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Complete list of songs by Roger Sanchez.

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  1. 100 Not Out
  2. 1104
  3. 22 Years (original mix)
  4. 2gether
  5. 2Gether (Radio Edit)
  6. 8 Letter
  7. A Day In Copacabana
  8. A Feelin' (Narcotic Mix)
  9. A Star Is Born
  10. A Stronger Man
  11. A.T.C.
  12. A Thousand Years
  13. Adobe
  14. After Midnight
  15. Afterhours Ensemble (David West Remix)
  16. Again
  17. All About House Music (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
  18. All By Myself
  19. Alone
  20. Alright (Tom De Neef's TND Re-dub)
  21. Amphytrion
  22. Analog Sparkles (Solee remix)
  23. Another Chance
  24. Another Star (Ultimate Anthem Mix)
  25. Babylon (Into A Groove)
  26. Back
  27. Back To Mine (Martijn Ten Velden's bondage workout)
  28. Backfired (Joey Negro club mix)
  29. Bad Habit (feat. Lisa Millet) (Jose Nunez vocal mix)
  30. Balkanize Me
  31. Bang That Box (Avicii & Philgood Bang That Dub)
  32. Bang That Box (AvicII vs Philgood Bang That dub)
  33. Bang That Box (AvicII vs Philgood Bang That vocal mix)
  34. Bang That Box (club mix)
  35. Bang That Box feat. Terri B. - Avicii vs Philgood Bang That Dub
  36. Bang That Box (Feat. Terri B) (Avicii vs Philgood Bang That Vocal Mix)
  37. Bang That Box (Feat. Terri B) (Club Mix)
  38. Bang That Box (feat. Terri B) (Laidback Luke Remix)
  39. Bang That Box (feat. Terri B) (Roger's "Release" Mix)
  40. Bang That Box (feat. Terri B) (Tiger Stripes Instrumental)
  41. Bang That Box (feat. Terri B) (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  42. Bang That Box (Laidback Luke Remix)
  43. Bang That Box (Roger's Release mix)
  44. Bang That Box (S'Man radio edit)
  45. Bang That Box (Tiger Stripes Instrumental)
  46. Bang That Box (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  47. Bare Brass (Laurent Wolf Remix)
  48. Be (Instrumental)
  49. Be / Release Yourself (Instrumental - Acapella)
  50. Be There
  51. Beau Mont Plage
  52. Been a Long Time (feat. Rudy) (Laidback Luke Remix)
  53. Been a Long Time (Laidback Luke remix) (feat. Rudy)
  54. Belive
  55. Big Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown remix)
  56. Big Man
  57. Blackwater (Terence Parker mix)
  58. Bloodhound
  59. Blow That Door (original vox mix)
  60. Boom
  61. Bounce To The Beat
  62. Break 4 Love 2006
  63. Breathe Again
  64. Breathe Me (Mylo mix)
  65. Breathe You In (Erick Kupper Remix)
  66. Bromance (Avicii's Arena mix)
  67. Buffalo Gals Stampede (S-Man's Spicy Buffalo Wings dub)
  68. C-Lime Woman
  69. C-Mon This
  70. Cabbage Juice (Deep Josh mix)
  71. Can I Get Some
  72. Can't Get Enough
  73. Can You Relate (The Black Fu mix)
  74. Capoeira (Miniking Remix) (feat. Erid)
  75. Carnaval
  76. Cascades Of Colour (Jask spiritual sunrise mix)
  77. Caught In The Middle (Gospel Revival Mix)
  78. Changes (Ben Watt remix) (feat. Haze)
  79. Chicas Latinas
  80. Clear Blue Sky
  81. Clear Sky (Manoo & Francois a. mix)
  82. Closer (DJ Spinna Remix)
  83. Club Mix
  84. Coffee Beats, Part 2 / Temptation (a cappella)
  85. Collins Avenue
  86. Come To Me
  87. Computabank
  88. Contact
  89. Cool It
  90. Coro (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
  91. Cowboy '78 (Roger Sanchez's Casa De Sanchez Mix)
  92. Crank (DJ Simi & Masterkeys Remix)
  93. Cré Sabe 2008 (feat. Nelson Freitas & Q-Plus) (Hardwell Sunset Mix)
  94. Cré Sabe 2008 (Hardwell Sunset mix) (feat. Nelson Freitas & Q-Plus)
  95. Cuba (Havana Club Mix)
  96. D-Day
  97. Da Powa (Da North Face Killa Thrilla mix)
  98. Dance Electric (original mix)
  99. Dancin
  100. Dancin In The Dark
  101. Dark Beat (Criminal Vibes Remix)
  102. Deep
  103. Deep In The Jungle
  104. Deeplax
  105. Deux / Finally (a cappella)
  106. Diamond Life (Carl Kennedy and Mark Royal remix, S-Man re-edit)
  107. Dirty Sound (Miami Dirt mix)
  108. Disco II Disco (Les Rhythmes Digitales Mix)
  109. Discopolis
  110. Discoteka (DJ Dove Show and Prove remix)
  111. Do It Your Way (ATFC Lazy Mood remix) / Lazy (a cappella)
  112. Do The Night (Ricky Ryan edit)
  113. Don't Stop
  114. Don't Tell Me It's Over
  115. Dooms Night (Timo Maas remix)
  116. Dreamland (original mix)
  117. Earthquake (Original Madness Mix)
  118. Elektro (The Cube Guys 'Delano' remix) (feat. Mr Gee)
  119. Esther (George F, Eran Hersh & Darmon Blow mix)
  120. Even After All
  121. Everybody Dance
  122. Everyday (DJ Gregory Remix)
  123. Everything U Need
  124. Evolution (Roger Sanchez Remix)
  125. Expansions (Movement Soul main mix)
  126. Faces (feat. Vincenzo)
  127. Faces (original) (feat. Vincenzo)
  128. Fade
  129. Fade II Black (Roger's Blackout Remix)
  130. Feel Alive
  131. Feel The Life
  132. Feel The Music
  133. Feelin Fine (Recanstruction Remix)
  134. Fehrplay
  135. Fill Me
  136. Fire Chief
  137. Flashing Lights - Kid Massive Remix
  138. Fly Away
  139. Fly Away (Federico Scavo Remix)
  140. Followed
  141. Forget Me Nots
  142. Freaks Like Us
  143. Free
  144. Free At Last
  145. Free My Love (The Cube Guys Remix)
  146. Free the Night (Yvan & Dan Daniel remix)
  147. Free Your Body
  148. Fresh
  149. Friend (Original Extended)
  150. Genius Of Love
  151. Get Down (Beatchuggers Remix)
  152. Get Hi (Studio 54 Mix)
  153. Get Hi (The Original Mix)
  154. Ghettoblaster (original mix)
  155. Givin' It Up (Uplifting Club Mix)
  156. Go Deep (Spiritual Flute Mix)
  157. God Is Love (DJ Pippi Rasta Deep Mix)
  158. Good Times (S-Man's Ill Dub )
  159. Greece 2000 (Gabi Newman Remix)
  160. Groovejet
  161. Guajira
  162. Guinea Pig (Vocal Variation With Julia Biel)
  163. Handy Up (Gianluca Motta WMC Cuban mix)
  164. Hangin' Out
  165. Hawaii Five-O
  166. Hazlo
  167. Heartbeat (Kaskade Remix)
  168. Her Name Is (feat. Kal El) (original mix)
  169. High Times (Sanchez Radio Edit)
  170. Hindu Lover (S Man's Undercover Mix)
  171. Hold Me Close
  172. Hold Your Head Up High (D.O.N.S. vs. Menck remix) (feat. Geneiva Hallen)
  173. Honey Free At Last
  174. Hook Phenomena / Call Me (Gianluca Motta original Percapella Tool) (Lex da Funk vs. Subway Rockers)
  175. Hot 4 U
  176. House Music (Ian Pooley Remix)
  177. House Nation Anthem (Original Mix) (feat. Alex Peace)
  178. How's Your Evening So Far
  179. Hypnotize
  180. I Can't
  181. I Can't Get No Sleep '95 (No Sleep In '95 Mix)
  182. I Feel for You (a cappella)
  183. I Feel Love (Nari & Milani Remix)
  184. I Hear Your Name (Nights In Bahia Mix)
  185. I Know What You Feel (original mix)
  186. I Like The Old You
  187. I Love Hit (Julian The Angel Remix)
  188. I Love Tamisha
  189. I'm Yours
  190. I Need Someone (The Cube Guys Remix)
  191. I Need U
  192. I Need You
  193. I Never Knew
  194. I Pray (Roger's Gospel Revival Mix)
  195. I See You Baby (Futureshock Strip Down)
  196. I Wanna Know
  197. I Want You (For Myself)
  198. I Want Your Love
  199. If She Only Knew
  200. If You Give Me The Love I Want
  201. In My Life (Jose's main mix) (feat. Octavia)
  202. In The Jungle
  203. In Too Deep (feat. Laura Vane) (Edx mix) / World Go Round (feat. Karina Chavez) (a cappella) (Robbie Rivera vs. Mobin Master & Hess)
  204. Insatiable (Rasmus Faber mix)
  205. Inspiration (Acapella)
  206. Inspiration & Light
  207. Intro
  208. Isle Of Indigo
  209. Isolator
  210. It's Moving
  211. It's Not Over Yet
  212. It's True (Gabi Newman Remix)
  213. Jazz Is...
  214. Just Leave Me (feat. Stacy) (Roger's R-Senal mix)
  215. Just Leave Me (Roger's R-Senal Mix)
  216. Just Us
  217. Justthe Tip (Hatiras vocal mix)
  218. Keep In Touch (Body To Body)
  219. Keep On Jumpin' (Egotrip Mix)
  220. Keep On Searchin'
  221. Kings Of Spain (Mandrax Lower East Mix)
  222. Kosmic Love (Tiger Stripes Vocal Remix)
  223. La Music L' Amour (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
  224. La Noche
  225. La noche y el día (Ananda Project vocal experience)
  226. La Terrazza.
  227. Laid Madshiado
  228. Lakes Of Perseverance
  229. Learning To Fly
  230. Leavin
  231. Let Me Hear Ya Go
  232. Let Me In (Locked Out Mix)
  233. Let The Sun Shine
  234. Let Yo' Body Jerk
  235. Let Your Soul Fly Free (Amesz Rework)
  236. Let's Get Happy
  237. Life Ain't Easy (2006 edit) (feat. Pete Hope)
  238. Listen to the Rhythm (dub)
  239. Live Your Life With Me (Narcotic Mix)
  240. Live Your Life With Me (Narcotic Vocal)
  241. Livin' 4 The Underground
  242. Lost
  243. Lost (D-Trax & Dimitri Valeff Remix)
  244. Lotta Love vs. Rise (feat. M. Shellers) (a cappella)
  245. Love Changes (Elusive Club Mix)
  246. Love Commandments
  247. Love Is The Icon (S-Man mix)
  248. Love Jam
  249. Love Lies (original mix)
  250. Love Me Now (Peter Horrevorts Remix) (feat. Corey Andrew)
  251. Love Me Right
  252. Love Song (Bahsonik Syam Dub Mix)
  253. Love Story (Tim Deluxe remix)
  254. Luv Dancin' (In Deep Mix)
  255. Maeva
  256. Make It Funky
  257. Make Me Feel
  258. Make My Day (10 Minutes Of Soul Mix)
  259. Mariposa (Soularis & Groove Assassin dub)
  260. Mas Groove
  261. Massive
  262. Me Faz Amar
  263. Mellow (Quick's Thumpin' Pass)
  264. Message (Joy Marquez Remix)
  265. Midnight At The Oasis (Roger's Underground Network Mix)
  266. Missing (Oliver Berger remix)
  267. Moody
  268. Morenita (Sanz & Charles Schillings remix)
  269. Morning Chant
  270. Morning Sun
  271. Movin' On Up (Movin' Mix)
  272. Mucho Bajo
  273. Mundo (Noferini Eivissa mix)
  274. Music Is The Answer (Dancin' & Prancin) (D-Tour Groove Mix)
  275. Music Is Your Life (feat. Dana Divine)
  276. Music Matters (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)
  277. Music Revolution
  278. Music (Sound De-zign Clubmix) (feat. J.K.)
  279. Musica (Brazilian Girls) (Original Mix)
  280. My Beat (Derrick Carter's Disco Circus Mix)
  281. My Friend
  282. My Organ
  283. My Roots - Original Mix
  284. Mysteriosa
  285. Neff
  286. Never Give Up
  287. New Jersey Deep
  288. Night Time (feat. Tyra Juliette) (main club mix)
  289. No Me Puedo Controlar (Landmark Biokosmos mix)
  290. No No No
  291. No-One in the World (Mack Mongoloid mix)
  292. Nocturnal (Dom Navarra's So Deep mix) (feat. Dragonfly)
  293. Nocturnal (feat. Dragon Fly)
  294. Nomad
  295. Not Enough
  296. Nothing 2 Prove
  297. Nothing 2 Prove (Dark Ages Accapella)
  298. Nothing 2 Prove (Dean Coleman's Vocal Intimidation Mix)
  299. Nothing 2 Prove (Neanderthal Dark Ages Mix)
  300. Nothing 2 Prove (Timo Maas Mix)
  301. Nowhere (original mix)
  302. Nowhere / Primitive Future (Original Edit / Future-a-pella)
  303. Oh Well (Bahsonik Remix)
  304. Old School, Nu School
  305. One for Me (Prok & Fitch mix) (feat. JW)
  306. One (Knee Deep mix)
  307. One Life (feat. Lwis Cutler) (original mix)
  308. Opium Scumbagz
  309. Orfeu (Andy F mix)
  310. Party DJ Continuous Mix
  311. Pasilda (Knee Deep Remix)
  312. Peak Bomb (Phonique Remix)
  313. Peak Bomb (Radio Edit)
  314. Play Me With Your Sound
  315. Por Que Amor
  316. Pounding Your Soul
  317. Pre-Party DJ Continuous Mix
  318. Precious Thing
  319. Push
  320. Push The Feeling On (Belocca's Cheeky Bootleg mix)
  321. Push Upstairs (Roger S Blue Plastic Mix)
  322. Pushing Against The Flow (Narcotic Mix)
  323. Put Your Hands Up (Cajun & Duffer Swift's Rok Star mix)
  324. Raindance
  325. Rainwater (Solu Music Mix)
  326. Rare Soul (Julian Bendall's Afternoon Soul Edit mix)
  327. Reach for Me (Reach for the a cappella)
  328. Reasons
  329. Reboot (Original Mix)
  330. Rejoice (Uplifting Mix)
  331. Release The Pressure (Doc & Sneak's Defiant Mix)
  332. Release Yo' Self
  333. Release Yourself '11 (Continuous mix CD1)
  334. Release Yourself '11 (Continuous Mix CD2)
  335. Remember
  336. Rendez-Vu (Roger's Secret Rendez Vous mix)
  337. Respect (Ultimate Anthem Mix)
  338. Reunion Song (Andy Robert's Smooth Guitar dub)
  339. Rhythm Graffitti (Extended Re-edit)
  340. Rhythm In Your Mind
  341. Riddem Control
  342. Rise (Jason Jinx Mix)
  343. Roots
  344. Rotterdam City Of Love
  345. Rule the Generation (original mix)
  346. Rulers Anthem
  347. Running Faster (Let the Train Come In) (Kimyon's original mix)
  348. Samba (Roger Sanchez Darkstar Mix)
  349. Save Our Soul
  350. Save Our Souls
  351. Scream & Shout
  352. Screams In The Night (S-Man edit)
  353. Sea Through (original mix)
  354. Second Wind
  355. Sex In The Morning
  356. -Sexy Fuck
  357. Shades (Rocco Arena mix)
  358. Shake It For Me
  359. Shake-Shake
  360. Shogun (original club mix)
  361. Show (feat. Romanthony) (Original Mix)
  362. Show (original mix) (feat. Romanthony)
  363. Signals
  364. Silencism (Medley Leave In Silence)
  365. Silicone and Soul remix
  366. Sing It (His Praises)
  367. Sitting In The Sun (Derrick Carter's Winter Crazy Dub Reprise)
  368. Soledad
  369. Some Changes (Hardsoul Remix)
  370. Something For The Floor
  371. Sometimes (feat. Amanda Wilson) (Johan Wedel remix)
  372. Soul Grabber, Part 3 (Soulsonic dub)
  373. Soulkeeper
  374. Souvenir (original mix)
  375. Spaced Invader
  376. Speaker Box
  377. Spin (Original Mix)
  378. Spirit Lift You Up
  379. Splinter
  380. Stand Tall
  381. Stand Up (Narcotic Mix)
  382. Stargirl (MM Club Mix)
  383. State Of Mind II (Phunk Investigation Burning mix)
  384. Stay (Marcoradi Remix)
  385. Stay Together (Funky Piano Mix)
  386. Stereo (Tom Middleton Remix)
  387. Stones On The Way
  388. Strike Me Down (DJ Pedro & Stephan M Mix)
  389. Studio 54
  390. Sumba-Lumba (S-Man Got You In A Trance Mix)
  391. Sumba Lumba (Secret Weapon Mix)
  392. Summer Song
  393. Sunday Shoutin
  394. Sunday Shouting (95 North vs. T.M. vocal mix)
  395. Sunday Skool Vocal Mix (Nick Holder 08 Mix)
  396. Supasax
  397. Sweet Little Thing
  398. Sweet Temptation (Martin East Mundial Mix)
  399. Symphony Of Love
  400. Take A Chance
  401. Take Me Back To Love (Shelter Me Mix)
  402. Tear In My Eye
  403. Tempa da Solo
  404. Tempo Da Solo
  405. Temptation (Dean Coleman Remix)
  406. Ten Steps To Heaven
  407. Tessio (Stimming Mix)
  408. Testify (Narcotic Mix)
  409. Thank God for Music (Jesse Garcia mix) (feat. Mr. Gee)
  410. That Feeling
  411. That Girl Ain't Right
  412. That Sound (Diego Abaribi & Paolo Aliberti Remix)
  413. The Flame (Armand Van Helden's Ghostphunk Mix)
  414. The Four Elements (Earth)
  415. The Fugitive (Winners Circle Mix)
  416. The Ghetto (Ian Pooley Remix)
  417. The Light (feat. Ursula Rucker) (main mix)
  418. The Loft Groove
  419. The Love You Bring Me
  420. The Love You Bring (Roger’s S-Man Vocal Mix)
  421. The Music Makes Me
  422. The Nighttrain (feat. Kadoc) (Original Mix)
  423. The Nighttrain (original mix) (feat. Kadoc)
  424. The Partee
  425. The Real Tribute (M Club Mix)
  426. The Revival
  427. The Rhythm Of The Beat
  428. The Stalker
  429. There It Iz
  430. There's A Woman
  431. This Is House (Main Mix) (feat. Baggi Begovic & Mitch Crown)
  432. This Is How We Do
  433. This Track Is Burning
  434. Time 2 Stop (Sneaky Mix + 9 To 5 Mix)
  435. Time II Stop (9-5 Mix)
  436. Time To Stop
  437. Together (S Man's Don't Give a F**K mix)
  438. Touch It (Lee Cabrera mix)
  439. Toxic Waste
  440. Tropical Soundclash
  441. Troubleman
  442. True House (Eddie Amador Remix)
  443. Tu Novio No Quiere
  444. Turn On The Music
  445. Twisted Disco (S-Man's Twist That Belocca edit)
  446. Udulate & Quaver (Original Mix)
  447. Uma Història de Ifà (DJ Andrea dub) (feat. Margareth Menezes)
  448. Untitled Love Affair (Mr. V's Sole Channel dub) (feat. Lady Sah)
  449. Up All Night
  450. Ventura
  451. Vibe
  452. Violet (feat. Marcus Pearson) (Gianlucca Motta & Max Castrezatti remix)
  453. Voices (New York Mix)
  454. Wait So Long (Chris Moody remix)
  455. Wat'cha Say, C'mon!
  456. We'll Be Together (Ar's Neighborhood Dub)
  457. We Make The Sound (Paul Gardner Remix)
  458. We Stomp
  459. Weather Storm
  460. Whadda U Want (From Me) [K-Klassic Mix]
  461. What Are You to Me (feat. Mellisa)
  462. Whatever Makes You Happy (Soulworks Remix)
  463. When The World Is Running Down (You Can't Go Wrong)
  464. Where Do We Go (Armand's Last Hustle In Paris Mix)
  465. Whole World Party (Dom Capello remix)
  466. Who's Afraid Of Detroit?
  467. Why Am I Doing This?
  468. Wonderland (S-Man's Dark Tribe Mix)
  469. Worldwide
  470. Worldwide (Accapella) (feat. Mobin Master & MC Flipside)
  471. You Are (John Lewis dub mix)
  472. You Can't Change Me
  473. You Don't Know (M.A.S. Pasta dub) (feat. Su Su Bobien)
  474. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
  475. You Should Have Said (I Love You)
  476. You've Been On My Mind (King Unique Dub)
  477. Your Hands
  478. Your Mind Is Twisted (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
  479. Your Wildest Dreams
  480. Zaha Hadid

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