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Song Lyrics

...I mean, it doesn' matter 'oo it is, I mean, the message gets through.
Steve: (recorder clicks on mid-sentence)...anyways, 'e did not deserve to get a bollocking...
(recorder clicks on and off here)...the time, I know why 'e got a bollocking, because you, you know, you dunno what the f**k 'e's goin' on (someone speaks in background) about, but 'e didn', but 'e didn' deserve it. All 'e's tryin' t'do is relay a message from me to you, right? N' 'e went the wrong way about it, okay?

Nicko: Yeh, 'e did go the wrong way about it.
Steve: Really?
Nicko: Well I'm, I, I, I, I tell ya what, I mean it ain't gonna 'appen again.
Bruce: I don't see where you get steamed, I mean, if the truss was gonna...
Nicko: Why I got steamed up Bruce is because 'e f**ked me right up. N' I knew there was a problem, I still didn' know what it was even after 'e...I, I f**ked!
Steve: I know that. Look, it's like...
Nicko: I f**kin' f**ked-up...n' I stopped, n' it was like "oh, for f**k's sake!" (tapping his foot as if playing drum solo) Come on kids, n' I'm lookin' 'round...what is 'e tryin' to tell me? What's the problem? (mumbles something unintelligible)

Steve: Can't you understand? Can't you understand if I'm tryin' to get a f**kin' message through to ya, right?...I'd'a still...it'd a been a lot worse. If I, if I 'ad to go me gear done...as it 'appens, (snaps his fingers) just in the nick o' th'time I got it done. If I...
Nicko: Yeah, I still didn't get the message.
Steve: I know you didn'. But wha' we're sayin' (mumbles something unintelligible) wha'ever 'appens if I got 'im tryin' to get a f**kin' message to ya. Y'know wha' I mean?

Nicko: Sure Steve, but the fact is that the guy was not 'andling it the right way.
Steve: You don' fink o' fings like that Nick.
Nicko: But that's diff...look...(something completely unintelligible)
Steve: I bollocked...I was shou'ing at ya, "look, my gear's gone down".
Nicko: It's me that f**ked-up.
Steve: Listen...
Nicko: I'm the one out the(r)e all on me own...
Steve: I know.
Nicko: ...I'm doin' a drum solo. N' I've got f**kin' talkin'...
Steve: N' I'm the one, I'm only one 'a finking, I've got f**king like a minute t'go before m..., to get this f**king gear right.
Bruce: Yeah, but if somebody gives a message to me...
Steve: No?
Nicko: Bruce, it's different...
Steve: It's a different situation.
Nicko: ...it's different for you. You're not standin' there all on your f**kin' own 'avin' a somebody try to get your attention n' talk to ya. I'm playin' a drum solo, n' the guy's standin' a yard, or two yards behind my drum riser goin'...
Steve: Yeah, all I'm tryin' a...
Nicko: ..."f**king anga-yangna-baba"..."wha?"..."BABA-BABA-BABA!"..."WHAAAA???". f**k! (lets out frustrated grunt) By the time I've got that far, I'm f**kin' totally f**ked. Because I'm p..., I'm not payin' attention to my gig...
Steve: Ey, look...
Nicko: ...I'm payin' attention to what 'e's tryin' to tell me.

Bruce: Yeh, but nobody woulda noticed.
Steve: I complete...
Nicko: I noticed!

Steve: I completely understand that.
Nicko: f**ked me right up.
Steve: But 'e, 'e was only doin' wha I told 'im t'do, n' that was get a message t'you. Now that the f**king 'eat o' the moment n' just, everything on 'and...'e don' fink to f**king tell Bill, 'e wants to get the message t'you, not to f**king Bill, so 'e don' fink o' that, 'e just tries to get the message t'you, right? So, 'e don' f**king deserve to get a bollocking for that, I mean, arright 'e got one I know...no say in 'at. But I just don', you know...
Bruce: (possibly saying "Attente! Attente!")
Steve: ...Bob was a nice guy. 'E's not like 'e's, f**kin', 'e's an a**h*le...
Nicko: No, no...
Steve: ...or an idiot, or anyfing like 'at.
Nicko: Oh no, but 'e was out of order, because 'e didn'...
Bruce: 'E wasn't out of order.
Nicko: "E was.
Steve: 'E wasn't out of order. 'E was wrong.
Nicko: 'E was, 'cause 'e f**ked me up by tryin to tell me…
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: If 'e'd o' come up to the riser...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: Look...
Steve: Nicko.
Nicko: ...if 'e'd o' come up to the riser dere, (shouting) I COULDA f**kIN' 'EARD 'IM!!!

Steve: But nick...
Nicko: c**t was st

Release History

The Iron Maiden song "Mission From 'Arry" appears on the following albums:
2 Minutes To Midnight
06 August 1984

2 Minutes To Midnight

  1. 2 Minutes to Midnight (6:08)
  2. Rainbow's Gold (4:57)
  3. Mission From 'Arry (6:43)
Iron Maiden (2): 1992-2000

Iron Maiden (2): 1992-2000

  1. Be Quick Or Be Dead (3:25)
  2. From Here To Eternity (3:38)
  3. Afraid To Shoot Strangers (6:56)
  4. Fear Is The Key (5:35)
  5. Childhood's End (4:41)
  6. Wasting Love (4:56)
  7. The Fugitive (4:54)
  8. Chains of Misery (3:37)
  9. The Apparition (1:55)
  10. Judas Be My Guide (3:09)
  11. Weekend Warrior (5:40)
  12. Fear Of The Dark (7:19)
  13. The Number of the Beast (4:52)
  14. The Trooper (4:14)
  15. Prowler (4:17)
  16. Transylvania (3:49)
  17. Remember Tomorrow (5:27)
  18. Where Eagles Dare (6:14)
  19. Sanctuary (4:15)
  20. Running Free (3:09)
  21. Run to the Hills (3:55)
  22. 2 Minutes to Midnight (6:08)
  23. Iron Maiden (4:02)
  24. Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:14)
  25. Can I Play With Madness (3:35)
  26. Tailgunner (4:16)
  27. The Evil That Men Do (4:35)
  28. Bring Your Daughter ... to The Slaughter (4:45)
  29. Heaven Can Wait (7:22)
  30. The Clairvoyant (4:28)
  31. Wrathchild (2:56)
  32. Sign of the Cross (11:17)
  33. Lord of the Flies (5:04)
  34. Man on the Edge (4:19)
  35. Fortunes of War (7:32)
  36. Look for the Truth (5:10)
  37. The Aftermath (6:12)
  38. Judgement Of Heaven (5:12)
  39. Blood on the World's Hands (5:49)
  40. The Edge Of Darkness (6:41)
  41. 2 A.M. (5:38)
  42. The Unbeliever (8:10)
  43. Futureal (3:00)
  46. The Clansman (8:60)
  47. When Two Worlds Collide (6:17)
  48. The Educated Fool (6:45)
  49. Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger (8:04)
  50. Como Estais Amigos (5:30)
  51. The Wicker Man (4:38)
  52. Ghost Of The Navigator (6:36)
  53. Brave New World (6:19)
  54. Blood Brothers (7:15)
  55. The Mercenary (4:35)
  56. Dream Of Mirrors (9:04)
  57. The Fallen Angel (4:01)
  58. The Nomad (9:06)
  59. Out Of The Silent Planet (4:11)
  60. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate (8:27)
  61. I've Got the Fire (2:40)
  62. Mission From 'Arry (6:43)
  63. King Of Twilight (4:49)
  64. Zero - Oh Baby (6:00)
  65. Nicko McBrain - Rythm Of The Beast

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