. So don’t get programmed by anybody but yourself!*
B&T: Let’s rock!
Rufus: And most important, do not do your homework without wearing headphones!
Evil B&T: Catch you later, Bill & Ted!
Colonel Oates crying.

Release History

The Steve Vai song "The Reaper Rap" appears on the following albums:
The Elusive Light & Sound Vol. 1
04 May 2006

The Elusive Light and Sound, Volume 1
04 June 2002

The Secret Jewel Box

The Secret Jewel Box

  1. Celluloid Heroes (6:20)
  2. Love Blood (4:49)
  3. Fried Chicken (2:30)
  4. Butler's Bag (1:07)
  5. Head-Cuttin' Duel (4:43)
  6. Eugene's Trick Bag (2:27)
  7. Amazing Grace (1:53)
  8. Louisiana Swamp Swank (3:15)
  9. Air Guitar Hell (0:41)
  10. The Reaper (3:26)
  11. Introducing The Wylde Stallions (0:46)
  12. Girls Mature Faster Than Guys (0:14)
  13. The Battle (2:25)
  14. Meet The Reaper (0:41)
  15. Final Guitar Solo (1:35)
  16. The Reaper Rap (5:46)
  17. Drive The Hell Out Of Here (1:28)
  18. Get The Hell Out Of Here (3:53)
  19. Welcome Pre-Frosh (0:49)
  20. The Dark Hallway (1:08)
  21. The Dead Band Ends (0:57)
  22. The Cause Heads (1:18)
  23. Find The Meat (0:26)
  24. The Ax Will Fall (0:39)
  25. Now We Run (Cue) (0:44)
  26. Hey Jack (0:21)
  27. What! (0:08)
  28. Still Running (0:28)
  29. Dead Hands (3:12)
  30. Blow Me Where The Pampers Is (0:55)
  31. Pins And Needles (0:25)
  32. Plug My Ass In (0:45)
  33. Loose Keg Spottings (0:22)
  34. Don't Sweat It (0:37)
  35. How Hidge (0:45)
  36. Beer Beer (0:20)
  37. We're Not Gonna Protest (1:54)
  38. Initiation (0:16)
  39. See Ya Next Year (0:52)
  40. Now We Run (6:37)
  41. God Blessed Video (3:30)
  42. Mercy (4:22)
  43. Will You Be Home Tonight (5:03)
  44. Wire And Wood (3:29)
  45. Desert Diamond (4:21)
  46. Stripper (3:53)
  47. Painted Lover (3:24)
  48. Lighter Shade Of Green (0:47)
  49. Sons And Lovers (3:38)
  50. Skyfire (3:55)
  51. Breaking The Heart Of The City (4:59)
  52. Tell Me You Love Me (2:07)
  53. Theme From 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear (3:31)
  54. Jumbo Go Away (3:43)
  55. Drowning Witch (12:03)
  56. Envelopes (2:46)
  57. Teen-Age Prostitute (2:40)
  58. The Jazz Discharge Party Hats (4:28)
  59. Ya Hozna (6:26)
  60. Alien Orifice (4:12)
  61. Approximate (1:49)
  62. I'm A Beautiful Guy (1:56)
  63. Beauty Knows No Pain (3:01)
  64. What's New In Baltimore? (5:04)
  65. Moggio (2:29)
  66. RDNZL (7:59)
  67. Magic Fingers (2:21)
  68. Strictly Genteel (7:08)

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