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Dan Woodgate "Don't Quote Me On That" Music Video

Song Lyrics

Its all Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice.

Did you see the one, yeah yeah,
The one they wrote in the paper just the other day,
well, well would you believe it,
Well what I said, they took it all the wrong way.
Now you've gotta be careful, 'bout what you say,
Cos they've got a bad habit
Were you reading in between the lines?
Or is that what I said?, now I just cant remember
They seem to have a very good memory though
But as far as Im concerned, as as far as Im concerned
You don;t have to be black white, chinese or anything really
Just enjoy, shut up, listen and dance...

Its all eggs bacon beans and a fried slice

Dont Quote me on that, dont quote me on that
Dont Quote me on that, please dont quote me
Dont Quote me on that
Dont Quote me on that

Hey Hey, you know something, I said I liked that guy,
but thats not what I read in the paper
I dont have anything against them,
Its just eggs bacon and a fried slice

Dont Quote me on that dont quote me on that
Dont Quote me on that please dont quote me
Dont Quoe me on that
Dont Quote me on that.
You know, now we get worried about what we say
We shouldnt be that way
You know, I don't care who comes,
cos as far as im concerned,
Its, eggs bacon beans and a fried slice

Dont quote Me on that
Dontr quote me on that
Please dont quote me

Mama mama, you know I'm still friends with Mickey
they say I shouldnt like him anymore, because I'm all white,
Well he's allright by me

Dont Quote me on that
Please dont quote me
Dont quote me on that
Dont quote me on that

Now what I do, I bring all my old friends along to see the show
and if you have the wrong ideas well,

Its all eggs bacon beans and a fried slice

Dont quote me on that oh no
(dont quote me on that)
Please dont quote me
(dont quote me on that)
I never said that
(dont quote me on that)
thats not what I meant
(dont quote me on that)
well I suppose you could take it that way
(dont quote me on that)
But thats not what I meant to say
(dont quote me on that)
wont you give me another chance
(dont quote me on that)

Please Please
Dont quote Me On That....

Id like to say thank you to Pete, Peter tosh

And all the other people who come and they believe in us for the fun and the music
Cos all I've got to say to you press now is
Its all bacon beans and a fried slice

Eggs bacon beans and a fried slive
Go to Maggies caff
132 Liverpool road
Just down the road, just round the corner
Only theres not much corner
Its just chairs and tables and they've even got a space invaders machine...
A cup of tea, thats fine for me,
Cos its all eggs bacon beans and a fried slive

Are you sure you turned that tape recorder off?
Are you sure?,
Are you sure?

Release History

The Dan Woodgate song "Don't Quote Me On That" appears on the following albums:
The Business (The Definitive Singles Collection)
November 1993

The Business (The Definitive Singles Collection)

  1. Intro: Rick Rodgers, Specials Manager (0:44)
  2. The Prince (2:28)
  3. Madness (2:24)
  4. Rick Rodgers Speaks Again
  5. One Step Beyond (2:18)
  6. John Eichler, Publican, Hope & Anchor, London
  7. Mistakes (2:39)
  8. Nutty Theme (2:12)
  9. 'Wandsworth Harry', Longtime Fan
  10. My Girl (2:47)
  11. John Hasler Ex-Drummer, Singer, Manager
  12. Stepping Into Line (2:17)
  13. In The Rain (2:42)
  14. Dave Robinson, Ex-Manager Of Stiff Records
  15. Night Boat To Cairo (3:32)
  16. John Hasler Speaks Again
  17. Deceives The Eye (1:58)
  18. The Young & The Old (2:43)
  19. Rick Rogders Yet Again
  20. Don't Quote Me On That (4:30)
  21. Baggy Trousers (2:43)
  22. Kellog's, Madness Manager 1980-81
  23. The Business (3:25)
  24. Kellog's Speaks Again
  25. Embarrassment (3:13)
  26. Chalky, Friend/Roadie, Talks About Woody
  27. Crying Shame (2:36)
  28. Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley
  29. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7 (2:03)
  30. Langer & Winstaley Speak Again
  31. Thats The Way To Do It (2:40)
  32. My Girl (Demo Version) (2:27)
  33. Swan Lake (Live) (2:37)
  34. Chalky& Toks, Friends Of The Band
  35. Grey Day (3:39)
  36. Chalky & Toks On The Future Of The Band
  37. Memories (2:25)
  38. Kellog's On Chalky & Toks
  39. Shut Up (3:26)
  40. A Town With No Name (2:48)
  41. Never Ask Twice (3:01)
  42. Elvis Costello & Clive Langer On 'Fame'
  43. It Must Be Love (3:25)
  44. Shadow On The House
  45. Sonny From Stiff Promotions
  46. Cardiac Arrest (2:58)
  47. In The City (2:56)
  48. Paul Conroy Speaks
  49. House Of Fun (2:57)
  50. Don't Look Back (4:52)
  51. Neil Ferris From Ferret & Spanner
  52. Driving In My Car (3:16)
  53. Terry Wogan Jingle (0:25)
  54. Animal Farm (4:02)
  55. Riding On My Bike (5:37)
  56. John Kalodner From Geffen Records
  57. Our House (Stretch Mix) (5:50)
  58. Pauline Black From The Selecter
  59. Walking With Mr Wheeze (3:32)
  60. Tomorrow's (just Another Day) (3:14)
  61. Nigel Dick From Stiff Records
  62. Madness (Is all In The Mind) (2:53)
  63. Lionel Martin - Accountant
  64. Wings Of A Dove (3:01)
  65. Behind The Eight Ball (3:35)
  66. Lee's Uncle Jack
  67. One's Second Thoughtlessness (3:24)
  68. The Sun And The Rain (3:18)
  69. Gary Dovey - Early Madness Drummer
  70. Fireball Xl5 (1:45)
  71. Visit To Dracstein Castle (1:55)
  72. Michael Caine (3:36)
  73. If You Think There's Something
  74. One Better Day (4:06)
  75. Paul Wolfe - Early Madness Lawyer
  76. Guns (3:13)
  77. Victoria Gardens (4:06)
  78. Sound Engineer & Guru
  79. Sarah (3:43)
  80. Yesterday's Men (Harmonica Version) (4:30)
  81. All I Knew (3:08)
  82. It Must Be Love (Live)
  83. Uncle Sam (4:16)
  84. David Hamilton Jingle (0:34)
  85. Inanity Over Christmas (4:00)
  86. Please Don't Go (3:21)
  87. Hector Walker - Madness' Valet
  88. Sweetest Girl (Extended Version) (5:44)
  89. Jennie ( A Portrait Of )
  90. Tears You Can't Hide (3:08)
  91. Call Me (3:56)
  92. (waiting For) The Ghost Train (3:41)
  93. One Step Beyond (Italian Version) (2:21)
  94. Maybe In Another Life
  95. Seven Year Scratch (Edited Version) (5:52)
  96. Release Me (1:55)
  97. Carols On 45 (1:12)
  98. The National Anthem (1:13)
Work Rest & Play EP
21 March 1980

Work Rest & Play EP

  1. Night Boat To Cairo (3:32)
  2. Deceives The Eye (1:58)
  3. The Young & The Old (2:43)
  4. Don't Quote Me On That (4:30)

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