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Rodgers & Hammerstein Songs

Full list of Rodgers & Hammerstein songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. A Cock-Eyed Optimist
  2. A Cockeyed Optimist
  3. A Connecticut Yankee: My heart stood still
  4. A Connecticut Yankee: Thou Swell
  5. A Little of You On Toast
  6. A Lovely Night
  7. A Puzzlement
  8. A Puzzlement
  9. A Real Nice Clambake
  10. A Wonderful Guy
  11. A Wonderful Guy
  12. All at Once
  13. All Er Nothin
  14. All Er Nuthin'
  15. Allies on the March
  16. America’s Sweetheart: I've Got Five Dollars
  17. An Ordinary Couple
  18. Anna and the Royal Wives
  19. Anna Unpacks
  20. Babes in Arms
  21. Babes in Arms: The lady is a tramp
  22. Bali Ha'i
  23. Ballet- Joey Looks Into the Future
  24. Banquet Scene
  25. Beneath the Southern Cross
  26. Bewitched
  27. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  28. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Encore)
  29. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (reprise)
  30. Bloody Mary
  31. Blow High, Blow Low
  32. Blue Moon
  33. Blue Room
  34. Boys and Girls Like You and Me
  35. By Jupiter: Ev'rything I've Got
  36. Calhoun's Follies (Intro)
  37. Carefully Taught
  38. Chicago (A Great Big Town)
  39. Cinderella - Original Broadway Cast: Impossible; It's Possible (Julie Andrews, Edith…
  40. Cinderella - Original Broadway Cast: Mother and Daughter March - Bonus material
  41. Cinderella - Original Broadway Cast: Ten Minutes Ago (Jon Cypher, Julie Andrews) -…
  42. Cinderella - Original Broadway Cast: Waltz For A Ball - Bonus material
  43. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
  44. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Irwin Kostal, Peggy Wood)
  45. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise)
  46. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) (Irwin Kostal, Nuns Chorus)
  47. Climb Every Mountain
  48. Climb Every Mountain
  49. D-Day
  50. Den of Iniquity
  51. Dites Moi
  52. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?
  53. Do It the Hard Way
  54. Do-Re-Mi
  55. Do-Re-Mi (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews, Charmian Carr, Nicholas Hammond, Heath...
  56. Do-Re-Mi (Maria and the Children)
  57. Down By the River
  58. Dream sequence & finale
  59. Edelweiss
  60. Edelweiss (Bonus)
  61. Edelweiss - From "The Sound of Music"
  62. Edelweiss (Irwin Kostal, Christopher Plummer, Charmian Carr, Nicholas Hammond...
  63. Entr'acte
  64. Evergreen: Dancing on the Ceiling
  65. Falling In Love With Love
  66. Falling In Love With Love - Lover
  67. Finale
  68. Finale Ultimo
  69. Finale Ultimo: Dites-moi/Some Enchanted Evening
  70. Full Fathom Five
  71. Garden Rendezvous
  72. Garden Scene
  73. Garrick Gaities 1925: Manhattan (introducing "Sentimental Me")
  74. Garrick Gaities 1926: Mountain Greenery
  75. Getting To Know You
  76. Getting To Know You - Broadway/The King & I/1951
  77. Getting To Know You [The King and I]
  78. Glad to Be Unhappy
  79. Goddard Lieberson Interviews Richard Rodgers: Closing
  80. Goddard Lieberson Interviews Richard Rodgers: Introduction and "Richard Rodgers…
  81. Goddard Lieberson Interviews Richard Rodgers: "March Of The Siamese Children"
  82. Goddard Lieberson Interviews Richard Rodgers: "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue"
  83. Goddard Lieberson Interviews Richard Rodgers: "Victory At Sea"
  84. Grant Avenue
  85. Great big town
  86. Guadalcanal March
  87. Hallelujah I'm A Bum: You Are Too Beautiful
  88. Happy Hunting Horn
  89. Happy Talk
  90. Harbour
  91. Hard Work and Horseplay
  92. Hello, Young Lovers
  93. Home, Sweet Home
  94. Honey Bun
  95. I Cain't Say No
  96. I Can't Say No
  97. I Could Write A Book
  98. I Could Write A Book - Remastered Version 1957 Original Recording
  99. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  100. I Enjoy Being a Girl
  101. I Have Confidence
  102. I Have Confidence (Bonus)
  103. I Have Confidence (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews)
  104. I Have Deamed
  105. I Have Dreamed
  106. I'll Take Manhattan
  107. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out-a My Hair
  108. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair
  109. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
  110. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
  111. I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy
  112. I'm Talkin' to My Pal
  113. I Whistle a Happy Tune
  114. I Wish I Were in Love Again
  115. If I Loved You
  116. If I Loved You (reprise)
  117. If I Loved You (Reprise)
  118. Imagine
  119. Impossible / It's Possible
  120. Impossible (reprise)
  121. In My Own Little Corner
  122. Introduction
  123. It's a Grand Night for Singing
  124. It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage!
  125. It's Easy to Remember
  126. It's Gotta Be Love
  127. Johnny One-note
  128. Johnny One-note Ballet
  129. June Is Bustin Out All Over
  130. Kansas City
  131. Laendler
  132. Laurey's Entrance
  133. Light on Their Feet
  134. Like a God
  135. Loneliness of Evening
  136. Lonely Room
  137. Love, Look Away
  138. Love me Tonight: Isn't it romantic
  139. Main Title
  140. Many A New Day
  141. March of the Siamese Children
  142. March Of The Siamese Children (From "The King and I")
  143. Mare Nostrum
  144. Maria
  145. Maria (Irwin Kostal, Nuns Chorus)
  146. Mississippi: It's Easy To Remember
  147. Mister Snow
  148. Mister Snow
  149. Morning Hymn And Alleluia
  150. Morning Hymn and Alleluia (Irwin Kostal, Nuns Chorus)
  151. Mother And Daughter March
  152. Mountain Greenery
  153. Musical Narrative: All Points West
  154. My Best Love
  155. My Favorite Things
  156. My Favorite Things
  157. My Favorite Things (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews)
  158. My Funny Valentine
  159. My Heart Stood Still
  160. My Heart Stood Still - Thou Swell
  161. My Lord and Master
  162. My Romance
  163. No Bottom
  164. Oh what a beautiful mornin'
  165. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
  166. Oh What A Beautiful Morning
  167. Oklahoma
  168. Oklahoma Finale: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (reprise)
  169. Oklahoma!: Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
  170. Oklahoma Overture
  171. On your Toes
  172. On your Toes: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  173. Out Of My Dreams
  174. Overture
  175. Overture
  176. Overture And Preludium
  177. Overture and Preludium (Irwin Kostal, Nuns Chorus)
  178. Overture (LP version)
  179. Overture / The Sweetest Sounds
  180. Pablo, You Are My Heart
  181. Pal Joey (What do I Care for a Dame?)
  182. Peggy-Ann: Where’s That Rainbow
  183. Peleliu
  184. People Will Say We're In Love
  185. People Will Say We're in Love (reprise)
  186. Peter's Journey Ballet
  187. Plant You Now, Dig You Later
  188. Poor Jud Is Dead
  189. Pore Jud Is Daid
  190. Prayer to Buddha
  191. Prelude And The Sound Of Music
  192. Prelude and The Sound of Music (Bonus)
  193. Prelude and the Sound of Music (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews)
  194. Present Arms: You Took Advantage of Me
  195. Processional
  196. Processional And Maria
  197. Processional and Maria (Irwin Kostal, Nuns Chorus)
  198. Processional Walz (Bonus)
  199. Prologue: The Carousel Waltz
  200. Puzzlement
  201. Questions and Answers
  202. Quiet Night
  203. Richard Rodgers Interview
  204. Richard Rodgers Waltzes
  205. Rings Around Rabaul
  206. Rodgers Talks About Hart and Hammerstein
  207. Roll, Mississippi
  208. Salzburg Montage
  209. Se Over Fjellet
  210. Selections from the Stage Musical 'peggy-Ann'
  211. Selections from the Stage Musical 'spring Is Here'
  212. Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?
  213. Shall We Dance?
  214. She Is Beautiful
  215. Ships That Pass
  216. Simple Simon: Ten Cents A Dance
  217. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  218. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (Irwin Kostal, Dan Truhitts, Charmian Carr)
  219. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  220. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (From "On Your Toes")
  221. So Long Farewell
  222. So Long, Farewell (Irwin Kostal, Charmian Carr, Nicholas Hammond, Heather Men...
  223. Soliloquy
  224. Soliloquy
  225. Some Enchanted Evening
  226. Some Enchanted Evening (from South Pacific)
  227. Something Good
  228. Something Good (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer)
  229. Something Wonderful
  230. Something Wonderful (Finale)
  231. Song of the King
  232. Soon
  233. South Pacific
  234. South Pacific Overture
  235. Stepsister's Lament
  236. Stonecutters Cut It in Stone
  237. Stonecutters Cut It On Stone
  238. Strip Number
  239. Symphonic Scenario
  240. Take Him
  241. Temple Scene
  242. Ten Minutes Ago
  243. That Terrific Rainbow
  244. The Blue Room
  245. The Carousel Waltz
  246. The Chase (Bonus)
  247. The Farmer And The Cowman
  248. The Flower Garden of My Heart
  249. The Girl Friend
  250. The Girl Friend - Blue Room
  251. The Girl Friend: The Blue Room
  252. The Grand Waltz
  253. The Heart Is Quicker Than the Eye
  254. The King A I Overture
  255. The Lady Is a Tramp
  256. The Lady Is a Tramp (reprise)
  257. The Letter
  258. The Lonely Goatherd
  259. The Lonely Goatherd (Irwin Kostal, Julie Andrews, Charmian Carr, Nicholas Ham...
  260. The Lonley Goatherd
  261. The March of the Siamese Children
  262. The March: The Take Off/Communication Established
  263. The Notorious Colonel Blake
  264. The Pacific Boils Over
  265. The Prince Is Giving A Ball
  266. The Small House of Uncle Thomas
  267. The Song of the High Seas
  268. The Sound Of Music
  269. The Sound of Music
  270. The Sound of Music (Irwin Kostal, Christopher Plummer, Charmian Carr, Nichola...
  271. The Sound of Music - Original Broadway Cast Recording: Do-Re-Mi
  272. The Sound of Music - Original Broadway Cast Recording: My Favorite Things
  273. The Sound of Victory
  274. The Steely Glint In My Eye
  275. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top
  276. The Turkey Shoot
  277. The Turning Point
  278. Theme of the Fast Carriers
  279. There Is Nothin' Like A Dame
  280. There's a Small Hotel
  281. There's A Small Hotel - It's Gotta Be Love
  282. There's Music In You
  283. This Can't Be Love - Sing For Your Supper
  284. This Is How It Feels
  285. This Nearly Was Mine
  286. Too Good for the Average Man
  287. Too Many Girls: I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  288. Twin Soliloquies
  289. Twin Soliloquies (Wonder How It Feels)
  290. Twin Soliloquies (Wonder How It Feels) - Some Enchanted Evening
  291. Two a Day for Keith
  292. Two If by Sea
  293. Victory at Sea
  294. Victory At Sea (Symphonic Scenario)
  295. Voyage Into Fate
  296. Waltz For A Ball
  297. Waltz of Anna and Sir Edward
  298. Way Out West
  299. We Kiss in a Shadow
  300. Welcome to Bangkok
  301. Western People Funny
  302. What Is a Man?
  303. What's the Use of Talking
  304. What's the Use of Wonderin'
  305. What's The Use Of Wondrin'
  306. When I Marry Mr. Snow
  307. When The Children Are Asleep
  308. When You're Driving Through The Moonlight
  309. Where Or When
  310. Where or When - Johnny One Note
  311. Where's That Rainbow
  312. With A Song In My Heart - Yours Sincerely
  313. You Are Sixteen
  314. You Are So Fair
  315. You'll Never Walk Alone
  316. You'll Never Walk Alone (Finale)
  317. You Mustn't Kick It Around
  318. You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan!
  319. You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan; Mister Snow
  320. You Took Advantage Of Me - Do I Hear You Saying I Love You
  321. You've Got to Be Carefully Taught
  322. Younger Than Springtime
  323. Younger Than Springtime
  324. Your Majesties
  325. Zip

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