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Charley Pride Songs

Full list of Charley Pride songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. A Brand New Bed Of Roses
  2. A Girl I Used To Know
  3. A Good Chance Of Tear-Fall Tonight
  4. A Good Hearted Woman
  5. A Good Woman's Love
  6. A Little Piece Of Heaven
  7. A Place For The Lonesome
  8. A Poor Boy Like Me
  9. A Shoulder To Cry On
  10. A Sunshiny Day
  11. A Whole Lot Of Lovin'
  12. A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About
  13. A Woman Can
  14. A Word Or Two To Mary
  15. Able Bodied Man
  16. Above and Beyond
  17. Act Naturally
  18. Adios Amigo
  19. Afraid Of Losing You Again
  20. After All These Years
  21. After All This Time
  22. After Me, After You
  23. Ain't No Way Around It
  24. All His Children
  25. All I Have To Offer You Is Me
  26. Along The Mississippi
  27. Always on My Mind
  28. Am I Losing You
  29. Amazing Love
  30. Amy's Eyes
  31. Angel Band
  32. Another I Love You Kind Of Day
  33. Anywhere (just Inside Your Arms)
  34. Baby Is Gone
  35. Back to Country Roads
  36. Back To The Country Roads
  37. Back to the Cowboy Roads
  38. Banks Of The Ohio
  39. Be Grateful
  40. Before I Met You
  41. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  42. Best There Is
  43. Blue Boy
  44. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  45. Blue Ridge Mountains Turnin' Green
  46. Blue Ridge Mountains Turning Green
  47. Blue Side of Lonesome
  48. Brand New Bed Of Roses
  49. Bringin' In The Georgia Mail
  50. Brush Arbor Meeting
  51. Brush Arbour Meeting
  52. Burgers And Fries
  53. Burnin' Down the Town
  54. Busted
  55. Can't Stop the Mississippi
  56. Chain of Love
  57. Christmas And Love
  58. Christmas In My Home Town
  59. Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
  60. Come On In And Let Me Love You
  61. Comfort Of Her Wings.
  62. Comin' Down With Love
  63. Cooling Down
  64. Cotton Fields
  65. Country Music
  66. Country Sunshine
  67. Crystal Chandelier
  68. Crystal Chandeliers
  69. Crystal Chandeliers
  70. Crystal Chandiliers
  71. Daydreams About Night Things
  72. Days Of Our Lives
  73. Dealing With the Devil
  74. Detroit City
  75. Dialogue
  76. Did You Think To Pray
  77. Distant Drums
  78. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger
  79. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger / Too Good To Be True / I'd Rather Love You / All I…
  80. Doin' My Time
  81. Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love
  82. Don't Fight the Feelin's of Love
  83. Down in Louisiana
  84. Draw the Line
  85. Drinking Champagne
  86. Ellie
  87. Empty Shoes
  88. Even Knowin'
  89. Even Knowing
  90. Every Heart Should Have One
  91. Every Song I Sang Would Be Blue
  92. Everybody's Lookin' for You
  93. Everything I Am
  94. Everything She Touches Turns To Love
  95. Except For You
  96. Fall Back on Me
  97. Falling in Love Again
  98. Fan the Flame, Feed the Fire
  99. Field of Dreams
  100. Fifteen Years Ago
  101. Folsom Prison Blues
  102. Fools
  103. Footprints In The Sands Of Time
  104. For The Good Times
  105. For Today
  106. Forever One Day At a Time
  107. Four in the Morning
  108. Four Walls
  109. Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring
  110. Get Up Off Your Good Intention
  111. Ghost-Written Love Letters
  112. Girl Trouble
  113. Give A Lonely Heart A Home
  114. Gone Gone Gone
  115. Gone On The Other Hand
  116. Got Leavin' On Her Mind
  117. Gotta See Some More of You
  118. Green Green Grass Of Home
  119. Guess Things Happen That Way
  120. Guilty
  121. Happiness of Having You
  122. Happy Christmas Day
  123. Happy Street
  124. Have I Got Some Blues For You
  125. He Can Be an Angel
  126. He'll Have to Go
  127. He Took My Place
  128. Heartbreak Mountain
  129. Heaven Help Us All
  130. Heaven Watches Over Fools Like Me
  131. Hello Darlin'
  132. Hello Love
  133. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  134. Help Me Make It Throught the Night
  135. Here in the Real World
  136. He's the Man
  137. Honky Tonk Blues
  138. Hook in My Heart
  139. Hope You're Feelin' Me
  140. Hunger
  141. I Ain't All Bad
  142. (I Believe In) Good Old Country Music
  143. I Came Straight to You
  144. I Can See The Lovin' In Your Eyes
  145. I Can't Believe That You Stopped Loving Me
  146. I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Lovin' Me
  147. I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
  148. I Can't Believe You Stopped Loving Me
  149. I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You)
  150. I Can't Keep My Hands off You
  151. I Could Let Her Get Close to Me (But She Could Never Get Close to You)
  152. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
  153. I'd Rather Love You
  154. I Discovered You
  155. I. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger, II. Too Good To Be True, III. I'd Rather Love You,…
  156. I Don't Deserve a Mansion
  157. I Don't Know Why I Love but I Do
  158. I Don't See How I Can Love You Anymore
  159. I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore
  160. I Feel the Country Callin' Me
  161. I Guess I'm Crazy
  162. I Had Her Leavin' Comin'
  163. I Know One
  164. I Know She'll Change My Mind
  165. I Live You
  166. I'll Be Leaving Alone
  167. I'll Bring the Bottle
  168. I'll Fly Away
  169. I'll Wander Back To You
  170. I Love You Because
  171. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
  172. I'm Beginning To Believe My Own Lies
  173. I'm Glad It Was You
  174. I'm Gonna Change Everything
  175. I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio
  176. I'm Gonna Love Her On the Radio
  177. I'm Just Me
  178. I'm Learning To Love Her
  179. I'm Never Leaving You
  180. I'm Only Losin' Everything
  181. I'm So Afraid of Losing You
  182. I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
  183. (I'm So) Afriad of Losing You Again
  184. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  185. I Made Love to You in My Mind
  186. I Need Somebody Bad
  187. I Only Miss You on Weak Days
  188. I Think I'll Take A Walk
  189. I Threw Away The Rose
  190. I Used It All on You
  191. I Used to Be That Way
  192. I've Been There
  193. I've Got A Woman To Lean On
  194. I've Just Found Another Reason
  195. I Want You
  196. I Won't Come In
  197. I Wonder Could I Live There Any More
  198. I Wrote the Songs That Broke Her Heart [#]
  199. If She Just Helps Me Get Over You
  200. If This Old House Could Talk
  201. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  202. If You Had Only Taken The Time
  203. If You Should Come Back Today
  204. If You Still Want a Fool Around
  205. In Jesus' Name I Pray
  206. In My World You Don't Belong
  207. In The Middle Of Nowhere
  208. Instant Loneliness
  209. Intro By Bo Powell
  210. Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone
  211. Is Anybody Going To San Antone
  212. Is Anyone Goin' to San Antone
  213. Is It Really Over
  214. It Amazes Me
  215. It's All Right
  216. It's Going to Take a Little Bit Longer
  217. It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer
  218. It's Just a Matter of Time
  219. Jeanie Norman
  220. Jesus, Don't Give Up On Me
  221. Jesus Is Your Saviour Child
  222. Just Between You And Me
  223. Just Can't Leave That Woman Alone
  224. Just for the Love of It
  225. Just To Be Loved By You
  226. Kav-Liga
  227. Kaw-Liga
  228. Kaw Lija
  229. Kawliga
  230. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'
  231. Kiss An Angel Good Morning
  232. Kiss An Angel Good Morning - Digitally Remastered
  233. Kiss an Angel Goodmorning
  234. Leavin' Never Gets Me Anywhere
  235. Leaving Never Gets Me Anywhere
  236. Let A Little Love Come In
  237. Let Me Have a Chance to Love You
  238. Let Me Live
  239. Let Me Live in the Light
  240. Let Me Live in the Light of His Love
  241. Let My Love In
  242. Let The Chips Fall
  243. Let's the Chips Fall
  244. Lie To Me
  245. Life Turned Her That Way
  246. Little Delta Church
  247. Little Drummer Boy
  248. Livin' It Up (Livin' It Down)
  249. Lone Star Lonely
  250. Look In Your Mirror
  251. Looking At A Sure Thing
  252. Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  253. Louisiana Man
  254. Louisiani Man
  255. Louisianna Man
  256. Love Is A Shadow
  257. Love on a Blue Rainy Day
  258. Love Put A Song In My Heart
  259. Love Unending
  260. Lovesick Blues
  261. Low Down Blues
  262. Make It Special Again
  263. Mama Don't Cry For Me
  264. Man I Used To Be
  265. Mansion On The Hill
  266. Me And Bobby Mcgee
  267. Medley
  268. Medley: Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger/Too Good to Be True/I'd...
  269. Medley Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger Too Good to Be True I'd Rather Love You All I…
  270. Medley There Goes My Everything Love Sick Blues Me and Bobby Mcgee
  271. Mem'ries
  272. Midnight Hour
  273. Miller's Cave
  274. Mind Your Own Business
  275. Miracles, Music And My Wife
  276. Missin' Mississippi
  277. Missin' You
  278. Missing You
  279. Mississipi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town
  280. Mississipi Cotton Picking Delta Town
  281. Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town
  282. Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town
  283. Mister Joe Henry's Happy Hand-Clappin'
  284. Moanin' The Blues
  285. Moody Woman
  286. Moody Woman
  287. More And More
  288. More To Me
  289. Mountain Of Love
  290. My Days All End in Why
  291. My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You
  292. My Love Is Deep My Love Is Wide
  293. My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
  294. Never Been So Loved
  295. Next to You, I Like Me
  296. Next Year Finally Came
  297. Nickels and Dimes and Love
  298. Nickles and Dimes and Love [#]
  299. Night Games
  300. No One Could Ever Take Me From You
  301. No Relief in Sight
  302. Nothin' Left But Leavin'
  303. Nothing Wrong With The Music
  304. Nothing's Prettier Than Rose Is
  305. Now I Can Live Again
  306. O Holy Night
  307. Oklahoma Moring
  308. Oklahoma Morning
  309. Old Heart (Rest in Pieces)
  310. Old Photographs
  311. On The Other Hand
  312. On The Southbound
  313. Once Again
  314. One Mile More
  315. One More Year
  316. One Of These Days
  317. One On One
  318. One Time
  319. Pass Me By
  320. Piroque Joe
  321. Play Guitar Play
  322. Playin' Around
  323. Please Help Me I'm Falling
  324. Plenty Good Lovin'
  325. Pretty House For Sale
  326. Put Back My Ring On Your Hand
  327. Ramblin' Rose
  328. Ramona
  329. Rhinestone Cowboy
  330. Right Back Missing You Again
  331. Right Love
  332. Roll On Mississippi
  333. Rose Is for Today
  334. Sail Away
  335. Sail Away Newbury
  336. Santa And The Kids
  337. Sea of Heartbreak
  338. Seven Years With A Wonderful Woman
  339. She's as Good as Gone
  340. She's Helping Me Get Over You
  341. She's Just an Old Love
  342. She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory
  343. She's Soft to Touch (But Hard to Hold)
  344. She's Soft to Touch (But She's Hard to Hold)
  345. She's to Good to Be True
  346. She's Too Good To Be True
  347. Shoulder To Cry On
  348. Shouldn't It Be Easier Than This
  349. Shouldn't It Be Easier Than This
  350. Shutters And Boards
  351. Signs Of Love
  352. Silent Night
  353. Singin' A Song About Love
  354. Six Days On The Road
  355. Snakes Crawl At Night
  356. Some Days It Rains All Night Long
  357. Someday You Will
  358. Someone Loves You Honey
  359. Special
  360. Spell Of The Freight Train
  361. Spell on the Freight Train
  362. Stagger Lee
  363. Stars and Stripes
  364. Street of Gold
  365. Streets Of Baltimore
  366. Sunshiny Day
  367. Sweet Promises
  368. Take Me Home
  369. Taking the Easy Way Out
  370. Tennessee Girl
  371. Thanks for Wakin' Me Up This Mornin'
  372. That Ol' Gravel Road (Was Easy Street) [#]
  373. That Ole Gravel Road (Was Easy Street)
  374. That's My Way
  375. That's The Only Way Life's Good To Me
  376. That's Why I Love You So Much
  377. The Ain't No Me (If There Ain't No You)
  378. The Atlantic Coastal Line
  379. The Banks of the Ohio
  380. The Best in the World
  381. The Best There Is
  382. The Church In The Wildwood
  383. The Day The World Stood Still
  384. The Days Of Sand And Shovels
  385. The Easy Part's Over
  386. The First Christmas Morn
  387. The Green, Green Grass of Home
  388. The Happiest Song On The Jukebox
  389. The Happiness of Having You
  390. The Hard Times Will Be The Best Times
  391. The Hunger
  392. The Image Of Me
  393. The Last Thing On My Mind
  394. The Late Show
  395. The Little Folks
  396. The More I Do
  397. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  398. The Power Of Love
  399. The Shelter Of Your Eyes
  400. The Snakes Crawl At Night
  401. The Thought Of Losing You
  402. The Top of the World
  403. Then Who Am I
  404. There Ain't No Me (If There Ain't No You)
  405. There Goes My Everything
  406. There Goes My Everything / Lovesick Blues / Me and Bobby McGee
  407. There's a Heartache
  408. There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me
  409. (There's) Nobody Home to Go Home To
  410. (There's Still) Someone I Can't Forget
  411. They Stood In Silent Prayer
  412. Things Are Looking Up
  413. This Highway Leads To Glory
  414. This Is My Year For Mexico
  415. Through The Years
  416. Time Out For Jesus
  417. Time (You're Not A Friend Of Mine)
  418. To Have and to Hold
  419. Today Is That Tomorrow
  420. Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  421. Too Weak To Let You Go
  422. Touch My Heart
  423. Trapped in an Old Country Song
  424. Tumbleweed and the Rose
  425. Two Pump Texaco
  426. Walk on By
  427. Walls
  428. Was It All Worth Losing You
  429. We Could
  430. We Need Lovin'
  431. Welcome to My World
  432. What Money Can't Buy
  433. What're We Doing This Again
  434. What's Another Year
  435. When I Stop Leaving (i'll Be Gone)
  436. When the Good Times Outweighed the Bad
  437. When the Train Comes In
  438. When The Trains Come In
  439. Where Do I Put Her Memory
  440. Where Was I
  441. Wherever You Are
  442. Which Way Do We Go
  443. Whispering Hope
  444. White Houses
  445. Whole Lotta Love On the Line
  446. Whole Lotta Things to Sing About
  447. Whose Arms Are You In Tonight
  448. Why Baby Why
  449. Why Didn't I Think Of That
  450. Why Don't You Love Me
  451. Wings Of A Dove
  452. Without Mama Here
  453. Woman Can [#]
  454. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore
  455. Wonder Could I Love There Anymore
  456. Yonder Comes A Sucker
  457. You Almost Slipped My Mind
  458. You Beat 'em All
  459. You Can Tell the World
  460. You Hold My World Together
  461. You'll Never Walk Alone
  462. You'll Still Be The One
  463. You Never Gave Up On Me
  464. You Put It There
  465. You're My Jamaica
  466. You're So Good When You're Bad
  467. You're Still The Only One I'll Ever Love
  468. You're The Woman Behind Everything
  469. You're Wanting Me To Stop Loving You
  470. You Snap Your Fingers (and I'm Back In Your Hands)
  471. You Took Me There
  472. You've Got to Stand for Something
  473. You Win Again
  474. Your Used To Be

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