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Song Lyrics

(Lil' Flip Talking)
I aint trippin you know I gotta do this right?
It wouldnt be right, y'all think imma let y'all get away wit that
Im s*cka free, what else you expect? you know what I think though, this is what I think

(Chorous repeat 2 times)
Y'all n*ggaz tryna steal my style
Some of y'all n*ggas tryna steal my style
I think y'all n*ggaz tryna steal my style
What you gone do next try and steal my smile

(Lil' Flip)
Y'all n*ggaz tryna steal my style
Remember in I-5 you couldn't feel my style
Remember when y'all said you ain't nuttin but a kid
Y'all said I wouldn't make it
Hey but I did
Remember when y'all said me and hump ain't workin'
Just check the driveway n*gga we ain't hurtin'
I bet y'all n*ggas never take a bank style
It ain't my fault that yo group ain't high
It ain't my fault that you can't do shows
Either we movin' to fast or y'all movin' to slow
Now why you wanna go out and make me mad
If you drop another album you gone make me laugh

(Chorous repeat 2 times)

(Lil' Flip)
Buy the car
Buy the house
Remember that
That was me
Diamonds all in yo face
Remember that
That was me and C
Southside still holdin'
Me, Duke, and A.P
G's and ballers
Ballers and G's
That was me and H and C
And ever since
I became
The freestyle king
I got dope fiends
That wanna be
The freestyle king
But I can't be copy-ed
My style ain't sloppy
Do yo C.E.O
Put yo money in his pocket
How does it feel tryna look like me
n*gga you can't even write a hook like me
I'm the first young playa in H-Town with platinum teeth
I'm the black richie rich with the brain of Master P
And I know I got skills
I'm droppin' hits like fumbles
You got cars in yo yard
They ain't sh*t like hummers
So you need to stop rappin' and go back to hustlin'
Cause if you drop another tape man you ain't gone make nuttin

(Chorous repeat 2 times)

(Lil' Flip)
I hate copy-cats
I hate sloppy tracks
If you see me in the club I'll be wearin' botany black
I wrote a million hooks
I'm down with a million crooks
Watch yo mouth downsouth
Cause boys stealin' hooks
Every time I perform
I got a dap for dat
You wanna be the freestyle king
I got a plaque for dat
And you sold some of my raps
You think I ain't gon tell
I'm sorry but yo next tape ain't gone sell

(Chorous repeat 2 times)

(Lil' Flip talking)
Know what I'm sayin'
Lil' Flip the leprechaun
A K A the freestyle king
I come out sayin' I'm the leprechaun
Now everybody else wanna be the leprechaun
I come out sayin I'm the freestyle king
Now everybody else wanna be the freestyle king
Man after this year I'm gone be the freestyle legend
I ain't trippin' get yo own stuff
s*cka free n*ggas don't steal

Release History

The Lil' Flip song "Ya'll" appears on the following albums:
The Leprechaun
19 October 2000

The Leprechaun

  1. Da Freestyle King Award (0:50)
  2. I Got Flow (4:13)
  3. Everyday (4:36)
  4. My Block (4:16)
  5. Realest Rhymin' (4:02)
  6. Gotta Be Me (4:51)
  7. Put Yo Fist up (4:37)
  8. Boxers (4:45)
  9. On Point (3:29)
  10. The Copycat (skit #1) (1:13)
  11. Ya'll (4:29)
  12. Dirty Souf (4:38)
  13. My Dogz (5:18)
  14. Cut 4 U (3:60)
  15. The Biz (3:36)
  16. Purple Drank [Skit #2] (0:25)
  17. Candycars (4:44)
  18. Green Rectanglez (4:09)
  19. The Dentist (skit #3) (1:45)
  20. I Can Do Dat (3:38)

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